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i'll be the first one!!

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i have been getting positives since friday but they are kinda light. my chart, first ever triphasic, is a thing of beauty so i guess i should trust that more!! my due date will be may 02, 2005 which is my dad's birthday. i had a miscarriage in june and so far i feel good about this one. i never felt great about the last one. something just felt off. this time i have sore boobies and am HUNGRY all the time. forgot what that was like. i am obsessing over cloth diapers and spending too much on em!

sooooo, is there anyone else out there?? gotta update my sig!!
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Poking in from feb to say ...

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Congrats...I so hope to join you this month!
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thanks so much!! the last light positive turned pretty dark after a couple of hrs so i feel better i dunno why. i am supposed to get a root canal on thursday well one re-done so i think i have to put it off to the 2nd tri. there is a bit of an infection so i have started taking garlic, vitamin c and i always take O3mega oil. hope it will be ok.
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Congratulations holly! Your due date is my daughter's birthday. I might be joining you soon once I get confirmation.
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After getting such a light line for a week that I thought I was hallucinating, today I finally got a clear positive!! I'm sooooo happy. We had a mc in April at 14 weeks and are so glad to be expecting again!

Our due date is May 5th, and we already have a 3-yo dd who is thrilled about the new baby :-)
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I'm here!

I'm due 5/9. Nervous about joining so soon, but I'm not going to hold back in rejoicing in this pregnancy. It goes so quickly!

Congratulations to all the other May mommies!
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yipee and congrats!!

to cuckoomama and slightly crunchy!! glad to be not so alone anymore!!

good news is that i talked to my midwife and the whole root canal thing sounds like it is going to be ok. had to argue with the dentist that no i could not consult with my dr/gp as she did not even know i was pg and wouldnt unless i needed to see her for something else! it was kinda funny but terse if ya know what i mean.

bad news is i felt barfy today really kinda for the first time. which is good i mean if you had a miscarriage before like me MS makes you feel better in a way. nothing seem appealing when it comes to food except crap like cookies, tea biscuits and cups of tea. shoot, i just realised i brewed myself some raspeberry leaf tea about an hr and a half ago and left it downstairs! i am addicted to the cd'ing brd and the trading post. buying cute, cute, cute little diapers in NB size. i dont even want to think about how much money i spent. keep tellin myself i can resell em!

how's everyone else feelin?
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CuckooMamma, I'm due May 5 too! Cool!

I am still waiting for any symptoms besides sore boobies. Anyone else like that or do you already have symptoms? I am hoping that I don't have anything to worry about (I take a hpt test every morning and it's still positive, so that relieves me a bit!).
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nope, i have a bit of nausea if i dont eat enuf. that's it. with my dtr i dont think i got real MS until about 6-7 weeks in. when i miscarried i felt really sick immediately. i mean by 4 weeks! so i dunno if it really tells anything. i get tired too by the afternoon.
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From my own experience, nausea didn't mean didley about mc'ing either. I had extreme nausea during the last pregnancy. At 12 weeks they found the heart wasn't beating. I didn't miscarry until 14 weeks and felt nauseated almost up until the day we mc'd. So, I also wouldn't worry too much if you weren't feeling nauseated.

I threw up last week and have had a couple of vicious migraines. Unfortunately, I spotted a tiny bit today and am now wondering if this is a bad sign. I broke out all the preggo books that say bleeding may mean nothing, but you know how it goes...you always think the worst.

Sending you all happy and healthy baby vibes!
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ya know, i spotted and bled quite a bit with baby loo but in my gutt i just never felt like i was gonna miscarry. it just felt right and part of it was ignorance. the second time when i miscarried, as soon as i saw the first spot, i knew it was all over. first time i had a shoot forget what it is called but a small tear in the placenta. evntually it healed up and everything was fine. i am crossing my fingers for no spotting this time. i have done accupuncture and i am picking up some chinese herbs tomorrow so i wil have done everything i can to keep my uterus "calm" and happy.

had my first midwife visit today and it was lovely. i have a different midwife but she was my back up last time so i know her fairly well and she is upbeat and knows lots! we have another appointment in 2 weeks to start the peeing on sticks and talking about tests. last time i refused all testing and will go the same route again. i am going to be 39 when this babe is born. how bout everyone else? what age will you be?
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ps. my midwife gave me a due date of 05/05/05 like a couple of other moms here. gonna be a busy night if we all deliver at the same time. betcha there are lots and lots of other moms with the same date!!
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So glad to hear that your midwife appt. went well. I'm thinking of scheduling one myself this week. I had been holding off as they usually don't want to see you before 8 weeks at their practice, but I'm hoping they can tell me all is okay. No more spotting now, but I have this feeling of dread. But heck, last pregnancy I thought everything was completely fine with the baby up until I looked at the u/s monitor. I'm just not sure what to think. Hearing your story of spotting and still having a healthy baby is encouraging. I did another home test this afternoon and it was a strong positive. I guess I'm just so worried after last time.

So there are three of us so far, right? And all due on the 5th? This could be a lot of fun!
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Sorry! I just saw that there were more moms. I'm losing my mind already!
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Hey ladies!! Congrats to everyone

Can I join in here too?

I'm due on May 2nd with baby#2. We will probobally have a homebirth. I met with one midwife yesterday. I really liked her and while I had a good birth with Nick once I got to the birth center the hospital burecarcy was so hard to deal with that we want to avoid it this time.
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I'm due in May too! Due date is May 6th...

Congrats everyone!! :
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hoping that i get a +
i had a m/c a month ago...so i dont even know if its a possiblilty, but i had all the signs of ovulation. today i am 13 dpo. i really want to test before i go camping this w/e....but part of me just says relax. i suppose that if i dont test and come back with no af i'll know. we dont plan on telling any irl ppl until at least 2 mo...maybe 3, when it happens.

hoping to report back with a bun in the oven
sending everyone wishes

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Jenn I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

Danielle -- Hey there... I guess we're on two sites together (I'm mommy2nick on BOLU)
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