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Whatever happened to full-day kindergarten?

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I loved it. They don't seem to have it anymore.
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Funny. I looked everywhere around my hometown for a half day program and could only find full day kindergarten.

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My guess is budget cuts? But it probably depends on your area. My district only has half days, which I absolutely hate. By the time the kids get off the bus, take off their boots and coats and have circle time, it's time to pack up and go home. I fervently wish they'd have full day for my younger child, but I doubt that will happen.
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It is a space issue where I live. They just don't have room to have all the kids all day.

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In my area, most of the k-gartens are moving to full day. There are very few that are still half day. Guess it depends on the region!
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We've had full-day kindergarten here for over 30 years.

Personally, I wish they'd go back to half-day.
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We also have full day Kindergarten.
I went to half day kindergarten- but that was twenty years ago.

My guess is space and budget.
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funny they started full day k here about the time my dd would have started k and there was suddenly a huge surge in homeschoolers :LOL

I loved half day kindergarten. Lokoing back I can't figure out, to save my life how they fit everything in. I remember we had 2 recesses, desk work, reading groups, inside play time, snacks, art and music once a week and a nap. A nap. we were there for 4 hours!
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In Monterey, CA there was half-day kindergarten at my son's school so that they could afford to have two teachers with the kids all day, not just a teacher and an aide.
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Our school district has both options but you have to pay for full day Kindergarten.
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In our town they had half-day K for years, until the parents asked them to make it full day (but you have to pay for the full day program). You can choose either half or full day for your child. Only about 10% of the students go half-day, most are going full-day.
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In MI, where I grew up, they just recently started doing full day K.
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We have full day in our area too, just moved to eastern pa from Hampton Virginia. They only had 1/2 day in hampton but had talked about going to full day. I was kindof nervous at the thought of my daughter being gone all day but I guess it is a better way to get them ready for first grade. She even has music, art, computer, and gym class! Can't wait to pack her lunch, hehe, can you tell this is my first schooler??
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I never even knew they had full-day kindergarten. I wish we had full day here, heck 4 hours would be nice--DD's kindergarten is 2 hours and 45 minutes. By the time I drop her off, it's time to go back and pick her up . Fun year I'm going to have.
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We have full-day K here too. DS loves it, while I wish we only had 1/2 day. My friend's ISD only has 1/2 day K, and she hates it.
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We have 1/2 day here. I think if it was full-day I would definitely consider homeschooling. That just seems like too much time away for a 5 year old...JMO of course.
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I never heard of full day kindergarten until my sister's now 9 year old son started.

My daughter is starting her first day of k tomorrow at a private school. They do have a full day option, but the public schools are only from 9 - 11:30 or 12:30-3.
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They're all full day here. I was actually surprised. I would have preferred 1/2 day. Although since I'm apparently a horrible teacher, I'm thinking maybe full day is going to be a good thing for my ds. :
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We are a mix around here, but things are moving to full day K. I like it because now I don't have to worry about him getting on a school bus to go to daycare right after.
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DD went to half day pre-schools and full day kindergarden (around 7 years ago), I havent' seen much half day kindergarden around here.
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