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WOW!! So many creative mamas here!!

I'm not creative, lol, so mine is daisy (my favorite flower) and em (short for Emma, my dd)
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I loooooooooooooooove broccoli! :
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My name is from my own name Jami and I have been told that I smile a bit so my friend gave me the email jamismiles and it stuck...
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My boys contracted neonatal herpes (HSV-1) and I'm the mom...so hsvmom. It's not creative by any means, but it's played a very significant role in our parenting, so i use it...
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my email is mammafish78
dads nickname is big fish
im mamma fish
and baby nash is little fish

its only natural! :
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my username is my family's first name intials together, Evan Mikayla John Katie
the first two names are our babies, evan is 18 months and mikayla is 2 months we have our hands full and love it :
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It's been really fun reading how others came up with their names!

Here's my story of choosing... All my life I've loved carrots, when I was little one of my nicknames was Baby Carrot. As an adult I especially like the baby carrots for spur of the moment snacking.

Since these are the crunchiest forums I go to having a crunchy nickname seemed like the right thing to do!
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My name is Ginger, but for some reason when dh and I got together his best friend called me Gidget. Now dh just calls me Ginge or Gidge. I only use it on boards I dont want others following me to from more mainstream boards. My username on other boards is a bit more unique and easier to google. But I really dont care about being found on those boards. This one is my sanctuary.
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HI, I just joined today. I figured I would start at the top, and post how I got my name. Mercury is my middle name, so when we first got internet, years ago, I used it. It has just stuck. I usually have some variation on it, but it always is mercury*something*. Pretty boring story. SORRY!

Alesha :
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I'm boring

name and birthdate
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Nice to meet you birthday sistah! 6/22 here too!
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Mine is my oldest nickname. My family is really goofy and consistently so with nicknames. It came in part from my middle name - Christine and an alleged inability of my younger self to pronouce said name.
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My grandpa has called me coleyjo since I was born. It's a combination of my first and middle name and a much better nickname than Micky!
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my user name came from my husband. he is always online and someone misspelled monkey with minkey. i love collecting monkey what nots, so i took the name as my own.
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Because i AM Exuberant! (I love that word) - And daffodils are my favorite flowers.

(I love all things joyful & happy - "that joy in existance without which the universe would fall apart and collapse...")
:LOL :
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This is such a fun thread!

My name came from my ds. His name is Max, his middle name is William (thus the "will" part) and his birthday is December 9th. Not too creative. I guess I should have tried to fit my dd in somehow, but oh well!

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my user name

My user id is mauiwith3. I live on maui with 3 children. I have to change this soon as our new one comes in october.
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My name is Jennifer. My daughter's name is Jillian. I started going to message boards for information on raising her, support from other moms, etc, so it seemed natural to include her name in there too!
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I choose OnTheFence because I thought it was a good description of my balance between ap/nfl and mainstream. I am sure by most I am considered more mainstream here, but IRL, I am probably considered more crunchy.
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I'm a free spirit and a mama
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