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Originally Posted by momatheart23
Now I have a question, I am doing this hat and can't figure out these instructions so looking for help, it says this
dc in each dc and ch1 sp around, what is ch 1 sp around?
I'm assuming the previous row had a some dcs (double crochet) with chain 1 spaces you need to do a double crochet in each of the dcs and chain 1 spaces in the row before.

Hope that helps!
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the row before has some a bunch of double crochet, so do I just do a double crochet and then add an extra chain, or what it the space? I am not understanding, it is so hard to explain in writing? I have class Wed, but was hoping to figure it out at home.
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Ok can you type exactly what the pattern says, cause it can be 2 things. DC in each previous dc and ch 1 sp OR dc in each previous dc, ch 1
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Where does everyone get their crochet patterns? I get most of mine at AC Moore here but there really aren't any other places I've found that have a good selection of crochet patterns and I think I've bought out the AC Moore collection I've tried a few local yarn stores but they always have lots of knitting patterns and no crochet patterns. One lady the other day got all snippy with me when I asked and was like "I don't have any other customers that want them so NO." Geez.... okey dokey then.... sorry I tried to buy something from you!

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Ok in the past I got some good books from Wal-mart. I also go online and look for them. Then If I see one that interests me I will see if I can get it from the library.
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Thanks Jessica. My Walmart here didn't have anything I've been checking out some online sites just wasn't sure if some places were better then others - the library is an awesome idea!
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Jessica, the library is a great idea. I always forget about checking stuff out for me even though we take dd once a week to get books for her.
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Thanks! LOL My library system is actually on-line. SO I do a searcha nd if my library doesn't have it, I request it on-line and ta-da I have it in about 2-3 days! Plus I get them for 3 weeks with the option to renew for another 3, ONLINE! LOL

BTW ~ Michael's is having a sale on a ton of yarn. I went in there yesterday for like 3 things for ds#1 and walked out after spending almost $50.00!!!
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I was wondering what everyone's favorite stitches are for soakers/longies? I have done some longies and a pair of pants with just single crochet and they are so tight feeling with not much give. I am trying to learn the seed stitch - will that be stretchier? Any ideas will be very welcome!

Jessica - we also have an online system so I go to amazon and read reviews and then put my requests in. Maybe I will mosey on over now.
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you can find lots of patterns cheap on ebay!
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Time for a bump. I finished a baby blanket this weekend. Waiting for my dad to email e the picture, then I will post!

Speak of the devil. Here is the Picture
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Another hooker!

Hey fellow hookers!

I'm Tiphanie and I learned how to crochet from my aunt long ago (I was about 9, I think?). I haven't done anything really fancy, but I do like making afghans, scarves, I've done a hat, and I'm working on a poncho for my mom now.

I tried learning how to knit, but I can't get the hang of it really well. Crocheting seems to go really quickly for me, but knitting takes me forever just to get a little square done! Guess I need more practice.

I tend to get into a crochet frenzy for a while, then stop for a while, then start again, etc. My hand starts to hurt after I crochet a big project, so I need to rest. My dd wants me to crochet her a poncho next, though, so no time for a break!

I'm so glad to meet other hookers here!

Jessica- that's a beautiful afghan! Are those some type of shell pattern? It looks great!
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Thanks! It is based on a pattern from Lion Brand yarn, though I used Baby Clouds, I modified the rows a bit. It is called Baby Ripples
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Jessica, I like your afghan. It looks nice and squishy.

This weekend I did my first kool-aid dyeing with yarn. I went a little crazy with the colors but I look forward to making some shorts or a soaker depending on how far it will go. I am first making myself finish some mary janes for baby dd that I started a little while back. Today I crocheted in every spare minute which didn't equate to much time but all I really need to do now is stitch them up (I hate this part) and buy some buttons.
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VK ~ Make sure you post pictures!
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vkberes- how did you do the kool aid dyeing? can you post directions if it's not too much trouble? what colors did you use?

yesterday ds got a box of toys (trade from another MDC mama ) he is just absolutley loving the knitted wool balls she sent and he's been chasing them all over the house..anyway today I am making him some more colorful patterned ones for his xmas stocking out of scraps of yarn (not wool though more like hackysacks!) I think I will make some fruits too! (ie;apple,orange,plum,tomato,etc.)
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rainbow moon - I mixed the directions from a couple sites I found mentioned on here.

I first wound the wool yarn between the legs of a table (this took forever) so I had a 5 foot tail of yarn. Just be sure to not do more yarn than what will fit in a bowl in your microwave.I filled a big bowl that would fit in my microwave with warm water and a few glugs of vinegar and soaked the yarn in there. While that was soaking I got the Kool-aid ready: 1 package of mix to 1/4 cup warm water. Before I even got to this step I messed around with some sample coloring to make sure I had the shades I wanted.

Lay out saran wrap about one foot longer than your yarn length. When your dyes are mixed pull the yarn out of the water and gently squeeze out excess water and lay out on the saran wrap (leave about 6" of saran wrap on each end). I used a medicine dropper to apply each color leaving about a 1/2" between colors because they do bleed and I did not want big dark spots there. I planned out color arrangement to get cool colors inbetween.

After you are done applying the color fold one end of the saran wrap over one end of the yarn and carefully roll up all of the yarn. Empty the bowl that previously had the water and vinegar mix and lay your yarn in there. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Let it rest for 2 minutes. Microwave again on high for another 2 minutes and take the bowl out when done. When you are able to handle the ball of yarn, take it out and unroll on your counter. When the yarn feels warm rinse it out with the same temperature water until the water runs clear. Squeeze out any excess water and hang to dry.

If you want more explanations you can do a search here for kool-aid dyeing. hope this made sense.
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thanks so much I appreciate it vkberes!
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no problem!
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Thanks for posting that, vkberes -- I only have a microwave at the moment and have been wondering if I can do the saran wrap thing in it. I find that to keep my yarn wet enough, I have to add so much water that the colours run. Not a problem yet as the colors worked nicely like that
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