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I'm into birds and I think the lyrebirds (two species in Australia) are amazing. They have such impressive ability to mimic other birds' songs and the Superb Lyrebird, which is found where I live, is beautiful. It's tail really does look like a lyre when displayed: http://birdsinbackyards.net/species/...ovaehollandiae
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not as original or creative as you other mama's! Mine is what it means, Braaten is the kids last name.
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My maiden name is Groleau, one translation from french is gros l'eau (big water)

Started using this as my first email address back in the 90's and added my birth year to the end.  Glad to drop that now I'm way beyond 20 years old.

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just my son's initials.........wink1.gif

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mixed up the letters in my real name!

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When I was a little, I wanted a horse and decided I would call it FireFrenzy.  No idea why I picked that name for a horse but I thought it was a great racehorse name!

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This is how I call my daughter. So, predictable eyesroll.gif

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I used to be 3under5 (back when I had three kids under five years of age) but I needed a change when I went back to the forums.  Farmer Beth happened because I'm named Bethany and I used to get nicknamed as Nature Beth or Farmer Beth as a kid because I was always coming to school with a new story from our dairy goat and egg farm .  There was only one other farming family at our elementary school so it stood out.  So here I am, a mother who has chosen to have a homestead (just eggs and veggies and fruit for myself and the neighbours and farmer's market) and I decided it would be really fun to own that childhood nickname!

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Originally Posted by A_Random_Phrase View Post

I go by Toni (my name is Tonia) and I wanted to use that as my user name but it was already taken. My daughter said, "Just put in a random phrase." I decided I liked that and put in "A Random Phrase." She didn't expect that. Anyway, that's how it happened.

Random, people won't know how to pronounce that. Folks, her name is ToniaAnn - pronounced like the Italian name "Antonia", only with the Ann at the end.


My name is a name I invented years ago.

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Oh, I choose my name by a very scientific process....i live in Iowa, i am a mama and i have 3 kids! ROTFLMAO.gif iowamamaof3

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Ooh, I'll play. da-ki-po-de are the first two letters of mine and my husband's first and last names and I thought it sounded fun.

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