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Found something really cool I wanted to share -- I read in article at gentlebirth.org that posterior babies can be a big cause of UTI's, since their brow presses against the bladder....could explain my recent constant problem!!
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Checked my cervix last night. It's super low, and to the back. I mean, it's LOWWWWWWW like almost hanging out! It's very firm and not dialated at all! It's closed up more then pre TTC!

I really think this babes coming late though! I predict more around the 23rd. I don't know why. My instincts have been way off though, so who knows

I second the trip to the chiro!
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34weeks 3 days

This pregnant woman is feeling every extra pound these days! I saw my midwife again today (she's just great!!) and I'm measuring at 35weeks, only one week ahead which is just perfect. I only gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks so that is pretty good too.

Baby is squirming around like crazy and was head down when the midwife checked but we think it still has lots of room for moving around so we're gonna keep an eye on it's position as we get closer to 40 weeks. It is against the law for the birthing centre to attempt to deliver a breech baby so if I want to labor and birth there I've got to make sure this baby knows which way is down!

Clara came to this appointment with me and she was so cute. She played with the fetoscope after the mw used it on me and tried to listen to her belly (she says she has a baby too) and she played with an extra measuring tape for the second half of the appointment measuring both herself and me all over!

I got my records from my OB finally and apparently according to them I hemorraged immediatly after Clara's delivery and was given syntocin in the IV along with massage to stop it. Marc and I were not aware of this AT ALL. I'm not sure how to take the information. Did it really happen?? Were we so enthralled with our baby that we didn't notice??? Seems odd to me. So, based on this info the mw wants to be prepared and would like to have syntocin ready and available at the birth in case it is necessary. Anyone have any comments on this? I guess I'm just going to keep drinking my RRL tea and hope that there is no need to use the injection.

Otherwise all systems are go, and I am pretty much ready to have a baby! OK, except all the laundry, furniture moving, and other cleaning that needs to be done.

Oh yes, and DH and I had a few good baby name conversations this weekend. We may have a girl name and we're still happy with the boy name we discussed a few weeks ago! I'm feeling much better now

krnflwr - I'm so sorry to hear the news of your gpa. I hope your trip to be with family is as stress free as possible.

Soogie - that is so cool. I agree, the article will be such a cool memento for the the new baby.

Mirthful - hopefully your Mom's trip will go better than expected. Does she get along well with Alias when she sees him?

For those of you not taking your toddlers out as much as usual I am with you. Every outing we do takes every ounce of energy out of me. I can't bear taking her grocery shopping again... the last two outings have been disasters. She is well rested and fed but still has breakdowns for no apparent reason either on the walk home from the store or in the store itself. I can't tell you how many times I've had to stuff her into the stroller screaming and flailing around because I can't control her on the sidwalk. I feel like such a mean fat Mom but I really do try everything else first. DH says she is testing me (always asking for lollipops and junk while this is all happening) and that I am right in standing my ground and following through on my threats of the stroller. Who knows what the "right" thing to do is.
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As usual, I'm finally getting around to posting pretty late in the week! I can't even attempt to individually reply to everyone's posts...

Karin, I am very sorry to hear about your grandfather.

QOTW: I'm not completely ready, but getting close. I've been buying baby clothes all summer at garage sales. I have about 3 dozen newborn/small sized fitted diapers, but would like to pick up some prefolds, a couple of covers and maybe try a Wonderoo. I also had a small baby shower a couple of weeks ago. My grandma bought me a carseat, MIL bought a co-sleeper. Ordered my birth kit and a fishy pool earlier this week. Found a couple pairs of nursing PJs at a resale shop alon with a Boppy pillow (I don't normally wear pajamas , but thought that maybe I ought to pick up one or two pairs since we'll undoubtedly have a fair number of visitors the first week or so).

At this point, I really just have a list of odds and ends to still get: some nursing pads, a new bra or two, BIG sanitary pads for post-partum and some other random things on the supply list that my midwife gave me last week.

Like many of you, I think I also have a mild yeast infection. I've been just the slightest bit, ahem, itchy for the past few days. Before I break down and buy the Monistat, I'm going to try to treat it with taking some big doses of Acidopholis and Nettles. I'll give that a few days before breaking out the stronger stuff...

I've also tried to check my cervix several times with no luck! I just can't find it! I can reach without too much difficulty if I squat down when I'm in the shower, but everything inside is SO different than it normally is! All I can feel is lots of soft, squishy tissue and absolutely nothing that seems like it could be my cervix. I am quite familiar with how my cervix normally feels/where it is located, so I'm really puzzled...this isn't something to be concerned about, is it? I forgot to mention it to my midwife at my last appointment...
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Amy- Yep, Soogie was right it was Pulsatilla. I found this link when I was searching for info on it...haven't really checked it out yet just gave it a glance but it might intrest you...http://www.mother-care.ca/breech.htm I just feel so bad for you with everything that you've been up against so far! Hope you can get that baby to turn!

I don't know for sure but it is feeling possible that Oakley has turned, the movement I am feeling near my ribs is different so I am thinking it *could* be feet. I am not too worried about it yet, I agree with you Katie that there is still ample time, just that I'd rather try non-invasive tech. now such as the homeopathy and visualization and hopefully avoid lying upsidedown later :LOL And apperently you can't deliver a breech baby vaginally in BC anywhere : well except I guess at home by yourself.

Hmm, Jillerina that is strange...but I do know how they like to just do things without your knowledge or consent so that part doesn't surprise me...I guess it is best for your midwife to have the drug with her, I am sure she wouldn't use it on you if it weren't necessary.

Susan- that's cool about the article! With my first I ended up having oddles of onlookers (my Dr. nurses, med students, an OB/GYN too) really didn't bother me...I guess I have a really tough shell. Same with all the talk about visitors afterwards...we had my MIL for the first week, then my SIL's and neice and newphew and one BIL came for the weekend, taking MIL home and then my mom and brother came for the next week! I actually liked having people around...this time we live in the same town as all our family so I am sure we'll get plenty of company, and no I won't feel bad about asking them to load/unload the dishwasher and throw in a load of laundry...OK, that went slightly OT.
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Ordered our kiddie pool yesterday!


We're getting so close!
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Originally Posted by gottaknit
Ordered our kiddie pool yesterday!


We're getting so close!
That's the same pool that I ordered yesterday and even from the same website!

I had trouble ordering online so I had to place my order with them over the phone. The lady said it was one of their best selling pools. I wonder what percentage of them are being ordered for homebirths, LOL...?
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I called the mw *finally* this am and told her we'd like her to deliver our baby. I reserved her Aquadoula and she's gonna buy the liners b/c she gets a discount and in bulk and I'll buy one from her. Allright girls! Have you gotten your birth kits and supplies yet? I have to order mine and start working on the supply list.

Yeeeeeeeeeeees....: (get more dipes, finish the registries, finish cleaning, get supplies ready....) we are so close....
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I have a question for those of you that are using an inflatable pool for your homebirth...where do you plan to set it up???I'm reluctant to get one because I just don't know where we'd put it, besides right in the middle of the living room. And I think Damian would get a bit anal about a pool filled with water being on our newly laid bamboo floors. He said we would put down tarps, but I know him, and it would be bothering him. I wish we were still in our old house that had a gorgeous master bath with a 2 person jacuzzi. It would have been perfect. I know how much just being in the shower helped me, that being submersed in a pool would be heavenly.

I've yet to order my birth kit. I just need to have it by my 36th week appt. And I still need to gather all of the other must haves for the birth. I've got plenty of time, right?!?
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I plan on putting mine in our bedroom. But I guess it depends on the time I go into labor and where DS is sleeping at that point...I guess if he's in our room still we can just move him to his room, I'm going to need the shower in there anyway. The house is all carpeted, so we'll just put tarps under and around it. What if you put down some sheets and then tarps and then sheets again? That way there is something to prevent scratching and to absorb water?

Hey Soogie I just noticed we have the same due date. I just got the info to order my birth kit, I'll probably order it soon just to be safe!
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Letia!!!!! Congrats on the home waterbirth!!!!! You must be so excited!

Piglet- how did your trip go? Hope Emily is having an easy time with the transition!

I think we are putting my tub in the living room. In our new house (that we are moving into in FOUR DAYS! Ack, I need to be packing!) the living room has a wood-burning stone fireplace which I hope to use while in labor. I plan to just put tarps down and then towels. We are doing the AquaDoula, and a friend of mine is loaning me a floor jack to put down in the basement, under the tub, to support it. It goes from floor to ceiling in the basement, kinda bracing where the tub is, just in case.

Our new house will also have a big room upstairs that is just for Lucy - a playroom, I guess - so she can retreat there away from the birthing if she needs to, and this way I'll be far away from our bedroom in case she is asleep. (We are still co-sleeping with her, so she is in our bed.)

Well, I better get packing. This place is a WRECK!
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We're planning on putting ours smack dab in the middle of our playroom. The playroom is actually meant to be the master bedroom, but since I have the daycare at home it has been sacrificied as my work space. Anyhow, it has an attatched bathroom, so the easy access to water/toilet etc. is what made us decide to use this room. Plus, the laundry room is just one room over, so we'll also have fairly easy access to that as another water source to fill up the pool.

Soogie, my husband is a bit nervous about the floors too since they are a fancy (and expensive!) wood product.

For those of you planning on using an inflatable pool, what other supplies do you need other than the pool itself? My midwife gave me a list of birthing supplies that I'll need as well as an order form for the birth kit, but it didn't include any mention of water birth/labor related things. I ordered the pool along with an airpump. We have a big camping tarp to put underneath it and we also already have a hose that attatches to our sink that we use to water our houseplants. Can I just use this hose or do I *really* need to have a different one? What about other things? A thermometer to read the temp of the water? A fish net for poop? Anything...?

(I'd just call my midwife and ask her, but she's on vacation and I'm feeling the urge to get all of this stuff taken care of NOW! There is a back-up midwife I could call, but this hardly constitutes an emergency... )
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Originally Posted by Soogie
I have a question for those of you that are using an inflatable pool for your homebirth...where do you plan to set it up???I'm reluctant to get one because I just don't know where we'd put it, besides right in the middle of the living room. And I think Damian would get a bit anal about a pool filled with water being on our newly laid bamboo floors. He said we would put down tarps, but I know him, and it would be bothering him. I wish we were still in our old house that had a gorgeous master bath with a 2 person jacuzzi. It would have been perfect. I know how much just being in the shower helped me, that being submersed in a pool would be heavenly.

I've yet to order my birth kit. I just need to have it by my 36th week appt. And I still need to gather all of the other must haves for the birth. I've got plenty of time, right?!?
Bamboo floors are perfect for this purpose! Much better than carpet or soft wood floors (which is what we have - old growth douglas fir). Bamboo is incredibly water/warp resistant and harder than hardwood!

We're setting ours up in the living/dining room area. We live in a little bungalow and this is the only room big enough (and there isn't much in the way of furniture in there). Our front door opens up directly into this room, so I guess we won't be answering the door that day! :LOL I kinda have this feeling that the birth will take place on Halloween and kids will keep coming to the door for candy.... They're in for a surprise if they peek in our windows!

Here's a website about waterbirth if any of you haven't seen it.


Also, in the Homebirth forum there are many threads about all the specifics of home waterbirth.




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Thanks Katie! I am.....I'm a bit subdued. I was excited before...I'm just in prep mode, I guess...and really focused.

The largest open space we have is the living room. We'd move the coffee table maybe and the loveseat back for a clear path to the bathroom around the corner. I have a sliding glass door in the living room with vertical blinds...I usually turn them to have privacy and beam the light on the ceiling when its warm. I face the parking lot. I liked to see before but sometimes I wonder...

I'm concerned about being on the second floor.....the last thing I need to do is go crashing down...: Made me think even more when you mention the floor jack, Katie.

uhhhhhhhhhhhh...lets see...*grabbing info*

garden hose...a new clean one...seems like I saw/read something about hoses...like the regular ones are toxic..like u shouldn't drink out of...granted you aren't..but ur baby will come out in the water... I gotta see what I can find unless yall have lesser preggo brain than me and have a clue what I'm talkin bout!
sink to faucet adapter...

specifically in my info for the aqua doula she says white marine hose...

My mw has birth kits should be ordered by 34th week...she says that she has an extra one onhand for brain tho! :LOL

I'm 33...so I guess I better....
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I'm so excited (and envious ) of all of your lovely home/water birth plans. I really do feel like I'm making the best choice with what I have to work with, but I can't help but feeling the occasional twinge of regret that circumstances aren't different. Anyway, at least I get to live vicariously through you guys. I can't wait to hear *all* of our birth stories

I can't believe I haven't posted yet this week!

As far as having everything ready for baby ... I think I actually might. I don't have *tons* of clothes, but definately enough. Diapers we're pretty set with. I found my boppy and bought a new cover, bought nursing pads, the crib is put together (minus one side *lol*, but that's intentional ) but not attached to our bed yet. Umm, I guess I should dig the carseat out of the basement and air out/wash the cover. I feel like I'm forgetting something majorly important, but I think it's just the difference between first and 2nd babies, where you feel like you have to do *so* much the first time around. The second time, you probably have everything you truly *need* (not necessarily *want* though *lol*) ... and know how much nonsense you truly don't need. Oh, speaking of needs vs. wants, I'm still wanting my KKAFP ... but I do have several other slings and carriers to use in the meantime, so it really is just a *want* *lol*

DS bouncing off the walls needing some attention, so my time is up ...
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I ordered my kit today! Had them throw some extra cold peri pads in! I love those baby's!

Being that the weather can be unpredictable down here in Oct. we're going to buy the inflatable kiddie pool, just in case the 10 feet from our sunroom door to our 4 person jacuzzi is out of the question. Although it is in a gazebo with electric hookups. (space heater) We'll be setting up a pallet for the birthing stool and our kiddie pool if needed in our sun/play room. It's got wonderful big windows and french doors looking out into our backyard. No curtains, but our back is landscaped for privacy, you can't see any of the neighbors yards!

Letia I'm so happy for you! I've been secretly sending you homebirth vibes from the start! YOu have sounded like that's the way you'd be most at peace all along
The hole 2 hose deal is so you can siphon (sp?) water out as the temp. changes.

So no one else is doing a cast huh? Come on! Smebody join me and we can share our photos via yahoo!
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Thanks! The mw and I were really talking the same language. I just wanted the hospital "safety net," since we had such a hard year last year. I'm not really concerned about that even now, its just my ability to handle the pain.

Naaaaaaaah...no belly cast for me. I wouldn't feel comfortable displaying it. We're meeting with the photographer Sunday pm to plan a (clothed :LOL) photo shoot!

Gotta call mamas best friend and tell her I called the MW today....
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Wow, all your water/home births sound so wonderful. I too have a twinge of regret choosing a hospital birth over a home birth but I know that I'll be most comfortable and less inhibited at the hospital with Dh and my midwife.

I am feeling like the wort mommy today. I am so tired and worn out. Like many of you, I can't seem to get enough energy going to do much of anything with Alias. He keeps asking me to go to the park today but I really really don't want to. It's so hard to lift him and push him and carry him around the playground equipment. Last time I took him to the park my back ached so bad I was barely mobil for the rest of the day. Hopefully I can keep him occupied enough to convince him to wait for daddy to come home to take him to the park.
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We are getting a drinkable hose for our birth for filling the tub. The chemicals they treat regular garden hoses with are pretty nasty, and I don't want them to be in the water my baby is born into! Also, you may need an adapter to hook it up to your sink.

FutureMama- Your midwife probably has a poop-scooping net, and a thermometer for the water, I am guessing. Mine does, as well as a nifty waterproof doppler.

Speaking of doppler, for those of you who refused it thru pregnancy (including me) are you going to allow it during labor? I am leaning towards yes, because my MW told me that it is very difficult to use a fetoscope during some stages of labor, and it is impossible to use one if the mama is in water. I am not keen on the idea of being in a laboring groove, and having to stop, and get out of the water so my MW can check the heartbeat. SOunds like a huge PITA, and I want my labor to really flow, and not have to get in, get out, stop what relaxation I am doing, etc. So I think I will allow doppler usage during labor.

I haven't ordered my birth kit yet, but I really need to get on that.

So, have I mentioned to you mamas that we HAVE NO WHERE TO LIVE?!?!?! We are supposed to be moving into our new house this weekend, and our new landlord called us up and said her divorce that was supposed to be final got continued, and she cannot rent to us until it goes thru for legal reasons. SO - she has no clue whether that will be next week or next month. In any case, almost our whole freaking house is packed up, and we have to be out of our rental on Tuesday, and now we have no idea what to do. We are f*cked, pretty much. Plus, I think I will have the baby at the end of September-ish, maybe early October, so that puts me at about 4 weeks till the baby comes. Maybe 5 or 6. Dh and I are wigging out.....have to be out in 4 days, and now with no place to go and a baby coming SOON!
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Oh my gosh Katie!!!! :

If it's not one thing it's another! You've had such a rough month or so.
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