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: Katie, I couldn't remember but I thought I didn't want a garden hose for *some* reason. :LOL

Weeeeeeeell....I've used the doppler a couple times b/c the residents have *no* clue how to use one or one of the couples in my centering group is so loud and obnoxious :eyersroll the MW couldn't hear. I think I'll allow the doppler too for labor since I'll be in the water.

Katie! : I'm praying that God will work things out for you....I'm so sorry. But, you *won't* be on the street! Even if its at MILs....I know that might be incovenient with your house in boxes....but at least you know you can go there...
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katie!!! I hope you find a solution to your housing problem soon!!!
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Oh Katie, what a predicament! I hope that things get straightened out soon!

Mirthfulmum I too feel like major guilty about the lack of energy, not feeling like doing anything. Why is it that my DH can sit around and watch TV without an ounce of guilt but I feel like I have to be doing things??

Well sitting in front of the computer is not helping my headache and is giving me a backache to boot so I guess that's about all I have to add tonight.
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Thanks for the hugs. I am so wigging out you guys. I am moving in four days and I have no place to go.

Letia, good point about my MIL's house. Except that she just went back to Turkey (where she works half years) and rented her house to two boarders. Maybe we can stay in the spare bedroom there, but that is awfully crowded and I can't homebirth with these strange people there!!!! Aaaghhhh!

Amie - I got the shoes, thanks! Dd won't take them off for anything!
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Katie - I'd be wigging too.
I just can't believe on top of all the other family crap you've had to deal with that now you have to find a solution to your housing crisis.
Is there any way your new landlord could let you stay as "guests" and just pay her under the table? It just seems so insane that she could just call you up four days before moving day and tell you that you have no home to move to. Is there a tenants advocacy group on your area? They might have some good suggestions for a temporary fix. I really really hope things work out for you.

I have just finnished one of the worst afternoons of mommyhood. First Alias refused to eat the lunch I had cooked for him, even though it was exactly what he'd asked for, so lunch took almost an hour and a half of bargaining and pleading to get him to eat two baby carrots and a third of a hard boiled egg. And then he skipped his nap. So I put on a movie on the bedroom VCR and layed down in bed hoping that he'd just quietly lay there while I napped. Of course that didn't work out and he spent the next three hours before Dh came home jumping on me, hitting me, bitting me and yelling at me. He really needed someone to rough house and run around with today and I just couldn't give it to him. When Dh got home and I told him about our afternoon he asked "well why didn't you just take him to the park? That would've run him down." I of course responded by bursting into tears.
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Katie...sorry to hear about your housing situation. I will be praying that all works out soon.

Mirthfulmom...don't feel bad. I have had little energy these days too and I have 3 boys who I feel I neglect. Admittedly, I am letting them watch more movies than what I would like, but I just haven't felt good. Just know that all of this is temporary, your son won't remember, and soon we will be holding our little ones and feeling normal again
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Oh katie! I'm so sorry! That sucks! Mirthful might be on to something with the allowing you to stay as "guests" until the divorce is final... I sure do hope so!

Mirthful I totally understand the day you had today In some sick way it helps to know I'm not the only mama in the "help free" situation!

We used the doppler about 3 times, I really have no problem using it in labor.
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No, we can't stay as guests, we tried that already....her soon-to-be-ec is a real SOB from what I gather and has a restraining order on the house, prohibiting any renters or from her selling it until the divorce is final. So we can't even move in, cause he has a "say" legally till this is final. GRRRRRRRRRR! As usual, the more stressed I am, the more I contract, so I told dh I'm not packing any more today. I am sitting down with a glass of wine and a glass of water and trying to chill a bit. My mom, in a rare supportive move, picked my dd up and took her to dinner at her house, and brought dh and I back some dinner: BBQ chicken, zucchini, green beans, and red potatoes. Yum. My mom never does stuff like this, I was really happy and surprised! She said to bring her over as much as we want this weekend while we pack and get things figured out.

Mirthfulmum - I am so sorry you had a crummy terrible Mommy day. I have had a few of those in the last couple of weeks, including one where I yelled at my dd. I know what you mean about Alias just needing someone to run with, and not having a release, and hitting and acting out. Lucy has done that too recently. And it makes me feel like the crappiest mama ever. So sorry you went thru that today! Next time, your dh should keep that kind of comment to himself, I think, too!
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OMG Katie - this is just what you guys DON'T need! I'm so sorry your going through all this extra crap while trying to get ready for your new baby. My fingers are crossed that this will all work itself out before you need to get out of your current home.

Mirthful, Clara is also acting out more and more now and I'm sure it is a direct result of our less than active days right now. I also feel so guilty letting her watch cartoons but I often don't have enough energy to take her to the park like I used to. BTW, If my DH said that I'd hit the roof... and then cry!

Last night DH and I went to our second of three prenatal classes. This one was about pain and it was FANTASTIC! The midwife who lead us was so down to earth and made some wonderful points about the value of pain etc. DH said that it was a pivotal point for him and he is now actually looking forward to the birth. I can't tell you how happy this has made me. The course really opened up a dialogue for us, we ended up staying up until 1am talking about labor and our memories of Clara's birth. He was always willing to stand by me in my choice to have a natural childbirth but now he UNDERSTANDS why it is so important to me and I think this will make him an even better support person.

OK, gotta go and use some of the morning energy I have...
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Katie- I am sending you tons of finding new home vibes today...I don't know what else to say. Thank goodness your mom has stepped up and is being helpful, can you stay with her if you need too? And I am glad that here that Lucy loves the Robeez, I was hoping that you'd be happy with them, thanks for letting me know.

Mirthfulmum- Sorry about your afternoon yesterday, I hope that today is much better

Jillerina- That's so awesome that your Dh is on board now with your birthplans! I'm sure that he is gonna be great as your support person!
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Oops double post . Just move on down to the post below.
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Yeah, I love Dh very much but sometimes he can be a real bone head . He felt really bad about his comment though and tried to make up for it the rest of the evening by making dinner and taking Alias to the back yard to play. It was so nice to get some time to myself.

Someone asked earlier re. my mom's stay if her and Alias got along. Oh they get along great, the problem is that she tends to keep him going at this manic energy level (my mom is highly excitable and gets these manic energy bursts when she's visiting us because she's so excited to be here) and Alias tends to just crash after she leaves and is a real (oh I hate to say it but) monster for a couple of days after she leaves. He's just so tired and over stimulated and totally out of his routine that he gets really demanding and whinny. But this visit is for about twice as long as usual and I don't think mom'll be able to keep up the crazy pace the entire visit so hopefully Alias won't have his post-grandma melt down.

Well we're off to Costco today to pick up some bulk frozen food for post-baby. They have pretty tasty veggie-lasagna and very tasty spinach pies. Gotta stock up my freezer. I didn't have anything prepared last time and Dh and I pretty much just lived off of delivery for the first 6 weeks or so. It was way too expensive and we really don't have that kind of money. This time we will be better prepared :.

Jillerina - That is so great that you and your Dh are on the same page now. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful birth. Congratulations!
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Hey everybody. I only have a second b/c Emily is tearing apart Mum's study as I type this. The flight home was great and Emily was a total angel. She sang songs, commented on the airplanes, and spent hours with the wooden puzzles and sticker book we got her for the trip. The sucky part was when we arrived in Van and there were a bunch of cruise ship flights coming in: I've never seen Customs so packed in my life. We waited about 45 minutes with little progress in our line, then an airport dude pulled us out b/c I was preggers and with a small child, and we got a booth all to ourselves, lol. Even so, with luggage etc we didn't get home until 4 hours after our plane landed!

We're still adjusting to the time zones. Went to bed at 7 pm and up at 6 am. But I'm feeling more human now.

Probably won't get online much in the next week. Actually, could someone start the weekly thread for me this Monday? Thanks!

Hugs to all my preggo mamas!! Mirthful, I'll give you a PM when we are settled into our new apartment (some time next week I hope!).
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Your flight home sounds exhausting (! hate it when i get caught in the cruise ship traffic at the airport). to Vancouver Piglet!
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Katie- I'm thinking of you! All these good vibes gotta help somehow!

Mirthful-good idea about Costco-that veg lasagna sounds good to me!

Piglet-glad the planetrip went well-we really aren't so far away are we-a few hrs (we're in Everett)? Maybe we should try for a weekend trip up next spring for all the area mamas?

Jillerina-that's so great about your class and DH-now if I can just get my Dh to go for a doula....

My MIL/FIL will be here for 3 wks after the babe is born (I'm chanting good thoughts to get thru it) and she's a great cook so I know we'll be well fed for awhile. Since we moved and they always take vacation in the fall they just kind of assumed they'd come-I don't mind that much really-we get along well and it will be a big help with the older 2 kids getting them off to school etc.....but 3 wks is sooooo long. I know I'll be doing some hiding out in the bedrm. The only thing she does that annoys me is when she says things like "I had 4 boys and my mom never staid with me to help" or something about not having help and surviving just fine. Yeah, well good for her. Luckily I've made enough counter comments about more support means happier babes/families and less stress to affect BFing, etc that I think she gets the hint and will be better this time around.
She also thinks the co-sleeping with our kids is not so great but the funny thing is that whenever the grandkids sleep over she always has them sleep on a mattress by her bed I guess we rubbed off a little.
Last thing-I got the MOST COMFY pr of maternity jeans at a garage sale for .50! I usually never wear jeans since they always seem to constrain in the wrong spots and cotton knit is just more comfy but the lady said she lived in them and the panel hit at just the right places so they weren't tight. I thought I'd try them for .50 and they are the best. I can't believe jeans can fit so nice actually make me look slim-in the butt that is. Even though they are worn and faded-these things are going to be lived in!
Take care everyone-have a nice weekend!
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I can start the thread...(if I remember...) I go to cycling around 9 am EST, I don't always get on the computer...tho...I've been getting up at 6 am tho so its always a possiblity. Sunday is busy; but, I might be on that pm....

What about the QOTW? Can we brainstorm? All of our brains together might equal a non preggo brain! :LOL

Yall remind me I can...maybe Sunday PM after I get home...
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Piglet- Good to be home, eh? (seriously, I don't know anyone that goes around saying that, but couldn't resist hehe )

Aw Mirth, I didn't really think of your Dh as a bonehead...just a typical man trying to be helpful

I'd really like to get some meals for postpartum too...problem is I am struggling with nightly dinners as it is (thank goodness DH isn't working right now, :LOL) so cooking meals inadvance is not gonna happen! I think I will take your advise and try the Veggie Lasagne, Mirthfulmum...if I get to Costco sometime between now and then. And I will probably rely on frozen pizza too for a couple meals. I am lucky to have my parents just a block away and they don't mind feeding us

Is it just me or are we all having trouble collecting our thoughts these days...must be a sign of being in our final stage of pregnancy, you are supposed to turn inward, right? I used to write long elaborate posts and now all I can focus on is a little here and there. I don't even have the attention span to lurk around at the other boards like I used too.
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Yay MDC is back up and running! But where is everyone?
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layin here on the couch having just left diapering.
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On rest.

I went into pre-term labor last night....contrax were 5-7 minutes apart for a few hours, and starting to get very uncomfortable. I finally called my midwife after maybe 3 hours of this. She was a little irked I didn't call her sooner, but she didn't panic or anything. She gave me a list of herbs to take, many of which I had, and told me NO MORE PACKING, NO MORE MOVING, NO MORE CHASING/PLAYING WITH LUCY. Basically, the most I can do as per her recommendation is to sit on the couch and maybe fold clothes. : Uhhhhh, we have to be outta here in like 2 days! Not to mention we still have to find a place to live!!!!

She thinks that the PTL was probably caused by four things: the huge change in weather (we went from around 65-70 degrees to in the 90s with total humidity), the full moon, my stress level, and my over-exertion. Since I can't do much about the first 3 things, she wants me to just Stop. Doing. Everything. I am going to go in this week so she can check my urine and cervix. Basically, I have to keep the baby in for 3 more weeks, and then the baby will be full-term and mature, and we can have our homebirth.

I can't take much more stress, mamas. I am SO about to lose it. My marriage, our housing issue, this PTL....I feel so bad for whining to you guys yet again, but Oy! This is soooooo hard. I was just telling dh the other day that I cannot take another big stressor in my life. Well, I guess I can, but please God, no more!!!!
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