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I never answered here! Well, after long and thoughtful deliberation, I figured, I'm Irish, and I'm a mommy, and the rest is history.

Actually, I wanted Irishmum, but it was taken, as was Irishmom, and then when the new boards (2001) came up I didn't bother changing it.
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Hey I didn't know this was a sticky.

When I came here I was generic MommyG, but then saw there were plenty here so I thought hard and came up with this one.
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Well, I love the College UT and their motto is HookEmHorns so I use HookEmHannah (my name)
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Wow, everyone has such interesing stories! I picked Turtlemum for a couple of reasons. One, because myself and DH are nature lovers and have taken to calling our little one, Turtle. Two, because of the Nishnawbe creation story with Sky woman and how all the little animals climbed on the turtle's back and created earth. So I'm Turtlemum. The mum because where I'm from we say mum or mummy and not mom or mommy.

Take care all,

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mine is very simple: the city i live in, bremen, germany
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Mine is kinda dumb. When my baby was born and they gave her to me to feed, she was so alert and quiet. She had a little pointed chin and chubby cheeks and when she latched on, she looked like a little gremlin to me! Well, after several months of baby talk, her nickname of "Gremlin" evolved to "Geem" (and a lot of other, very ridiculous variations!).
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my boyfriend is french and he picked the name..means pretty angel in french.
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A friend of mine in high school nicknamed me Leatherette. My name is Heather (blah). Listening to the song, Warm Leatherette by The Normal, clinched my love for the name.

And I am vegetarian and don't wear leather, so it all works.

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i chose mine because my dd's name is bella. I guess when i have another one i'll have to change it??
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my first name starts with m,my husbands special name for me starts with m,mummy starts with m...so when im online i use m...and hence the two before mummy. it is not mm,mummy-as if i am a delicious with a side of steamed veggies ;P
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I chose this name when playing on Everquest, a fantasy role-playing online game. My character is a wood elf. I love the name Kitty
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Because my name is Melanie and I have 6 children
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Well, songs that include females' names in the title have always stood out to me because there just isn't a good song with my real first name in it. So, being a teenager in the 90's and loving the movie/soundtrack "Reality Bites", I listened to the song "My Sharona" alot and always thought "Hey, if my name was Sharona that song could be about me!". So, I started using that name for stuff.
Then, the song "Mellow Yellow" from the 60's (?) has a line in it "I'm just mad about Fontaine, Fontaine's mad about me...." and I have always liked that "groovy" song. So, I've thought about how cool and different it would be to be named Fontaine.
So, put them together and in my little world "Sharona Fontaine" is a groovy fly girl who is worthy of having songs written about her! Silly, I know, but I just wanted to have fun with it.
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user name

when I was pregnant I created the user name --painted red kangaroo...in retrospect it seemed like a subconscious nickname for myself...I'd done a lot of birth paintings (blood) and I felt a lot like a kangaroo, carrying a person in me whom I called Roo..
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this is my favourite latin word, sounds nice
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The turtledove is a bird that always remains faithful to its mate. I thought that was pretty cool!
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i just used the name i go by most of the time my first and last name cause i'm suffering from memory loss these days and cant remember too many things.

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I bf'd my DD for three years.

When she wanted to nurse, she said she wanted 'applejuice'.

My first name was taken so I used this since it is part of my identity...:bf
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I'm a huge fan of Peter Murphy and Indigo Eyes is my favorite song by him.
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How I chose my name...

I chose my user name because I collect anything dealing with felines especially jaguars, lynxes and other endangered types of cats. I also am HUGE Hello Kitty Fan. I have three shelves of nothing but Hello Kitty stuff. :
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