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Looking at the picture of your beautiful little boy, I got all teary! I am so sorry to hear that he has a neurological disease! (

I haven't used a podaegi, but I wonder if as he gets older you might be able to adapt that to carry him as he gets too heavy for a ring sling...it would be better for your back, if you could make it work.


Good luck, and I'll be praying for you.

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First, I'm so sorry for your news. I'm wishing you and your family a lot of strength and courage.
Second, your son is absolutely adorable and is the spitting image of his dad. great picture and thank you for sharing.
third, I don't know if this has been recommended, but I think a wrap might work well for you. It can be used in an infinite number of positions, and is a two shouldered carrier - which will be comfortable for you for long periods of time. There are expensive wraps like the didymos and less expensive wraps like gypsymama.com.

good luck and best wishes to you and your family.
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I am so sorry, I also got tears in my eyes looking at your beautiful son.
many hugs and strength to you.

I think a wrap is a good idea but IMO a woven wrap would be better than a stretchy one for better support. I have heard that the stretchy ones can stretch out a little with heavier weights.

We have an Ellaroo and love it, but I have no experience with the moby.

Im sorry you and your family have this happening, good luck finding a carrier that works the best for you and your son.

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I'm sorry, I should have put a link in for the MamaBaby slings before. They are ring slings that use interlock woven fabric, so much more stretchier than usual ring slings. Take a look . There are also some photos of what you can do with two of them at the Willowbean site.

That's a great pic of your DH and DS, btw.
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to you, mama. What a hard thing to go through - my dd is nearly the same age, and I just can't imagine the emotions you must be having. You are such an awesome mama for thinking of things that will help him so soon after hearing his diagnosis!!! Way to go!!

1. I think the absolute best sling to use would be an asian stye carrier - not the traditional ones that are small and square, but more like the ebmt or the kozy. You could even get one custom made that had a little stiffer/larger head support. The weight would be well balenced, and it would offer a lot of support to your son.

2. A lot of people have recommended a wrap carrier - I would say to definately try somethng like an ella roo for this, vs the other stretchy carriers. I stopped using my stretchy carrier around 20 pounds because my dd sagged too low...it wasn't necessarily uncomfortable, just unweildy.

3. 2 adjustable slings was also a great idea!

Hang in there!!
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I rec a moby. I carry my 25lb 18mo in it easily and think that you'll be able to do the hug hold and the stretch of the fabric will give him support without being too stiff like a woven fabric.

I am sorry you are going through this.
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This is the position merpk may have meant. I think it will work for you, the op as well as the mama with Meg. It says for small babies, but I can actually still do this w/ my 22 lb almost-two-year-old. Hth.
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Oh mama, I'm sorry

My favorite carrier with my toddler is the Ergo---comfortably distributes the weight, but easier to use than a wrap-around or ABC. You can use it in the front or the back and the head support works really well. I like stretchy pouches also, but I have a bad back and the Ergo is the only carrier I can use for extended periods of time now.

I hope you're able to find something that will work for you two.
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Sounds like you got a lot of great advice.Do you know to what extent he will lose his abilities?I would get him into Occupational and Physical therapy early on so they can work with him in possibly maintaining and learning skills.My daughter has mild CP and is very clumsy and weak.One of the girls in her class has a disorder that has left her with little neck support and limbs that don't work right.She wears ankle,wrist and knee supports and is able to get herself around by swinging her body around with her wrists.It looks painful but she has developed callouses in all the right areas.She even gets around on cement!She has had several surgeries to help her as well.She has the sunniest disposition of any child i have ever met.SHe is so awesome with her new baby sister too.She uses a great lightweight stroller on the side.When the sling gets to be too much there are many great inventions out there now.

Hugs and many thoughts for your family during this journey.
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I have seen a back carry work really well for a little downs girl with low tone. She was probably 50 lbs, but here gmama carried her just fine on her back. She slouched against her for support, but she was very stable. I think a pogedi might good as he gets heavier.
If all a favorite carrier or hold doesn't give enough support, you can always suppliment with a second ring sling to add support at the shoulder or hip.
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((((hugs))) what a beautiful family you have! I think wrap carrier is a good suggestion.

you might also want to post in the special needs forum to find other mamas with similar situations.
xo pam
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the ergo is very comfortable for me and my little chunk. so very very sorry about jackson. that picture is so sweet.

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Mamas, thank you again so much for the advice, support, and hugs. You all are wonderful . I have many things to try now, and this is exactly what I need to find what works best. I have an MDC mamafriend who teaches a sling class, I'm hoping she'll let me try out some of her slings that I don't have to see how some of your suggestions work out.

Thanks again, and please continue to post ideas if you have them .

Peace and blessings,
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just wanted to send hugs and prayers for you.
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Your picture of Jackson and daddy is just adorable! Many to you and wish you much strength.
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I have no advice on a sling but wanted to send prayers and hugs your way.
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<---for your family good luck

it isnt really a sling but a damn good carrier. babytrekker, it holds larger kids and has great padding and support for mama's backs. you can find them on ebay and they have a website www.babytrekker.com i have one and me and dh love it!
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D'Anne, first of all to you and your family.

Second, I would recommend a woven wrap like the Didymos, Girasol or Ellaroo over a stretchy wrap like the Mobey. I have been told that the thicker Didymos and Girasol are better than the Ellaroo for heavier children, but I don't have any personal experience with them.

Good luck!
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Jackson is so lucky to have such a loving mama. Have you thought about a kozy carrier or other kind of abc? I know the kozy has some padded head support if you keep the baby's head inside. I use it to carry my 25 lb. ds every day, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, so it distributes the weight very well and is quite comfy. I hope that helps.
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