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I just added a set of slippers I made as part of a break I'm taking from the chainmail shirt to the blogish page I'm making.
Faux Chainmail Follies
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Lisa, I am the same - I learn much better from a person than a book (with anything, not just crochet).

I am thinking of taking a crochet class sometime soon I know how to do it (obviously ) but I want a class that will help me with the more complicated stuff. I have seen crochet patterns that do things like mock cable sweaters and there is no way in heck I could follow that pattern :LOL Well, ok, not that I have any urge to have a cable sweater but still, I want to learn more.

I had fun teaching a friend to crochet today I was all set with yarn and hooks for both of us and suddenly she mentions she's left handed I have been good friends with her for almost 4 years and somehow I never noticed this? . Gee, I have an eye for details, huh? So it was a bit confusing. A lot of "well, I'm doing this with my left hand so you do it with your right" back and forth. But by the time I left she had crocheted a small piece and the last line of single crochet was fairly even I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. She knits already but wants to learn to crochet just because of how long knitting takes. And she also mentioned that with knitting you are limited in the size of the piece (by the size of the needles). I never thought of that before. I once made a blanket that was single bed size and I crocheted it as one piece. I guess if you wanted to knit that you'd have to get some massive needles :LOL

I am still working on hats (the kids haven't cooperated :LOL). And after that I'll make the leftover yarn scarf. And then re-do the boy's hat. When all that is done, I want to work on something I've been wanting to do forever. http://crochet.about.com/od/thanksgiving/ I want to make the onion and turnip from this page. Maybe an apple, orange, the chili peppers, carrots, etc. I have no idea why, but I want to crochet food
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Anyone seen this link? http://mc2.vicnet.net.au/home/midelb...hetedfood.html She cracks me up
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Hi there hookers! :LOL

I've been crocheting for a few years..my old boss taught me during downtime at work. it took me quite awhile to grasp but I finally learned after months of her going over and over it with me (wierd thing is I picked up knitting in just a 4 hour class! so not sure why learning crochet was so hard for me!)

anyway I have a thumb injury that's acting up (my tendon fell off my thumb joint and rolls around) crocheting really agravates it after a bit, but luckily not all the time so I still am pursuing it (just at a slower pace) it really tends to inhibit me though as I crochet fast & I really love it!

currently I'm working on this cat for ds
I'm using blue Baby Teri so it will be nice and cuddly. btw he's almost 6mo and just discovered what cats are. I also just won a pattern on Ebay for a mama cat and kittens..it is too freakin' cute!

I also have a list of projects a mile long I probably will never get to it all.. I really enjoy making baby blankets for friends and family and have made bags and scarves,potholders,shawls,etc.

I also love scoping out vintage patterns on Ebay..I have literally a bookshelf full of books and patterns. and way too much yarn. btw I just got a copy of the Crochet Stitch Bible for my bday and it ROCKS!
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Hi fellow crocheters! It's good to see some like minded crafters that don't just knit since I'm knitting deficient so far LOL
I've only been crocheting since last summer but really enjoy it and have done lots of washies, small blankets and scarves. I made a poncho and hat for a trade that now I wish I had pics of so I remembered the patterns so i could make one for my own DD-figures! Who would have thought ponchos would make such a comeback!!?? I'm making one for myself next with a double stitch for some bulk.
I really want to make some baby cardigans but haven't ventured there yet.
Funny thing about my crocheting is that I went to a knitting class but all the others wanted to learn crochet first so the instructor asked if I cared to learn to crochet-I said why not? I can't get the hang of knitting yet, but maybe later to fill my time in the dark gloomy Washington winter.

Anyone care to post some favorite pattern websites? I'm looking for a super easy mitten pattern.
Take care
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This is the first place I look for patterns:

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i'm working on a poncho that'll either go to DD or to my neice. After I bought the yarn, I heard back from her adoptive mother that she would like X or Y one (both sewn, not knitted or crocheted) and in pink or blue.

So I jumped the gun using metallic red. *sigh*
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Originally Posted by Mamid
i'm working on a poncho that'll either go to DD or to my neice. After I bought the yarn, I heard back from her adoptive mother that she would like X or Y one (both sewn, not knitted or crocheted) and in pink or blue.

So I jumped the gun using metallic red. *sigh*
Hmm. I don't even think I've ever seen a sewn pancho. What would it be made out of? Maybe polyester fleece? I would think a crocheted one would be much nicer. You should probably give it to your DD.

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can anyone suggest a poncho pattern to crochet for my 12yo niece for xmas?

otherwise I'm still working on the kitty and now also a blanket for ds first camping trip next weekend!
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Here are a ton of poncho patterns http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com...ry/ponchos.php

I've only made one so certainly not an expert but if you look thru these I bet you could find something that will work.
Good luck
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Another Hookin' Mama here! I have been crocheting since 1999, I learned as a misguided attempt to have something in common with my MIL it didn't work, but I kept up with the cocheting anyway. I used to be VERY involved in it, doing swaps, trading yarn, creating patterns (scrunchies were my fave, I lost my pattern book with 30 original patterns it it, AARRRGGHHHH!)I also used to make scrunchies for girls who couldn't afford new hair accessories for school (small, but important to them) When DD was adopted I stopped for a while, but still have all my multitude (A LOT) of patterns and 6 rubbermaid bins of yarn (anyone want to trade?) She is getting old enough that I am ready to try again. I am looking for a place to get involved in some swaps and things... anyone know of a good place? I do have a crochet site up (it hasn't been updated in YEARS, but does have examples of some of my work) the link can be gotten to thru my main site in my sig line. Am thinking about organizing my stash tomorrow while I wait for Hurricane Frances.
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Welcome Bonny! I looked for your pics but couldn't find them. Interesting site, though. I am curious about snk, though. What is it? Congrats on your dd! You have to add her to your site!

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Hi!! I've been crocheting forever. My grandmother first started teaching me to do a chain when I was 4 without a hook to keep me occupied. The rest, I taught myself. I love crocheting. It was especially helpful when I quit smoking!! Recently, I've made my sons their baby blankies. I would like to make soakers, but haven't heard that crocheting has a pattern...is there?
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SNK= Special Needs Kid and she has her own webswite here http://www.terrpaintec.com/Marjorie and here is the link to the crochet part http://www.terrapintec.com/Crochet/index.htm Have fun looking!
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There are a few crocheted soaker patterns: http://diaperpages.com/soaker.php
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Hi everyone!!!! I'm a happy new crochetter (about 6 months). My grandmother actually taught me how to do a chain and a single crochet a long, long, long time ago when I was a child but I recently decided to pick it up again and am self taught through a little brochure (plus the faint memory of what to do helped!). I am loving it.

I like to make baby items the most, bonnets and booties especially! They are so quick to do and fun. I don't do many afghans because DH's grandmother is the Crochet Queen and we have a thousand of them for DS and will get a thousand more for the next baby.

Right now I am working on an adorable baby sack (I forget the fancy name for these!) for the newborn we are expecting. I am making it with this soft fluffy yarn (Baby Terri I think it's called) that is white but with like really pale changing pastel colors woven in. I'm about half way done now and so far it looks really great. I'm nervous about having to do the arms though and then put a zipper on as I've never done this before. Wish me luck!!
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Thanks!! It sounds pretty easy, I have to find some yarn and try it out!!
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Regarding soakers, I made the Nise soaker from this website before and it came out pretty nice:
Just a note though - I needed a large from my toddler and at first I just used the large hook like it says but the holes were too big for my taste and it didn't make a very good soaker so I did another one using the same size hook but doubling up on the yarn and it worked great

Oh wanted to add that I found a soaker pattern that looks great but I haven't made it yet on the Yahoo group:
Look under files and it's in there.
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I'm going to have to remember to come back and look at your dd's page later -- my comp can't seem to find it now. I think that's awsome that you have adopted a special needs child. I think I would really like to do that or have foster children someday, maybe when my bio children are 14 or 15. I always thought that I would adopt rather than have my own b/c I'm a juvenile diabetic (then I found atkins, but that's a whole 'nother thread) and a part of me is kind of sad that I haven't done that, YET. Anyway, good for you, mama! I'm happy that you guys have found each other.

Umm, I still can't find your crochet pics, though. I found the page you posted above, and I think I clicked on all the links, but didn't find any. Truthfully, though, I need to stop trolling the web for crochet and knit pics and patterns and such and start crocheting and knitting. I would be so much more productive. But if you can point me in the right direction...

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well I finished the ds blanket this morning as he decided to wake up early at 4am I already am 6 rows into yet another one too :LOL (trying to use up yarn)

now I think I will make him the elfin hat from the coats&clark site with the leftover yarn from the first blanket :LOL

thanks for the links for the ponchos Ann....I'm sure to find something there! my niece is really kind of picky though so if she's not going to wear it I will just get her something else. I would hate to put all the work into it and have her hate it

i have been crocheting ds soakers since he was born practically. now I want to try my hand at dying some...is it best to dye the yarn before or is it ok to just dye the whole soaker after it's made? which is best?
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