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If I were an animal I would be a turtle.
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My grandmother has called me sunshine since the day I was born.
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Mine is pretty self explanatory. Kelly is my first name and M is the first initial of my last. Most places though I go by "diamondwife" and that is because I sell jewelry with a company called LiaSophia.
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I got the idea for my ID from my daughters. They are my two beauties
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That's what they call me over at our Volkswagen club and I'm proud to be. Actually, it should be 1stMrsDixon, because my dh was the first of his 4 brothers to get married!
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giggle. Mine's pretty obvious, and unimaginative at that. I tried to compensate with my Sr. name and location.
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It is the name of my favorite lipstick by Mary Kay.
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It's what everyone called my father. (even his mother) I couldn't name one of my kids after him, his real first name was not one I'd like (Milton) and none of the kiddos are redheads.

I, however, am. So it fits and I get to see his name every day.
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Sqky is my oldest sons nickname cus he is always sqking and makeing the sound of it...hes 2yrs old..
JoJo is my youngest sons nickname his names Jordan and my 2yr old always says jojo for jordan and its just gone from there :-)
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my username

is sanskrit for my daughters middle name
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Scrapadoozer is one of my dd's many many many nicknames. Another is Rosco Beans (see siggie)
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One of my hobbies is playing RPG video games, and my long-time favourite character was Setzer, from Final Fantasy VI. For years, I have been SetzersSpirit on everything I signed up on. Recently, I've played Final Fantasy X and have switched alliances to Auron from said game, and thought "Hey, SetzersSpirit...so...AuronsAura...yeah, that is some clever snot!"....

Yes, I know, I'm a gaming dork...

But it IS clever, right?!
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My username is a nickname my mom used to call me because I loved to dance around the house, doing what my mom called a jig. She passed away when I was young, so I like to invoke her memory, especially now with baby Kaeley.
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My family background is creole from Southern Louisiana. My mother, grandparents, and great grandparents all speak the creole language. Unfortunately, my mother never taught us. My plan one day is to learn
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It is my son'e name- Coltrane
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After my pride and joy...baby Wyatt!
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My first name and last intial.

I know, I am just so exciting!
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We have a gang of girls soo gangofgirls. Its also our website name and being that I am not original at all I carried that to here.
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The Yequana are an Indigenous Amazonian people studied by Jean Liedloff. She wrote about them in her book "The Continuum Concept." I was deeply affected by the book, and hence the name.
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