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Evening Primrose Oil and Breastfeeding

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I am considering adding EPO to my diet. I have horrible migraines when I ovulate and I've heard it can help with those. I am breastfeeding my 14 month old dd and want to make sure this is a safe supplement to take while nursing. I haven't started my period back yet (since being pregnant), but I expect it soon based on when it resumed with my other children (11 months and 16 months).

My baby has eczema. I take Flax oil every day which seems to help some, but not enough. Would the EPO help her through my breastmilk. Is it okay to take Flax and EPO?

Thanks so much!
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It is absolutely safe for breastfeeding. It is basically another food-grade oil, and will not hurt your baby any more than taking olive oil, fish oil, or flax oil would. It will add essential fatty acids to your diet and those are important in breastfeeding to get to your baby.

I don't know how much it will help your baby through your breastmilk alone...at this age, if your dd is eating solids, you could try adding some flax and/or EPO to her food and see if that helps. Oil goes down well in a smoothie or stirred into cereal.

Also, have you checked her for allergies? Dairy is a common trigger for eczema (whether she's getting it directly or through your milk if you consume dairy products).

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Thanks Quirky! All of my children have various food and environmental allergies (dairy, soy, egg white, maybe chickpea, polyester, cat, etc.) I have done elimination diets with the baby to no avail. She is dressed in all cotton, we use 7th generation sensitive skin detergent, all natural skin care products, no soap ect. I am just at a loss as to what else to do!

My newest plan is to take the EPO for myself, with the (hopefully) side benefit of it helping her. I have started cooking with flax seeds more and have weaned our family off of commercial cleaners just in case. I'll definitely look into giving the baby EPO in her food. She likes oatmeal, so maybe I can hide it in that

Thanks so much!
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Wow, sounds like you have a lot to deal with in your house!

You probably already know this, but I have read that you shouldn't heat/bake flax seed as it destroys the beneficial properties...also, you're eating it ground, right? (the whole flax seeds go right on through....)

Good luck tracking this eczema thing down. I haven't had to deal with it but I know a lot of other mamas here have - maybe if you do a search you would find some helpful ideas?
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I would give the flax and EPO to her directly, (on the advice of our naturopath) it really helps in our house. DS gets 1/2 tsp. of flax or cod liver oil and 500mg of EPO. I also take black currant oil and flax or CLO. I thought I noticed low supply when I took EPO myself, but it could have been something else (like AF).

I'm also experimenting with using coconut oil for all cooking, I've been reading alot of amazing things about its protective, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammation properties.
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