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Nursing all night 2 babies!!!!!

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Hi everyone

My twins are 7 months and are nursed since the beginning.We started solids at 6 months or so and are now eating a fair bit 3 meals a day and still nursing strong. At around 2 months until 4months and half almost 5 they use to at least give me 4 hours and up to 6 together. now in the last 2 months it is just crazy they are nuring not tandem because I am so tired I can not get up to use my pillow so I nurse them seperatly and are up every hour in half in alternance. What is going on I know they are teething and are more distracted during the day but they are still drinking ok. I do not want to let them cry but I am exhausted and I also have a 3 year old who gets up at 6h30 am. Any suggestions....
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I feel your pain! My girls also teethed early and bam! that ended the long stretches of sleeping!

Our solution ended up as follows: two mattresses on the ground, one single and one king. The single is up against the wall and the king is up against the single. Guard rails are strategically placed around the mattresses in places where little sleepers are likely to roll (this determined by painful experience ). The order of sleepers goes as follows: wall, dad, Alicia, mom, Annika, guard rail.

I roll back and forth between them all night long. I don't find it helpful to count how often, it just makes me crazy and I can't go back to sleep. One friend with a similar situation with a singleton took the clock out of her room. I haven't had to do that - yet. But rolling back and forth between them I only wake up for short periods.

My girls wake up at 5:30 a.m. so again, I feel your pain. In my case, I rest whenever they nap during the day rather than doing chores. Since you're also dealing with an older one you might consider getting in some afternoon help, for example, so you can rest with the little ones (or older one, whichever) while an energetic person deals with the waker(s). I find that resting when they nap, even if I don't sleep, is the key to getting through the day.

Again, I feel your pain. I had a particularly trying period of getting them to sleep tonight and I'm sitting out here with the baby monitor on in case someone starts yelling but hoping I can relax and keep from poking my eyes out from the frustration - grrrrrr!

You're right on the money instincts-wise about what's causing the waking and what to do about it (DON'T get up! nurse in bed!). So keep at it and use what little brain power you have to help you find a way to get some rest (ha!) during the day if possible.

Good luck and please update on how it's going!
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hi, my girls nurse all night too. i have figured out two positions in which i can doze while they both nurse:

one is lying on my back with three pillows under my upper back.neck.head in stair step formation for support. this is also the one i use to read to them and my 3yo at the same time.

the other one (which i like better for sleeping) is side lying with one and having the other baby draped over my back. does that make sense? i can have dh take a picture if it doesn't make sense.
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Hi resimom

I would love to see a photo I am not quite sure how to do this. Anyway I will keep you posted
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okay, i will try to get one today .
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I was sleep deprived for the first 10 months of my boys' life. Some weeks here and there were better than others, but in general, I was very tired those 10 months. I always napped with them when they napped, and still do (they're 23 months now). That helped some. We had a lot of trouble co-sleeping in the bed because the boys didn't want to just sleep next to me or with me, but actually on top of me or in my arms, which I found to be impossible with me laying down in bed. I got grandparents to pitch in to help us buy a big "chair and a half" recliner. It's so comfortable and huge. I nursed the boys sitting up in the chair and then when they fell asleep, I reclined backwards and slept and they were happy because we were all so snuggled up close in the chair. I discovered that if they felt close, in my arms, they didn't necessarily need to breastfeed as often. They moved into cribs at night eventually, but we kept napping in the chair for 18 months. Now, they're so big that we nap all together in my bed.

Those 10 months were difficult, but for over a year now, my boys have slept at least 12 uninterrupted hours at night, which gives me a nice long rest. You'll be there sooner than it seems! For our boys, putting them to bed early (7:00) is really the key to a good night.

You're not a brand new parent, so I don't know if any of this will be helpful. Good luck.
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i would try to find ways to comfortably tandem nurse them so you can sleep or at least doze while they nurse. when my boys were 7-8 months, i mostly nursed them seperately at night, but i barely woke up during the nursings so it didn't bother me too much. lately, we've been pulling all night nursing sessions and i'm pretty positive we're teething again so i just lay on my back with one pillow under my head and one pillow under each baby so they each can reach a breast and we all sleep like that. i also find that position easier on my back than laying on my side with them if they're going to nurse all night long.

my other suggestion would be: wear them out during the day. when the boys are having rough nights i make an extra effort to take them outside, tumble around on the floor with them... whatever it takes to get them moving around a lot, and if it's out in the fresh air, it works even better. then, occasionally i'll do a dose of tylonol 20 min. before bedtime or teething tablets and often times that will give me (and them!) a nice, peaceful 4-6 hour stretch.
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I found that cosleeping was really helpful for a while because I could pretty much sleep through the nursing as long as I was just nursing one baby at a time. I just rolled from side to side throughout the night, and really had no recollection of how often or when I had nursed. But when my boys started waking up at the same time around 11 months (I think because they sensed that I was nursing the other one), I definitely became aware of how often they were waking in the night. I can lie on my back and easily tandem nurse (something I think we in this forum have previously determined only works if you are large breasted), so I could sort of sleep through it, but not good sleep. Even though I was still getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, it was very interrupted sleep since one or both boys were waking to nurse just about every hour. Interrupted sleep can feel like you're not getting any sleep at all because when your sleep cycles are disturbed like that the things that are supposed to happen in your brain during sleep don't happen. I felt like I was going crazy and decided to nightwean my boys at 18 months.

The nightweaning was so much easier than I thought it would be. There was some crying, but it was all crying-in-arms, no crying it out alone. We still coslept and snuggled all night long. I just told my boys "no more nursing, but you can snuggle up." They were older, so they could understand that, even if it did make them mad. A few weeks after I nightweaned them, I moved them into their own beds. They sleep so much better without the shifting and rolling of all of us in one bed. These days, they generally go to bed around 8:00, and wake up around 4:00 or 4:30. Then they come into our bed and we sleep together until 6:00 or 6:30. They are still nursing all day long, but it has made such a difference in my energy levels that they are no longer nursing at night.

Your babies are still little. I remember thinking that I didn't want to nightwean until at least a year. But, it might be something for you to consider. Even at 18 months, I felt some guilt about nightweaning my boys, but I realized that it was more important for me to be a well-rested and clear-thinking mama during the day than it was for me to nurse them all night long. I really felt like I was going crazy before. After I did it, I wished I had done it earlier. I realized that I had been so exhausted for so long that I really wasn't enjoying being a mother the way I wanted to be.

I hope you find a way to get more sleep soon!
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I'm new here so I don't mind me jumping in. My twin boys are now two.. but I can sure relate to you. Then my daughter was two so I also had her waking in the night when the boys did for a few months. My husband worked nights then so I was alone with all thre most of the time. Then it seemed as though I just got one to sleep and the other was awake to feed, even if I nursed them together. One was a slow eater, falling asleep durring feedings so it made it hard. I took my bed off the frame and put it on the floor. Pillows everywhere, close at hand if I needed. I nursed sitting up trying my best to stay awake, knees up so I could dose off too. On my side with one boy on my back, the other laying on my other boob. I do believe like you have explained. Hard to explain how I did it, pics would be better for you too see. I sure do feel for you, I know what it was like being SO tired, trying to manage two at once. I had a section as well, tubes tied too so I was uncomforable no matter how I tryed to nurse. Be creative in ways to nurse, sleep when they do if all possible.
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