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:LOL I believe it b/c I can pout with the best of them! You go!
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30 weeks, 3 days

Ok, it is 2:44 in the morning, and I can't sleep I have had major insomnia lately. I have no problem falling alseep at oh, 8:00 PM. but then I wake up at 1-2 AM and can't fall back to sleep. It sucks. Especially because DH is a total night owl, and when I wake up at 1-2 AM he is still up, so then I am up waiting for him to go to bed. Grrrr.

DH leaved tomorrow to starts work early Wed AM. We can't move into our apartment until Sept 5th, so he is going up there and staying in an extended stay hotel for 1 1/2 weeks (well coming home on the weekend), and then we move in on labor day.

I have been so hungry lately thought, and it is freaking me out. I have gained way tooo much weight. I have never weighed this much before. I just want this baby to be born, so I can stop gaining and hopefully lose some of it. It is very depressing...Lately, I have been really missing my skinny, college, pre-kids, pre-marriage body. I know it is all for a good cause and all, but WHY do we have to gain weight to have a baby? Why can't be just have the baby without the weight gain?? Of course, it totally doesn't help that I am at my parents house now and surrounded by junk food. My mom is always hosting parties or celebrations for church or her other organizations and then she brings the left-over donuts and cookies and muffins and chips home. So, I have been eating way more of that crap than I should.

QOTW: No, I do not have everything. No where near it. I don't even have a midwife anymore. I have just started looking, but haven't picked a final one yet. I have enough newborn clothes, however I need heavier, winter things. Heidi was born in Feb in KY, so by the time she 2 months old, it was really warm. Greta will be born in Oct in NH, so it is only going to get colder.

I also need more diapers, don't have all those yet. I am trying to wait until I am closer to giving birth before buying anything, but I do need to start looking for bargains. I need a double stoller, but probably won't get that until the spring, since I figure I can wear Greta all winter long, will keep her warm outside and hopefully she won't be too big to comfortably sling and power-walk before summer (although DD was 20 pounds by 6 months, so we will see). I need to get cloth to make my wrap-sling. I also need a high-chair (but won't need that for seveal months yet, so I am not worried about that), playpen -or bouncy chair, something to put Greta in for short periods of time - I used to just lay Heidi on a blanket on the floor when she was small to do quick things like make lunch and stuff, but with a 2-year old around, I dont' want to do that. I also need more nursing bras, breast pads and cloth pads for me. Eeeek.. I have a lot to do!
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(minus the smile) reflux.....
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30 weeks 6 days

Thanks for the thoughts on my pee problems. We did discuss yeast, but decided it probably wasn't the cause. We'll see what this culture says and go from there I guess. I'm upping the Cranactin again in the meantime. At least this time I haven't gone into PTL again!!! It's a little scary, I didn't realize how easy it could be for my baby to come if I do. I've been doing all this research on bedrest and PTL and how nothing they have really helps much, namely bedrest...but then I learned that bc of how far advanced the baby is in there, I really am at risk and the precautions could help. So I'm trying to take it easy but I hate it!! :

Katie, the baby has actually been at 0 station since 21 weeks, and now this it is head down (and has been for 2-4 weeks now) it is officially engaged. EXTREMELY early, especially for a second baby (usually only first borns engage pre-birthing time). I mean, when this kid hiccups, I feel my outer labia shake, and some of the movements (hands?) are literally right at my pubic bone. This is kid is in position and labor should go fairly quickly (I just have to get the baby to spin!!!).

Sorry about the bad haircuts, that really sucks. I learned from my mother (who got an AWFUL haircut while pregnant with my sister, I mean awful, I mean boy short...on top of her 50lb weight gain and small stature....she cried and cried) so my rule is NO drastic hair changes while pregnant. It will grow back though so don't worry!!

That pumpkin set is very cute!!! Hey now that I'm knitting I bet I could make one like that!!! Gotta order some orange wool yarn!!!
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ameliabedelai: s on the weight/eating at moms issue. I totally feel the same way, all my time spent in mich./canada this summer I was around the same junk I'm feeling the gain, but the numbers on the scale haven't been too terrible.

truebluexf: You are such a trooper! Your attitude sounds so positive everytime you post! I've been sending you good spinning vibes! Good luck With your talking about knitting, I just realised it might be pretty easy to crochet a soaker. Could you tell me the dimensions and how to treat the wool ?

I hope I can turn the air on today! It's still pretty steamy down here. A possum was living in our crawl space and chewed a bunch of holes in our ac insulation. It gets colder down there than in the house
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I found these two patterns for crocheting a soaker, I thought that might be helpful. The dimensions on the pattern I have for a newborn soaker are: waist:17" Rise:12.5" Thigh: up to 9" Good luck!!!

So I ordered this yarn for a fall saoker...what do you think? http://fabriconnection.com/fpdb/imag...omyarn_208.jpg
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31 weeks-ish

I'm still lol at truebluexf! At least you gained more sympathy from your DH.

Piglet: good luck with the move

Mandi: Glad to hear the home improvements are coming along. I'm right there with you with a wrecked house due to remodeling. Last night DH and I were putting up crown moulding in our upstairs bath. What a feat that was, with my big ole preggo body, trying to balance myself on a ladder. My belly was in the way and it was so hard to get close enough to the wall! It was a pretty comedic sight. But alas, it's almost over for us too and then I can get some normalcy back, just in time for the new babe!

Man, I read all the posts and then I get baby brain drain and I can't remember who else has what going on.

QOTW: With 2 kids already, one of each sex, I pretty much have everything I need. I went through 8 20gallon rubbermaid containers full of clothes a few weeks back and seperated the clothes by gender, and took out all the newborn stuff that was gender neutral. I basically threw away most of the onesies, so I'll need to pick up a few new ones. Fiona was the champion spitter upper and ruined a lot of clothes. When I was in NY for vacation in July, my sis and I went to the Carter's outlet and I bought about 12 coverall/footie thingies. I wanted this babe to have a few new things to call its own. I still need some newbie socks. And I need to still sort through my diaper stash. I have about 2 dozen Motherease one size, a few Sandy's, some happy heinies, but I really want to get my hand on some fuzzibunz. I need to watch the TP for some. Oh, and on my wish list is a new Kangaroo Korner Fleece Sling. I have a maya wrap, but a friend of mine as the KK and it is so soft.
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Originally Posted by stanleymama
Krnflwr...yes tell me more about what you mw prescribed for you.
It's called Protonix, 20 mg, once a day. She said it was the safest of all the acid-reducers during preg (and nursing) and had the least side-effects (of which I've had none, btw). It made a huge difference in how I was feeling. My acid reflux was getting progressively more and more intense, and I was desperate for anything to relieve my all-day/all-night indigestion. Hopefully the baking soda or mylanta will do the trick for you, but if not, you might ask your MW about this drug.
Hope you feel better soon! You, too, Letitia.

Good luck, Pig, with your move. Waiting to hear from you when you settle in.

Hannah has some sort of stomach bug, she's been vomiting all morning. It's just so sad and pitiful to witness, and I feel so helpless. She can't even keep down sips of water. I finally let her nurse for just a few minutes, and she fell asleep. I suppose I should use this time to get a few things done, and start all the stinky laundry. Hope everyone is feeling vibrant and healthy today!!
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Krnflwr...thanks for letting me know. I will ask my dr. about it. I snacked on maalox tablets yesterday, hardly did a thing for me. I finally was able to fall asleep though before dh went to work, so he watched the boys for me. Today I feel a bit better, my back is super achy though. You know that achy body feeling you get when you have the flu, that is what it is like.

Mil gets back tonight. She has been up visiting her daughter in minn. I wish she would stay away a bit longer. She is not always helpful or understanding when it comes to pg discomfort. And she expects that I make dinner every night, the boys eat certain foods, etc. It gets so annoying. SHe isn't horrible, just very self-focused. Ok, I am done ranting now.

Oh and krnflwr I am trying to decide between a multi-color or a fruit. Will let you know soon.
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Add me to the bad haircut list. Last time I went in for a trim, my stylist said the length I usually get isn't "quite right" for the shape of my face just now.... I think this was supposed to be a nice way of saying my face is fat and my usual bob accentuates my double chin. So I ended up with more "layers", ie a mullet/bi-level disaster. Just in time for all the inlaws coming out in two weeks for a big family wedding. I'll be huge, double-chinned, and mulletted.

On the Good News front, my new midwife doesn't subscribe to the "weigh-in" philosophy at prenatal appointments. She says it doesn't really matter what I weigh as long as blood work and blood pressure look good and baby is growing.
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Jusr found out this morning I am baing induced on September 21st, 4 weeks from today!!!! Better get my butt in order! I have my diaper stash ready and dressing table set up and that is it!! I do believe I have everything I need, just needs to be put together, put up, or washed
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almost 32 weeks!

Hey everybody!
First off I'd like to say, I WISH I had a food aversion, I need one right about now. I love eating. I'm feeling very heavy. I'm really looking forward to loosing the weight.

QOTW - I think I've got most of the essestials that I'll need in the beginning. There's some things I need to get when the baby is a few months old, but I'll cross that bridge when we get there. I also have a little online wish list going at Motherwear.com that I'm going to purchase in a couple weeks. I'm so excited about getting new nursing bras for some reason.

I've got drastically shorter hair right now too. It just works better with my ever swelling face. With both pregnancies I've felt like shaving my head for some reason, I just hate hair right now. So, it's pretty short with a ton of layers. I kind of like it though. I was growing out my natural color, and after my last cut, it's finally all grown out, yay. Plus, I know from 4-6 months post-partum my hair will be falling out. Better to keep it short for that, ugh.

Not much else to say except:

Piglet- have a safe trip!
krnflwr - I hope Hannah is feeling better soon, that bug sounds awful. I keep hearing of that going around (even though I'm in a different part of the country).
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30 weeks 3 days

hi mamas!

gosh, i'm getting a late start this week and there are already so many replies!

trueblue, sorry about the return of the leukocytes. and i love your bowling ball story!

best travel wishes to piglet!

wannabmommie, glad you like your birth class! we don't start ours for another 2 weeks.

who was it that mentioned the semi-symptomless yeast infection? i might have one but it's not causing me any problems... i'm eating extra yogurt and making sure to wash thoroughly and change my underwear.

as for food, i'm in a pleasant state where i don't have any real aversions or cravings and i'm not constantly hungry either. just comfortable although i certainly eat more than when i'm not pregnant!

sorry to all those with bad haircuts! i'm not at all adventurous with my hair (it's massively crazy so there's not much i can do if i want it to be manageable).

oh, and i'm happy my silly experiences (getting stuck and strep ass problems) bring a laugh! the body can be a great source of entertainment on so many levels!

QOTW: baby stuff... well, this is our first, so we didn't start out with anything really... but i also don't think a baby needs that much.

we've got a starters supply of diaper covers and a couple fitteds but we're using a service at the beginning then we'll see what works for us before we buy more. i had a preggo brain moment and bought 3 covers in the wrong size so i need a couple more if i don't want to be doing laundry twice a day. and i need to go to the crafts store to get fabric for wipes... or maybe we'll just get a zillion baby washcloths.

we have a little clothes but will need more for sure. we have one pouch sling. MIL is sending two big boxes of stuff which probably includes a LOT of baby blankets and hats.

we have a moses basket where the baby will take naps and possibly sleep on our bed in the basket too. i suspect it will just sleep on one of us instead, but we'll see. no crib, i doubt we'll find the need for one and if we do we can get it then.

we've got car seats.

we need some standard baby stuff like a snot sucker and thermometer and care items like that and i also need to get my birthing supplies together still. i also need to get a breast pump and bottles as i will be returning to work when the baby is a few months old and i will be pumping so dh can feed it EBM (he'll be SAHD).

other stuff like a stroller or bouncy seat or stuff like that can wait until the baby is here... that way we won't end up with stuff we don't really need or that the baby doesn't like.

that turned into quite a long answer for the QOTW!
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Karin - Sorry to hear about little Hannah. Stomach bugs are so hard on the little ones. Hope she gets better soon.

MTBto5 - Holly cow! I can't believe we'll be having a baby join our group so soon!

I really have to go into storage this weekend and get Alias' old baby stuff out. I've been putting it off and putting it off. But looking at the calendar I have 4 more weeks to get everything set before the baby reaches full term! Can you believe it? I am totally floored that there is a chance that in four weeks I could be snuggled up with my Alias under one arm and my little baby Harrison under the other. Oh, I'm getting all misty just thinking about it.

This morning Alias woke up, rolled over and asked me "When Harrison comming out mommy's tummy to play with Alias?" It was so sweet. And all day he kept telling me what toys he was going to share now that he's the big brother. It really makes me feel like we made the right choice to have another baby when I hear the excitment in his voice at the idea of having a little brother. I can't wait to see the 2 of them together.
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Duh, no wonder no one was posting...it was a new week!

Amelia, right there with you about insomnia! It's 2am and I'm wide awake after being asleep for 3 hrs. Thought I was actually ganna get a full night's sleep too

Hang in there for those with bad haircuts-at least your hair is growing faster now right? I've been putting mine off for the same fear but it's the longest I'v ehad it in years so I really need to get it trimmed at least. After I had DS #1 I went from shoulder length to super short thinking it would be so fast and easy-yikes-not only did it make me look so much fatter but I had to get it trimmed every 4 wks to maintain the look so it didn't look shaggy-what a pain. Went back to boring old bob that I can pull back anytime.

QOTW: Since this is #3 I'm pretty much set-even have more than I'll ever need I think in the diaper area and slings...but I really need to go thru clothes one of these days. I know I have enough but since #1 I have moved to more all cotton breathable clothing so I know I have a bunch of things that I can purge that are worn or out or just can't be that comfy for a babe-ya know? I would love a nice selection of organic cotton layette stuff but I don't think finances are going to allow that with the move. But I do need to check the HUGE selection of children's consignment stores in this area-oh darn.
Anyone having tons of Braxton Hix lately? I seem to have a few a day lately and they aren't bad-just the tightness. A little depressing that I have 9 more weeks to go!
Take care
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33 wks

Good Morning Mamas,
I hear you on the insomnia. I'm so tired by evening that I can barely stand up or keep my eyes open...but right around 4 am I am wide awake. Today was especially bad, but I suppose it is because I got bad news last night (my g-pa died) and my mind is running a mile a minute...making lists, planning our trip, worrying about things, being sad, etc. We are leaving today for Kansas, to stay w/ my G-ma and do funeral stuff. So I will be MIA for a while. Everyone take care and keep those babies cooking safely while I'm away, okay?
Hannah seems to be better, she ate like a horse last night and kept it all down. Which is especially good since I can't imagine trying to travel with a vomiting toddler...ugh!
QOTW: we have tons of stuff from when Hannah was born that we never used and have packed away. I really need to start going through it all and do some inventory. I would really like a double stroller (sit-n-stand someone mentioned) but we use the one we have now so infrequently, I just can't justify the expense. I figure I'll be slinging Baby Cookie most all the time, hopefully Hannah will be contented to be the big sister and walk by herself. Can 1 woman carry both a newborn and a toddler and survive?!?
Okay, I'm off to start packing and all that fun stuff. I'll contact all the hat ladies when I return, okay? Take care everyone...
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Karin. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I'll be thinking of you and your family.

Insomina... I can not seem to sleep through the night anymore, no matter how exhausted I am. I have found that as long as I don't go to bed before 10pm I am able to sleep peacefully until 4am (fall asleep before that and I'm up around 1am). But like clock work my eyes just seem to pop open shortly after 4 in the morning and I can't get back to sleep until usually around 6am. And since Alias wakes up around 7:30 that dosen't leave me much catch up time. So like many of you, I have given up, gotten out of bed and just come online hoping that reading and posting will help me sleep. How is it we can be so bone tired yet not be able to sleep?

So as I was lying in bed, hoping to fall back asleep, it occured to me that I have pretty much all me baby stuff done, just a few odds and ends left, but I haven't done myself! I need new nursing bras, post-pardum pants, and new breat pads. I got so wrapped up in what we need for Harrison and Alias that I completely forgot about myself .
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I think that there might be something wrong with my computer. Some of the smilies have stopped moving.
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Karin...sorry to hear about your g-pa!! Praying you have a safe trip.
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32 weeks (tomorrow)

Karin, sorry to hear about your Grandpa...and with Hannah being sick too you've really had a rough couple of days!

Add me to the insomnia list too, although I haven't been quite so bad as having to get up, at least so far...I am just having the waking 4-5 times a night which makes it feel as though you haven't slept at all inbetween, which can't be very restful.

To add to QOTW- my friend just gave me a huge garbage bag full of baby clothes so I definately will not be needing to buy anymore clothes now! I've even started washing them so now it's just time to make room to store them. And my mom and dad are going to buy me some Hempers to try out so there's a few more diapers for me.
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