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going crazy

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Dh and I aren't "officially" TTC in the sense of charting and whatnot. My cycles are very irregular so ovulation kits are fairly useless with me. We've decided this time around we don't want the pressure on ourselves so we're just not preventing anymore (it took 2.5 yrs to conceive dd).

So anyway, I have been having a lot of the same symptoms of pg that I had with dd~sore breasts, emotional, slightly tired, and what appears to be implantation bleeding. My LMP was on 7/16 and we last bd on 8/8. The bleeding started on 8/19. I think it could be implantation because it hasn't gotten heavy at any point like AF would just light enough to have to wear a pad, however I took a pg test yesterday and it was negative. Could this all be in my head and AF is in town or is it still possibly too early for it to show up on a HPT?

I have a call into my midwife to get her opinion. I just want to be pg so bad (and I thought that day would never come) that I am wondering if I'm just not reading too much into things. When I found out I was pg with dd I didn't have a clue except that after two weeks of light bleeding I was slightly suspicious something was up and when the HPT had a faint second line I was shocked.

Anyway, I was just looking fo some opinions about what you all think. I can provide more info if needed. TIA for your help.
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If implantation occured 8/19 then yesterday was probably too early to test. I think implantation occurs about a week before af is due. So maybe if you wait until Saturday you could try testing again. Or whatever your midwife suggests.

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