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My baby had his first haircut today...I can't believe he let me do it! He has (had!) all this fine, light blonde hair, that curled so nicely in the back, but was all poofy and stuck out on the sides around his ears -- my friend said the 1st time she saw him she thought he looked like Yoda!

So I finally cut it. Lots of it. It is trimmed up around his ears and really short in the back -- the shortest hairs in the back are hardly 1/2 inch long. I thinned it a little in the back where it always gets matted from the carseat rubbing.

My little baby boy is gone! He looks like a big toddler now -- if it wasn't for his small size people would probably think he was at least 2 now... I'm so sad, I need to go cuddle him! Gee, I'm sure my has nothing to do with hormones! :LOL

So how old was your little one when you cut his/her hair? Did you get all emotional too, or am I just ? I was going to hold out for quite a bit longer, but with his hair getting matted & it being so thin, there was no way it would look nice or grow in thick enough for lil pony tails or anything -- and I wasn't quite ready to use barrettes on my son!
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Thank you so much for posting this!

I just finished cutting my little boy's hair this evening. He had beautiful golden curls down his back, but such a horrid rat's nest at the nape of his neck, hair in his eyes, and it was a constant battle to get him to let me comb it. I've used barrettes a couple times (I have hair past my waist), but he never kept them in long.

THis evening, I had started out trying to tease out the rat's nest, but after 45 minutes (!) I gave up and got the scissors out. And he let me!

All made the harder by the fact that this was his first haircut, and he's almost 3.5 y.o.! It didn't bother me that he was always called a girl and all, I just couldn't deal with the way he always looked sooooo unkempt (and I'm no neat freak).

I'm still kind of shaky, I don't remember it being so emotional for #1 son--but he was only one when I cut his hair. DH is a bit shaken by the experience, but agrees it was time as well.

The good news is he's still sweet, cute and cuddly.
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Yes! It wasn't the boy/girl thing at all -- I was diggin' the long hair, it just never looked nice, & was ratty. I drove dh up the wall saying how he looked like a "big boy" over & over tonight, but then I caught him petting ds's hair too. That's so great that you made it to 3 1/2! I'm still weepy, but it's starting to grow on me -- and I have to admit I'm kinda proud that it came out so well -- that was pretty much my first hair cut ever!
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