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Athansor comes from a book, A Winter's Tale, by Mark Helprin (my favorite novel). It's the name of one of the characters, who happens to be a somewhat magical white horse.
I used to be LeapofFaith on a number of message boards. LeapofFaith was also a somewhat magical horse, although he was a grey horse that I had. He lived to the ripe old age of 38.
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Lyci is Alycia with the "a's" dropped. I have a unique name already, didn't have the creative energy to come up with something better! Lyci has been my nickname forever. It's pronounced (Lee-see)
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Monkeybutt is my nickname for my Dh
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My first name is Jennifer. One of my little sister's started calling me "Bee" when she was learning to talk. "Bee" stuck as my nickname. So, I sort of combined them.
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I love to garden and love nature...so I thought I wanted some kind of plant/fruit/veggie and came up with 'sweet tomato'.
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mine's boring kinda. it's the name of my doula business.
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I chose this username when on a gardening forum (when I had a garden, now living in NYC) and also because I have helped tend fires (with a pitchfork) at NA ceremonies.
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Both of my daughters were born in June, so I've always called them my "Junebugs". Jbugz is how I shortened it for the internet...junebugs was always taken. (^_~)
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Punk (I like punk music) + mama (I'm a mommy) + 3(I have 3 children)= punkmama3
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When I was a little girl we had a garden in the backyard...I used to like to sit out there and eat the lettuce...so my dad always called me Lindsay Lettuce (Lettuce for short!)
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My username came from mine and my husband's favorite song. When I first discovered I was in love with him I played Martina McBride's version of Valentine for him on the stereo. That became "our song" so my username is a compilation of my husband's first name and the title of our song.

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Username Choosen Because I Am Lucky's Mom

My Son's Name Is Lucky. So I Just Put Lucky's Mom.
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The book "Where The Wild Thinds Are" has a lot of sentimental meaning for me. It was one of the first books I bought my firstborn, because My dh said he loved that book as a child. We read it so often my kids know it by heart - thus, MDC's ~*max*~ was born!
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Hey, this is my first post!

I chose this name becase A.) it was available, and B.) it reflects my state of mind most of the time, especially when I've had no sleep!
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My username reflects the ethnic mix of our child (soon to be children). I'm 100% Chinese and DH is 100% Greek.
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I am what I am!
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E=Emma E=Elena Mama=what I am to them Hob=Hobson my last name

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My name is Francesca

My mother gave me this grand name but raised me in Hell's Kitchen ,once a working class neighborhood on the island of Manhattan, NYC.
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Ever since my daughter was born, no matter what time day or night she woke up I would (and still do) say "good morning sunshine!"
I also email pics to family and friends daily and title them "daily dose of sunshine". Then, when my son was born, I carried it on to him. Only his pics are title "daily dose of sonshine".
When I joined here, I tried sunshinemommy and it was taken so I used "Sonshinemommy"!
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My full name is Christina my Grandfather allway called me Crissy. Well he passed away last month so now I think of him every time I hear that name.
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