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My name

I have a horrible memory! LOL so I choice somethign that I know I will always remember. Loving Graysen. ( Grasyen is my pride and joy! The second love of my life! My SON!) Also I was sondering where everyone got those cute little pictures that they have in their posts and signatures?
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do you mean the smilies?
when you do a post, you'll see a box with them to the right. click on them and they appear in your post. click on "more" and there's a whole bunch more! Like this one...
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Oh ok thank you! I see the box and I will take a peek and play around with them!
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I used to have another username before the new improved MDC - for some reason even Cynthia couldn't make the new system like me...so rejected. So, jonesing for some chitchat one night I joined as a new member- pickle it because I do tend to try to pickle everything I get my hands on ( I could tell you some horror stories).

Funny I never really liked umeboshi, but in my head, that's what I called my daughter when she was born and she would look up from the breast with her big fat cheeks... my little umeboshi.

I love she who stands adorned with children!! :LOL
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kat is part of my mom's name and the shell is part of me.
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member name

Very uncreative but since my youngest is Jackson and I figured I would be talking about him mostly on this board
the name Jacksma was born
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Rather boring as well...Caroline after what was my favorite girls name, and my kids were 2,4, and 8 at the time...so Caroline248. If course, i ahve another baby now, and the kids have grown...I should now be Caroline0359

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My dogs' vet and my sister

My dogs' vet kept referring to me as my dogs' mom. Also my sister keeps calling them the kids, and at the time i was creating my user name they were all curled up asleep on my lap, really contentedly and like it was the best thing in the world, thanks mom. :LOL
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oh, so uncreative here- it's a combo of me & dh's names. our friends' called us that when we were getting married. I'm playing around with the idea of changing my name when i hit senior status, but that involves creativity & i'm having a heck of a time thinking of anything :LOL :
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My name is one of the 1000 names of the divine mother and means "The one that has manifested in the 3 worlds. The humble, loving, tender and absolutely creative mother" This name was given to me by he divine

blessings in God

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I'm a geologist, and idocrase (vesuvianite) is one of my favorite minerals.
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My Username is pretty simple I am a Mami (We are Mami and Mama in my house), and Mapster is partially from my initials and a nickname that was given to me by friends I used to work with. I just stumbled over here through trial and error, since i used to lurk on the Mamatron boards a long time ago when we were TTC.
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I think my user name speaks for itself. Im Colin's Mom.
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My name is Willow and I live in Vermont!
Pretty easy!
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Mazajo- the first two letters of each of my sons' names: Malachi, Zachariah, and Joshua.
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Mamacharly is simple My name is Charlotte, my nickname in College was Charly and I am a mama. So I'm Mamacharly
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Easy peasy....I'm Willow's Mom Formerly known as Jenn.
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My name if RL is Maricar.
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an older sister couldn't say my name when i was born, virginia, so it came out "gia". If any of you have one year olds try this out. i've been called gia all my life and rose is my middle name.
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I'm crochetmama on some boards and c-mama on others. I chose c-mama because some people on non craft boards had NO idea what crochet was and would call me crotchet or something. So, I just shorten it to c-mama.

I LOVE to crochet and I'm a mom. I stay at home with my 6 kids and we homeschool. I've got a wonderful husband, 2 daughters (11 & 9) and 4 sons (7, 6, 2 and 7 months).

Great to be here.
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