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I first picked Juliacat for a different board because my prior usernames had been political or religious in nature and I wanted something less in-your-face. My cat's name is Julia, so there you go.
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My ds tells me he wants to stay with me forever so I call him foreverboy, hence 4evermom.
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we had a loft at the time and i was a mom. my e-mail address and user name elsewhere was loftmama so it was an easy choice. since i joined, we've sold our loft and i keep thinking i should change my username.
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How I Chose My Name

I told DH that I needed a username when I was registering. He suggestion ChildWeaver because we have two little girls and I am a weaver. Then he suggested WildWeaver and I just combined them because our two little angles are truly wild, so I have woven wild children into this world. :
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I love the explanation of your name, WildChildWeaver!
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I first heard the phrase "birth junky" when I was in training as a doula, and thought it described me perfectly!
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Thank you! I like your name also.
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We live in Bohemia, the Western part of the Czech Republic. My husband is a Bohemian with a capital 'B' (that is, a Czech), and his family and mine have a lot of bohemians with a little 'b' (that is, artsy people who prefer to live well rather than chasing big bucks and status symbols).

I considered being BoBoBoMama because we are bourgeois bohemians in Bohemia, but it seemed a bit much.

What is a "birth junky"?
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regarding bufomander

when i was in high school i had a friend named april. however, i decided from the minute i met her that she looked like a sal. (who knows why) i've called her sal ever since. there were many variations such as sally, salpo, salamander, and mandy.

she also called me bufpo and bufomander (my real name is buffy , after buffy st. marie ). i always liked being called bufomander, and when i started being on the computer more, i thought it was most likely not already taken.

sometimes i think i should have one more connected to the fact that i am a mother, but i think i enjoy holding on to that old part of my life in this way.
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Originally Posted by ChichosMama
I wanted to put "mami," but I didnt know if people would get it. lol.

I wanted to be Mami too, but didn't think ppl would get it either, so I went with something more pronouncable and "American".

Before I even knew if we were having a boy or a girl, I made up 2 email accounts, rachaelsmommie and bens_mommie. I needed a new one anyway, and planned to make birth announcements using whichever one was appropriate. I was sure we were having a Rachael, but thought I'd make one for Ben, just in case. It's a good thing I did, cause ppl would laugh if I'd named Ben Rachael.
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Well I wanted to post but needed a username so made mine up on the spot at the library computer. Don't really like it tho. But don't have any great ideas for a name change.

I love some of your names, especially WildChildWeaver.
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I chose mine from a song by Eryka Badu (sp?) about being clever. She sings about buying a dress at a thrift store and making into something better. I've always been crafty, sewing, knitting, crocheting and I always try to remember to make the best of what I've got!
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When I first started posting at a message board almost 3 ys ago, it was at a Stepmom site.. I came up with "Momof9kids" because I am a bio mom to 5 and have 4 stepdaughters who live with me. It just seemed to "stick" with me over the years and my friends refer to me as MO9.. I guess I could have registered here as something like "HomeBirthMomof5" but I am so used to using the same username the last few years....
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My mom had wanted to name me Scout, like the little girl in the book "To Kill a Mockingbird", but was afraid I would get teased too much. Back before I had a baby, I used to do a zine called "SCOUT" under the pen name...uh...Scout.
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Hi, I am a newbie. Heard about this sight from a friend while we were at her baby's 2 month check up.
I picked my screen name for one this it is my screen name for everything, plus it is the title of one of the first books I read on midwifery written by some local midwives. I feel in love with midwifery after reading it and decited that is what my goal is to become!
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Roberto - My son
Mama - SE
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Out of all the baby chicks we had last year, only one survived the cold spring. It was the one my son Cameron (4) named chickiepickie. Plus I like the song, "chicken in the bread pan pickin' out dough" it's stuck in my head a lot for some reason.....
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Nothing fancy here, Morgan is my daughters name and mum is just what we call our mothers where I am from.
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My username is my nickname. I never liked the nickname Kris, but an old friend of mine kept starting to call me Kris, then pause as he remembered and quickly added -stine. Finally I told him that if it was really important for me to have a nickname, he should just use -stine. Ta da! (unfortunately it gets mispronounced a lot...)
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Well I'm a Mommy and a Massage Therapist I tried for Mamassage but someone had it. I actually like massaginmommy better.
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