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When I first joined MDC in 2001 Kailey was just 9 months old and in diapers. So I created the name Diaper Diva. Once she was using the potty I really wasn't the Diaper Diva anymore, so changed my username to Potty Diva. The end.
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Both my kids were born in August.
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Well I'm a mom...added the "z" for some kick lol...and I had 2 kids and was preggo with the 3rd which brought on the 3. MOMZ
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I apologize if I have answered this already.

I am "becoming," because I am becoming the woman, mother, and wife that I want to be.
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well yay_iris was already my email and IM name, so it is easy to remember. I originally came up with it cuz I am always saying "Yay (insert anything)"!! so for my handle it is "yay me!"

and I really need a proper signature! gonna do that right now!
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The first three I picked where already in use I was out of ideas so I used my friends name from xanga.
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yeah...mine isn't very creative!:
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Cardinal's are gorgeous birds. The males are so showy and the females are so delicate and beautiful. They are just wonderfully delicate creatures. I love birds.
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It is what I do for a living!:
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Juju has been one of mynicknames for a long time. Must be a play off of Julie? The Bazooka was added when I began chatting years ago on AOL and had some fancy font colors of red and blue. They reminded everyone of Bazooka Bubble Gum. Hence, Juju Bazooka was born. Not real creative and no real special meaning.
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As for mine, I've been posting on different forums for years and I was tired of my old username. Lately I started using Sweet Pea because it's what my mom has always called me and it's what I call my daughter. I kind of felt like it made me sound really young and naive though. Like you couldn't take me seriously. So I changed to Snow Pea because of my love for veggies and too much Mucha Lucha, lol.
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My joy is in Christ.

A friend actually gave me this name when she set up a blog for me in college. It seemed to fit, so now it's my e-mail address and my username on all the boards I visit.
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I live out in the west and I love everything green :-)
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it's was my college ID so now i use it for pretty much everything
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a poor player that struts

I love the Macbeth soliloquy that starts with "Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow." There's a line that says "...Out, out, brief candle! / Life's but a walking shadow..." I've been using briefcandle or briefcandlelife everywhere because of that. I guess that's a pretty bleak view; that life is just this fragile candle flame, but sometimes it feels like that. Hence: my online name.
-briefcandlelife, aka Huge Wonder mama
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I'm Aletheia on other boards as well, and since my life often feels fragmented I choose to maintain one username inspite of how alluring it is to reinvent myself every time.

Aletheia is the ancient greek word for "truth" which seems appropriate as I am a Greek Philosophy graduate student. The word is also etymologically interesting as it can be broken into two parts- "a" meaning "not," and "lethe" the root for "forgotten" or "hidden."
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A Mothers Love

For me, this is what drives me. I have 6 children, Husband, I go to school, tired a lot & some days I just want to shut down. But I can't. It's (A Mothers Love) that keeps me going. They Need me & WANT me & to me this is everything! When school is hard & I want to quit it is (A Mothers Love) That makes me say " okay, this is harder than I expected, I must try even harder"
quiting would not be a good example for my young children. So, again A Mothers Love is what it's all about!
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becoming: I love your outlook!!
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Well I just changed my name. It did have my last name in it... not good for security issues!

SO... I love rabbits.
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Hi all.. new to the forum, this is my 1st post. Picked this name because during my ridiculous 18th year of life, I went and got myself a Princess tattoo ( I wont mention where!!) Anyways, born and raised in Alaska... hence, AlaskanPrincess..
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