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I've been hookin' since my dd was born in 99 also trying to have something in common w/MIL. I actually have a wonderful relationship w/MIL (probably because DM and I don't get along at all).
Anyways, I've made sweaters, shawls, soakers, hats, scarves, beaded bags....etc, etc. I'm a crafter by nature and did beading growing up and then learned to sew in my highschool theatre tec. class. I have since learned crochet, tried knitting (HATE IT!!! ), sort of learned to paint w/ acrylics (on walls and for little doll house stuff), and I really don't have time to learn anymore stuff
I'm still making soakers and longies for my ds but I think that might be all for now. I'm trying to get into the x-mas season stuff before it's too late. I make stockings for the family (we draw names on dh side...big family), and sew pj's for my lovely children...I have two to make this year
now that I've typed and rambled forever I'm going to go get my second today and try to make to the evening (dh didn't sleep well so of course I didn't either )
Talk to you all later.
Brandy Blaylock
: SAHM to Kathleen 5 yrs : and Jonathan 10 mths :bf : and and everything
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Hi all!

I'm in the middle of making soaker shorts for ds -- ran out of that colour yarn though, I've been in the middle of it for a while. I'm making winter sets for my boys -- I've done a scarf for Darwin, and I'm working on the hat. It's not crochet though -- I'm making a cord with a knitting nancy and I'm going to sew it in a spiral to make the hat. I hope it works out. I'm using a crochet hook with the knitting nancy though, if that counts. I'm planning on making some soakers for the new baby (Miriam) once I dye some yarn -- which is why I came here, I need to print up the directions.
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what kinds of yarn do you mamas use to crochet longies? I have a pattern a lady I chat with online sent me, but they seem bulky? I think I will just have to break down and knit some! (I suck at knitting though!)

Brisen-what's a knitting nancy?
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A knitting nancy is basically a tube (like a wooden spool for thread) with 4 posts on top. By wrapping the yarn around the posts & pulling it up & over the posts & down thru the tube, you knit a cord. link
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Brisen-oh that's what I thought..we even bought one for my niece like 4 years ago.lol.

btw I found a different crochet longies pattern to try! looks alot less bulkier! (though I really should practice knitting)
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Was it a free pattern? If so, could youpm it to me? I'm making crochet longies for my little one. I'm not using a pattern for this pair (hope it works out!) but I would like to try one.
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Brisen- sorry the pattern isn't online! I found it in my stash of pattern booklets. it's from the Coats & Clark book#0108 Just for Baby and is the pants from the buckaroo baby set.
hopefully I will get started on these tonight while watching the Pres. debate!

I'm also working on this cute kimono style baby sweater for ds

btw those of you with little girls check this little crocheted outfit out! sooo cute!
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Hey mamas! I have been crocheting for 15 years now and only this year learned to knit. I love to crochet and I love all the pretty things I can make
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Another hooker here

I've been crocheting for about 10 years, learned from a little booklet. I've crocheted blankets, several hat/booty sets during my pregnancy, pillows, and tons of doilies.

Right now, I'm crocheting a tablecloth. Ds and I are living w/my folks...I"m divorced and saving for a house and VERY blessed by parents who care for ds while I work. Anyway...last December I was kinda depressed about it and decided that even tho I don't have a table of my own...by golly I'm going to have a hand-crocheted tablecloth when I do. I'm over half the way done and it's beautiful if I do say so myself....

I also love quilting and other crafts, but have 2 very big quilting projects I"ve procrastinated on for FIVE YEARS. So even tho I'm itching to learn a new craft (knitting, mosaic, etc...) I won't until those are complete.

Here's question for my fellow hookers....do any of you use the broad-handled needles or any needle booty type of things? I'm finding crocheting a bit more uncomfortable as the years pass and am wondering if that might help a little. Whadya think?
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contented crocheter = happy hooker. :
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contented coloring crocheting mama = happy dyeing hooker mama :LOL :nana: :LOL
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So, does anyone have any crochet longies patterns?
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Mz. Dandy of http://www.dandeliondreamers.com has one..
I don't know of any free ones though...

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Hi all! I guess I belong here, although I am not sure I like being called a "hooker" :LOL . I just finished a pair of longies yesterday, though I am not going to be of much help because I didn't use a pattern. Here they are. I am not all that experienced at crocheting so they aren't perfect, but they still look pretty good, and what's more important is they fit dd well and didn't cost me $50+ dollars to get.
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Brisen- here is my thread at Crochetville, ISO longies pattern (there's a pattern here)

the pattern I posted about earlier I tried did not make sense at all so I'm back to this one again!
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Hey All,

I know that lots of you have asked for patterns and I just found out that www.dandeliondreamers.com is having a ONE day sale!!! She has the Pattern for Pants and Soakers for $8 each, the poncho is $4 (or free when you buy either of hte other patterns)..Her instock soakers are $20 each, and her custom orders are 10% off..The code is SITESUP.


eta: forgot code..
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Hi, I'm Trish. I'm a new hooker!! I just started crocheting a few weeks ago. So far I've made two pairs of longies (well 3, but I took the first pair apart b/c they were too small.) I'm working on my third pair, & finally figured out how to do a ribbed waistband. My mom taught me when I was 12, but the only thing I ever did was potholders.

Originally Posted by Midnightowl
I am having major trouble understanding patterns, but it turns out that I can pick something up really quick if someone shows me IRL.

...a few hats, mostly of my own design since I can't seem to read a pattern.
-I'm the same way. Can you give an easy describtion of how you made the hat? That's how I learned to make the longies.
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Hi there,
I have been a "hooker" since I was pregnant with my second son and have made about 5 of the same simple baby blanket, but am now taking a class so I can learn how to read patterns. Now I have a question, I am doing this hat and can't figure out these instructions so looking for help, it says this
dc in each dc and ch1 sp around, what is ch 1 sp around?
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Well DC means Double Crochet and ch means Chain So Chain 1 space around. What are the instructions for the Row above?
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Originally Posted by crochetmama
I know that lots of you have asked for patterns and I just found out that www.dandeliondreamers.com is having a ONE day sale!!! She has the Pattern for Pants and Soakers for $8 each, the poncho is $4 (or free when you buy either of hte other patterns)..Her instock soakers are $20 each, and her custom orders are 10% off..The code is SITESUP.
Figures I bought both of those before the sale :-(

The patterns are great though, I've been very happy with them!

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