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31 wks 3 days

Flitters...that was me who talked about symptomless yeasties...i had virtually no (and now normal pregnancy) discharge after using a 7 day treatment, so that tells me that i *did* in fact have one even tho my symptoms were not classic at all. i say if you think you have one get it taken care of soon...it really was no fun even tho i didn't have many/no symptoms.

Karin....sorry to hear about your g-pa.

sorry to those who can't sleep...i wouldn't say i have insomnia, i'm just awake a lot during the night to either turn over (that's a major task!) or to go to the bathroom...i can *usually* fall back asleep as long as dh is being quiet...if not then i just go right out to th couch so i don't lay there awake too long.

MTBto5....wow! you must be excited!! do you mind if i ask why you are being induced? (just the OB nurse in me i guess... )

i have major laundry issues that need attention, so that is what i'm doing all day...but it's a rainy day, so a good one to stay inside.

i finally went and picked out some carpet for our basement and man did i get a steal! they have a huge pile of this awesome sage green carpet that is technically *used* (it was in a lady's house for 20 days when she decided she didn't like it) so if the measurements of the carpet will fit in our room it's ours and here's the kicker....it's $33/yd carpet that we can buy for $6/yd!! .... i said i'll take it!!!

well, need to make lunch...talk to you all soon!

oh....am i the only one who's feet look like massive water balloons??? they are ssssoooo puffy!
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31 weeks!!!

Karin, sorry about your grandpa.

Does anyone mind if I ask what exactly the symptoms of a yeast infection might be? I don't have itchiness or anything, but I have what at least seems to be normal discharge for pregnancy...but who knows? I'd really love to solve the leukocyte issue if it doesn't happen to be another UTI.
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Well, no need for the above info LOL. Heard from the midwife, it's not exactly a UTI, but it almost is. Apparently it came back as "Less than 20,000 organisms" which is an amount you do not normally treat, so she said I really really really need to stay on top of the Cranactin. Isn't this just freaking insane????? To have never ever had a UTI before, and to have a constant one now that I'm pregnant???? She said I just might have to go on some super strong antibiotic after this kid gets here. I'm hoping it will all resolve itself with cranactin eventually, but MAN. I mean, I know I have had it down to zero a couple times. My urethra must be like wide open and my bladder must just be totally pinches off by this baby making it the best breeding ground in the world!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!
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Amy....i know it's frustrating, but some women are just really vulnerable to UTIs during pregnancy....how the baby lays can affect how adequately you can empty your baldder completely each time and this leads to a build up of bacteria. i would think it'd resolve after delivery when you will be more likely to fully empty your baldder consistently...kwim? hope it doesn't get any worse for you.
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MTBto5- Wow! So early! You must be excited. I'm curious as to why too, it's not just you the OB nurse in you 3boyz4us!

Mandi and Soogie...I meant to comment on your reno's...sounds like things are coming along, I can't imagine how frustrating the waiting would be right now though! I am sure that it will all be worth it when everything is looking beautiful!

So at my appt. yesterday the midwife had troubles again finding the heartbeat with the fetalscope...Oakley is just not a cooperative kid it seems, :LOL...last appt. was the same, it's just do to positioning. This week it seems that he is oblique, still heads up so now I am trying to focus on him being head down...she gave me some homepathy to try, pusilla or something, can't remember. I guess it's getting near time to check out Spinning babies and get serious...not that I am too worried about it yet.
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Yikes! Just this past week or so, I've been feeling really big. As in, full of baby, b-i-g. Well, I had my mw appt this morning and not only did I gain 6 1/2 lbs in 2 weeks (I didn't eat that much bday cake! lol) but I'm now measuring 4 weeks ahead. I've been measuring a week or 2 behind up until now and it seems that babe has gone through a large growth spurt. The bean is already heads down and engaged in my pelvis, which would explain the stabbing cervical jabs I've been getting, the non exisitent bladder capacity, and the not-so-cute waddle. And my mw is pretty certain babe is posterior, so she wants me increasing pelvic rocking to try and turn the critter. Aidan started out posterior during labor and the back pain was horrendous...I'll do anything to not have a repeat of that! Oh and a cool thing is, the local paper wants to do an article on Beth, my mw, and homebirths and she asked me if I would be the client she showcased. I'll get to meet the reporter at my next appt. So there will be 2 other spectators at my homebirth, the reporter and photographer. I usually labor nekkie so boy are they in for an eyeful! LOL!

Karin, sorry to hear about your grandpa...safe travels.
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Hey everyone, I'm bored. Logan is sleeping, I'm still in my p.j.'s. They're the only thing that's comfortable. I checked my cervix yesterday out of curiosity and it's more than a fingerwidth, whatever that means, and kinda soft. Just so everyone knows

I think I'm gonna get some Monistat or something too, all this talk about yeast infections is making me think I may have a mild one. Symptoms sort of come and go, but it's really annoying.

Man, trueblue, that sucks about the UTI crap. It's almost over, it's almost over....

I feel really guilty for not going out as much w/ Logan anymore. We play indoors a lot though. It's been rainy and I just feel blah. The only places I can think to go involve shopping of some kind. And as soon as I get in the car I feel like I have to pee and then finding a bathroom and dragging Logan with me, bargaining with him. It's so much easier to stay home.

Logan is sleeping back in his own room again. We had to put the queen bed in there instead of the twin we bought him. Apparently he was so used to being in a big bed with all the room to turn sideways, etc, that the twin was a no go. So he loves having his "own" bed and sleeps in there till sometime in the morning when he sneaks in with me and crashes again. Oh he's awake
talk to you guys later...
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31 weeks

Court, I hear you on going out!!! Though I guess the main reason I don't go out too much is bc I'm not supposed to LOL but when I do, dragging around a 2 year old sometimes just doesn't make it worth it!! We buy lots of candy....Oh!!! A fingerswidth is about 1cm. That's where I've been for 10 weeks now, so I'm very familiar with it!

Oakember! Do you remember which homepathy it was? I forgot there was one out there that is good for moving posterior babies....I'm also thinking about getting some of that moxibustion stuff...I really don't want a posterior birth and since this baby is sooo engaged, it might be tough to get it to move! So I'm gonna try it all!

Soogie, cool about the newspaper and WOW about the growth!!

3boyz...thanks. I know it should all go away, I just feel like this pregnancy has been so much drama compared to last time!! I'm sick of trying to remember to take Cranactin (I'm lucky I take my vitamins LOL) 4 times per day. And I can't wait to be able to go out and do whatever I want. Once I'm like 36.5 weeks, I'm outta here!!!! I'll be shopping, going for walks, swimming...the works. If I can still manage to move that is LOL. My joints have loosened a lot and I walked to the end of the street with DS yesterday, and wow it was a lot of work, with the head inbetween my legs and everything popping.
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The herb oakember is talking about is Pulsatilla. I knew it was great for labor, but I had no idea that it is also useful in turning posterior babies. Here is a link to other suggestions for turning posterior babes.

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So does checking your cervix hurt? I mean, is it really sensitive? And how the heck can you reach that far around your belly? Sorry if these are really stupid questions!
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It doesn't hurt me, but I don't like to mess with it too long. The only way I can reach it is on the toilet. I don't really have to reach around my belly that way, I guess my arm is to the side of my belly(?) I got really obsessed w/ checking it at the end of my last pregnancy. Hopefully I can restrain myself this time. All it does is get my hopes up if it's dialated.

Thanks for the info trueblue, I know I have it in a book somewhere, but I'm just too lazy to look. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who's not thrilled going on outings with a toddler right now.

And Soogie- that's so neat about being the showcase client for the article. You have more guts than I for letting spectators in on your birth. Do you mind if I ask what newspaper? I'm from Austin, TX, well, Dallas originally.
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I'm thinkin...front to back is challenging... :LOL
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Courtney - If this were my first birth, there is no way I'd allow anyone else there. But with each birth, I seem to get less and less inhibited. lol! And it will be in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. My DH thinks it's weird to be the family for the article, but I think it's neat.
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Thanks for the link Soogie...but the comment about them being less likely to turn once engaged is very discouraging. Kind of scary actually!!!!
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Karin, sorry about your gpa.

Truebluexf thanks for the links, now I just need some motivation.

I've been feeling "under the weather" today and yesterday. I have some kind of sinus job going on. Not fun! I've been drinking lots of catnip tea, it helps for like an hour, and taking hepar sulph. Doesnt seem to be the right "fit" though. Hopefully I'll wake in the morning feeling super! I keep waking up on my back, and my shoulders hurt from sleeping on my side.

I thnk I may check my cervix tonight! Nothings been up there since about 12 weeks into the pregnancy! Hope I don't go into labor!

Outings in general are bugging the crap out of me too. Ds is 3 and has to be more then me! And he has soooooo much energy! All boy, I feel so lame lately. Like I'm no fun for him.

Anyone else in a no help/family near by situation? I'm used to it, and it really doesn't bother me, but I'm wondering how common it is?

Hopefully we'll do the belly cast this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it!
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Hey mamas! How are you all? I am having one of those cranky, hot, irritable days where it seems like everyone but me is living on Idiot Island. You know?

Court- oh, I wish I could check my cervix. I can't reach. Neither can dh. In fact, it is hard for docs/MWs to even reach if I am in stirrups. I guess I have a very high cervix. It's normal to stay about a finger tip width after you have one baby, I think.

Amy - You should try the following if you wanna clear up a UTI that won't go away- a daily dose of Bee Propolis, uva ursi, and marshmallow. And LOTS of water. You can get the Traditional Medicinal tea that has the uva ursi and marsh. in it - I think it is called Urinary Health or CranAid or something like that. It worked for me...I had the same thing, I kept testing + for leukocytes and nitrates, but after doing that, it went away for good. Bee Propolis is just a probiotic you can get at the health food store.

Karin - I am so sorry about your grandpa.

Susan - That is so cool about the article! If it goes online, you will have to post the link!!!

I don't know if this has been mentioned this before, but I went to Target today and they had GlamourMom nursing camisole knock-offs. I picked one up, and I think I really like it! AND - it was only around $16. And speaking of knock-offs at Target, I also picked up the most adorable Ugg boots knock-offs for Lucy. OMG, they look so cute on her! And they were really cheap too. She says they are "so snuggly warm."

Ok, have a good night mamas.....
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Also, for those with Posterior/breech babies, I really wouldn't worry too much at this point in your pregnancy. Still a lot of time to turn, including during labor. I have heard nothing but awesome things about chiropractic adjustments for malpositioned babies, so if you are really concerned, I would look into that! I am going to go a few more times even though my baby is left anterior and head-down, just to make sure my pelvis is aligned properly.
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As far as the cervix goes -- it's normal to be a slit that is close to a fingertip after having one baby, but if it is soft and more open and rounded, that is dilation.

The main reason I am so concerned about the baby being posterior is because my baby is already engaged, at 0 station...totally NOT normal for someone at 31 weeks (and the baby has been at that station since 21 weeks, and head down and engaged for a few weeks) and it could really be difficult to get this baby to turn. I wasn't concerned until my midwife said I should really try to get things going. I already planned on going to the chiro this week.

Thanks for the UTI info Katie. I've actually made it go away with the Cranactin several times, I just need to stay consistent with it to keep it bay!!
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Originally Posted by momadance
Anyone else in a no help/family near by situation? I'm used to it, and it really doesn't bother me, but I'm wondering how common it is?
We don't have family near by either (exept for a 91 year old GP and an uncle and aunt who we see about 3 times a year so they're not much help). The next closest relative is a 3 hour plane ride away. Most of the time I'm glad that I don't have to deal with my family on a daily/weekly basis, but now that I am so big, awkward and tired I do wish I had someone around who could just take Alias for a few hours at a moments notice.

Well I gave into my mother's whinning and moaning and she wil be here for the birth (most likely). She will be arriving Sept. 25th and leaving Oct. 9th. Dh and I just figured that'd be easier just to give in. Otherwise we'd be paying for her hurt feelings that she couldn't "help" during the birth for the next 20 years . The price was just too high. So she'll be staying in our small two room condo for 2 weeks, and did I mention that she refuses to sleep in our other room because she feels crowded by Alias' toys so she always takes the air matress out into the living room (like that's not inconvienent having someone treat the only family area as her own personal space). I've told her that when the baby comes we'd like at least 5 days of quiet family time, she's welcome to come and spend the day with us but we'd like our home empty of visitors after 6pm. She's not happy about that but said that she'd stay with my grandpa (her dad has a 2 bedroom apartment) for a few days, we'll see how this actually works out in practice.

Susan - That is so cool about the aritcle. What a great souvenir for the new little baby. Not even born and already getting his/her 15 minutes of fame.

All this yeast infection talk has got me wondering if all is as it should be. I do have a lot of discharge, and it has a yellow tinge to it, but other than that I have no other symptoms. Maybe I should talk to my midwife next week.
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hi mamas!

mirthful, i sure hope your mom's visit is easy. i managed to delay my mom's visit for a week or so and i'm really hoping that the baby come before she does... she's scheduled to arrive on my due date for just over a week. my mom's family has a history of slightly early babies (not preterm, just not 40 weeks) and with the full moon at the end of october i'm hoping to have at least a couple days just us and the babe before she arrives (on the 30th).

as for yeast, my discharge is slightly yellow too... but i also find a white dot in it now and then which makes me think i may have some extra yeast. it's so mild though and i'm really sensitive to treatments so i think i'll skip the monistat stuff and stick with eating extra yogurt unless i develop any other symptoms.

i check my cervix too when i'm in the shower. mine is fairly low and still closed. actually, the first symptom i had that i was pregnant was that my cervix felt different right after ovulation - really tightly puckered. it's not so tight anymore, but it certainly isn't open at all, but this is my first baby. i did find a tiny bump on it though, i suspect it's a tiny polyp or something like that... i'll have it looked at after i give birth. i'm not worried about it really, and neither is our midwife, things like this are apparently quite normal and overwhelmingly harmless.

and krnflwr, i'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. i hope you and your family find some peace through this.

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