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Hey! Cool!

Originally Posted by Lilg127
Jenn I'll keep my fingers crossed for you

Danielle -- Hey there... I guess we're on two sites together (I'm mommy2nick on BOLU)
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yup, crossing my fingers for you too jenn. i was completely obsessed with testing this month so my hat's off to you for your kewl as a cucumber approach!!

lilg, (oops, it's zack'smom) are you the diaper stash mom. i forgot already and sigs are missing on this page! anyway, i am so jealous. i have been collecting nd dipes. just started cd'ing with my 19 month old dtr too!! it's crazy. i already got some LL nbs off ebay i think and one very baby dipe and cover and i forget how many i am waiting for. just seconds ago ordered a rainbow of prefolds. i just cant wait to cd right from day one!!!!! sorry to other moms about going on about diapers it is my pregnancy obsession.

still feeling good and drinking my yukky herb tea. hope everyone else is feeling ok. oh yeah baby loo was born at home and i hope the next one will be born there too!! it was so great.
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I haven't bought any nb dipes yet and I'm soooo wanting to! I'm waiting for that "special" one to jump out at me before I start building my stash. I have been stalking ebay though...
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14 dpo today....must.....take .......test.....
cant....take it....much longer....
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ouuuuuuu i LOVE nb dipes TOO. this is so unfair as i am soooo poor. i have 3 nb cd already. going to a baby swap meet to find pleasing cd price tags on sept 11.
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jenn, take a test!! i took about 8 or 9 so you could do 1!! just buy a good one and no cheapies. the digital ones by cbe work well. they are expensive but you get 3.

i just noticed you are in surrey!!!!! i grew up there!! although i usually dont like to admit it as it was/is known for being a rough part of town!!

i have ordered waaaay too many diapers then realised i am broke b/c my tax return is $159 not thousands like i thought! silly me. we'll live and i am going to start ebaying my mountain of "collectables" i have in the closet!!

let us know what is goin on. do you just "know" you are pg??? or are not sure. i just knew but i was charting so that made it pretty clear pretty quick!
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I wish I had my NB dipes, I gave em to my brother it'd be fun to go through them and get excited about using them again... His baby will be out of new born sizes so I get them back but still want them :
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WOO HOO!!!! I AM HERE TO STAY!!!!!!! Okay i broke down and went to the walkin clinic today (because im cheep )
and took a test. i still feel like af is going to come anytime...i think it needs to absorb. i had early m/c july, and cant believe im pg again so soon.

holliehobbie....were you in whalley??? im in newton and its not so bad. i still hate to say im from surrey sometimes too... :LOL

who's already telling ppl irl and whos not? i think b/c i had the m/c i will not tell irl except my 2 bestfriends, until ppl either figure it out or i feel in the clear that it will stick.

wishes to everyone

cant wait to spend the next 9 with you all
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big congrats jenn!!!

yes, i grew up in whalley and couldnt wait to move away. wasnt exactly a hotbed of alternative ideas!! my brother in law & his g/f live close to newton but i think it is delta. so nice to have someone who is close and can relate on the canadian issues b/c sometimes there is a real difference on health stuff.

i have been having major food aversions. hard to keep eating. since i am still nursing i am a bit worried about getting enuf in. also kinda hoping my little one weans or cuts back alot on nursing b/c it hurts and i am getting impatient with it all the time. she is not much of an eater!!
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i couldnt imagine what nursing must feel like right now! my nipples are the size of cherry pits, and soo sore atm. so far for symptoms, its just that, and that ive been really tired and short with dh (poor man!!)

i can see why you wanted to get out of whalley! not alot of natural parenting apperant there! i dont know alot of momma's irl that share my parenting views. oh well. thats y i love it on mdc so much. local mdc mamas around here meet every so often so thats nice too.

i am NOT going to sleep tonight ok talk to you later
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Hi everyone,
I'm due with number 3 May 9, 2005. I am so excited!

Coincidentally, I live in North Delta, BC--so a lot of locals here! Hey, what midwives do you all use--I had trouble getting through to one last week.

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anne....my midwife is anne barkham....i love her. she was there for my homebirth and cant complain at ALL. who did you get?
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congrats to you anne!! #3 wow!! that's great. sometimes i think i would like to have 3 but i am not sure b/c of my age. then again i didnt think i wanted more than one in the beginning but my dh kept saying loo needs a sib. she does love other kids and ppl so much that i think it is true she might be a bit lonely by herself.

there is 3 of us from BC!! yipee. i hope you find a great midwife. here in victoria we have the most midwives per capita in all of bc so it is a bit easier to choose.

i felt pretty yukky today but some organic natural ginger ale really made me feel alot better. didnt really think it would but i needed to clean up so i just kept gluggin it down.
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Anne Barkam was who was first recommended to me--so originally I was going to call her but since she moved to Ft. Langley I was trying Heather Hall who attended the homebirth of another friend--but she never returned my call so I tried Anne Barkam again--but it was Friday and they only have office hours Tues-Thurs. It was a frustrating week but I do have a FP in Vancouver who delivered (in hospital) my first 2 whom I adore but I do want to explore the option of a homebirth this time and am hoping the midwives won't be all full.

hollyhobbie, I'm 36 and will be 37 when the next one is born. I thought it was the last but my husband who only wanted 2 said something the other day about a fourth! Yikes! I love kids but am finding this whole preschool/toddler age thing exhausting!

Hopefully, I can get it sorted out soon.
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anne... my girlfriend had heather hall and loved her. there are some great ppl at childrens hosp, if you are willing to travel that far, camille bush worked out of there last i heard. there are alot out there. if anne is full, you can get other midwife names off of her too dont worry...its early enough. you'll get through. heather was working on-call for anne this weekend which is probably y she hasnt gotten back to you, yet.

i am soooooooooo grumpy today. me and dh arent getting along. he decided that he would drink last night without me (he went to the island for a family reunion) one day after i found out we were pg. i dont know y i am so steamed....but i sure as hell am. :

i hate this 'feeling like crying all the time' feeling. usually i am NOT a cryer. i almost cried inside a resteraunt yesterday, with my parents Because the waitress asked everybody BUT ME their order...i am a basketcase!!!!!! (i didnt even bother going to her to give her my order after...i was too afraid id bawl!!!) LOL I am a LOSER!!!
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I think I am too join you all too!!! I just found out today that I am I have no idea when i am due, because I can't remember when we had sex! I think I am due the first week of May!

I am from BC too! I want to find a midwife, but I doubt there are any here I went to the clinic to take a test because I didn't think I could be pregnant, but the sore nibbles when nursing and the horrible m/s already convinced me I had to go in!

Jenn! YAY!!!!!!

This is awesome all the BC mamas!
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congrats nym!!! are you in fort st. john?? i had a job in fort nelson once. i lasted 4 weeks and quit to go back to vancouver island!! i had this big romantic idea of the north! ha! it was not Cicely Alaska like in northern exposure if you ever saw the show a few years back! i dunno if there are any midwives up there. sorta doubt it too. i remember it being hard to get medical care as in a dr even in some smaller communities i have lived in! good luck to ya.

i am having sore sore boobs too with the nursing. i am basically nightweaning boo and i think she is ready but gawsh she is restless when i dont nurse her. which is a total pain when i am awake between 3 and 4 am b/c she is having a hard time fallin back asleep. i want to give in and nurse her but i know its a process so i have to be patient. i really dont want to be nightnursing 2!!!!
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Yep, I am in fort st john. I doubt I will find a midwife here, even though FSJ has the highest birthrate in all of BC. There is only one OB/GYN too. I think Ill ask around and then maybe Ill go for an (un)planned homebirth :P

We moved here from Parksville on the Island, so it is hard, but there is work for DH here
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it is so amazing that there is so many bc mom's on this thread. i have a friend IRL who is due about two weeks before me too! shes the one who got me into cloth diapering. nym, some day i will have to send you an email about when i moved from prince rupert to fort nelson in NOVEMBER! and my car broke down, then i got a flat tire just before FSJ. with my cat and dawg in the car!! then i got the last room in FSJ that night which i think was really a broom closet. well there are some beautiful things up there though and i understand the work thing. if my husband's job with ICBC ends then it'll be vancouver or probably some small town and i think i would prefer a small town. wow this is a book.

hope you find someone to help you deliver the baby. i am so glad i can have a homebirth again without worry. well that is if all goes well!! boo is in daycare 2 mornings a week so i can work at home doing an ebay thing and just do my running around. i feel guilty a bit but she seems happy to be with the other kids doing lots of activities. she was supposed to go to an infant preschool thing but the renos were delayed so it wont start until january. it is out of the jewish synagogue downtown. we arent jewish but we are a bi-racial family so i figure diversity is always good!!
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Eeek, that doesn't sound like much fun. You are from PR? We lived in Terrace! Hahahah Such a small world I tell ya!
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