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I'm NOT having a miscarriage!!!!!! UPDATE

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A week ago Monday my symptoms went away overnight at only 7w2d and a few days later I started cramping. This is exactly how it went last time, so I was certain I was miscarrying. I decided to wait for my already scheduled u/s yesterday to find out for sure. The tech stuck the transvaginal in and within a few seconds said, "There's definitely a heartbeat!" The baby was measuring perfectly for dates and the heartbeat was nice and strong!! I can't tell you how shocked we are and I guess I just need to be thankful that for whatever reason my symptoms have gone away.
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Congrats! That wonderful news for your family.
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Oh Green4 that's great! As someone who has had 2 m/c and frets over every symptom that's a very encouraging story. And I'm so happy for you hearing the heartbeat!
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Green4God- Thats so wonderful! You must feel so awesome right now after seeing the heartbeat! Congrats!
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Great news!

Wow! That's GREAT news!! Isn't it so special to see your little one on there!? And to see their little puffy bellies/chests with a hearthbeat.

Also, when I read your post, also I was so glad to see you say that at 7wksXdays, your symptoms went away... because yesterday, my symptoms oddly seemed dramatically reduced. I wasn't really worried about it, but I just thought that for sure they'd come back. Well, they have come back, but just verrrrrrrry little. My other 2 PGs, the symptoms didnt go away until the 2nd tri. Maybe this time, like you, they'll go away this soon!! That would be awesome!!! We'll see.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome news!!
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Wonderful news! I am very excited for you.
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i'm happy for you. good news!
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Just wanted to let you all know that I went in for my 11 week appointment today and we heard the baby's heartbeat on doppler nice and strong! I really can't believe everything is okay - not just because of my m/c before, but also because I am being blessed with almost no symptoms. The reality still isn't sinking in!
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Congratulations on hearing the heartbeat, that is such wonderful news!!! Hopefully, this will put your mind at ease, especially since the 2nd trimester is right around the corner
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I am so happy for you!!! Congrats on your healthy little one.
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praise God!!!!!!! :
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I can relate


I'm new to this forum and just want to share that I understand exactly what you went through! I started bleeding at five weeks in August, and my husband and I thought for two days that I was in the process of losing the baby.

This is our first child, so I didn't know about threatened miscarriage, and my initial symptoms led my naturopath to believe I was having a miscarriage. We grieved, accepted the loss, told family members--everything.

And then on the third day I had a sense of not something quite right, did some research, asked the naturopath, had an ultrasound...and there was the heartbeat! It was just the best moment and such a relief.

Actually, grieving turned out to be a good thing in a weird way, because it really allowed us to just let go and accept what happens, whatever happens.

Congratulations on your own u/s results. Hope everything continues to go well.

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