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Babies are here; I get to graduate to this forum... ** CD pics added **

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Here's what I wrote on another twin board I frequent... Sorry no time to write a "fresh" post for you all!

We're home now, but still no chance yet to type a new story or add more pictures, so I'll just copy what I wrote last night on the September due date thread...

My babies are here... (Aug. 24, 2004)

Unbelievable, eh?? I wanted to post this morning that labor had started, but it came so fast that we had to either leave immediately or ride to the hospital in an ambulance! Babies decided to come today at 37 weeks, 1 day.

I'm in the hospital now, and dh finally went back home and brought me the laptop (I was going crazy!)... but it's dial-up here, and excruciatingly slow. So I will post details after we get home (we're leaving tomorrow early). But here are a few pictures, and the nitty gritty:

Woke up at 3:15 a.m. with a sharp contraction that popped my water and made me run to the bathroom. Mild contractions came very regularly; tried to do some things and let dh rest, but mostly just labored on the toilet. Suddenly, after an hour (thinking I'm in early labor, same feeling as with Nicolas), I'm on the toilet and GRUNTING! For the newbies, this means I've just gone right through transition without knowing it and am fully dilated. PANIC. I rush to wake up dh and we scurry around making calls, gathering what we can... When I suggest the ambulance since I'm getting pushing urges, he freaks out and puts it into high gear. Made the 40 minute trip in 20 minutes. He drops me off and I waddle into the hospital with my friend, who amazingly beat us there. I'm wearing a shirt, soaked pad and undies, have a towel stuffed between my legs, with Matt's robe over it all. No need for pants!!

Triage nurse is pretty lacksadaisical when I tell her I'm ready to push (I'm really not making any noise, and still smiling, etc.); until she checks me... Then she presses the panic call button and barks some orders and people come flying! It was great... Doc hadn't even left yet, because he didn't realize I was at 10 when we called from our house! We get set up in the L/D room I had requested (across the hall from the OR), then wait for doc. I'm sitting, so pushing urge was gone. Doc gets there, I request the squatting bar, I get up off my tush and here come the grunts! Somehow an hour went past before I really got into a real pushing groove... (Doc even decided to check me because I was so calm and wasn't grunting, he doubted the nurse's previous check. But, yep, ready to go!) My doc was the coolest, and was very supportive of my wish to squat to deliver.

I had arrived at the hospital at 5:15 a.m. today, and Baby A was born at 6:33!! McKenna Rose, 18 inches and 5 pounds 12 ounces. Perfect 9/9 Apgars and very pink and cute. Then I squatted to push out Baby B, who (IMO because I remained upright and didn't lie back for the u/s!) had settled perfectly down into the birth canal. !!! William Douglas !!!! =O) was born at 7:04 a.m.; 18 inches and 6 pounds 3 ounces. Apgars 8/9; had some minor breathing concerns and Daddy accompanied him to the NICU for two noninvasive procedures that took ... 10 minutes. I feel so blessed. Then he got to go to the regular nursery for his bath, etc.

Meanwhile, I nursed McKenna while delivering the GIGANTIC mass of placentas. Both babies amazed me at their breastfeeding prowess. We all arrived together in the recovery room at about 9 a.m., and everyone's doing great. Oh, I tore a little, but couldn't feel it. I cannot believe how painless this labor was, and how easily they came out without any misshapen heads or bruising. It's more than I even dreamed to pray for! And yes, I'm OK with not having identical girls. =O) I had been getting a boy/girl feeling for the past couple of weeks... Nicolas came about 11 a.m. and was thrilled.

OK, this was more than the nitty gritty, LOL. Oh, the nurses and docs kept saying they never get to see natural births, especially twins, go this well. All day hospital personnel were coming up to us calling me Super Mom and Hero Mom; its been hilarious. Yay, God!

These babies are just so perfect and beautiful and darn cute. What a fun ride!!! I can't wait to read and post more once I get back home! Happy, painless, safe labor vibes and prayers for fat healthy babies to all of you still waiting!

... and here they are:
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Wow, such a great story! And such healthy babies--you're so fortunate. Congratulations!! And welcome to the world, McKenna & William!
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I'm so happy for you and your fam. And they are just beautiful babies!!! Sounds like your body was made for birthing!! Get some rest...gosh I hate when I hear that!

Enjoy your sweet bundles. My girls are 2 months now so I'm not too far from where you are. Let me know if you need to talk...or cry about nursing, sleeping, changes in the big brother, etc. Afterall I now have a WHOLE 2 months of twin experience! LOL!
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That is THE most awesome birthstory I have read in a long time.My friend had twin boys 8 mo ago and her birth was so awful! She doesnt know it but it was! God bless you all with every blessing.They are gorgeous! Hugs,Catherine
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Here's my updated (even faster pushing than I realized, once I saw the video...) story, in a nice compact form... AND NEW PHOTOS!

McKenna Rose, 6:33 a.m., 18 inches, 5 lbs. 12 ozs.
William Douglas, 7:04 a.m., 18 inches, 6 lbs. 3 ozs.

The babies came Tuesday. It was amazing! In a nutshell, I woke up at 3:15 a.m. with a sharp contraction that broke my water, and pretty mild contractions regularly after that. I did stuff around the house, tried to rest, etc., but an hour later I’m on the toilet grunting and realized I had sailed through TRANSITION!!!! Mad rush to wake Matt, gather stuff that I still hadn’t packed, and zoom off to Southern Regional. I managed to stave off pushing until we arrived at the hospital (5:15) and doc arrived and was ready to catch (6:15). (Big delay because none of the hospital folks believed I was already completely dilated at first! I was too calm...) I got to stay in the L/D room, have my three birth support people in there, sneak a video, AND even push/deliver using the squatting bar, all as I had hoped. Eighteen peaceful yet exciting minutes later, McKenna was born. Then I waited for contractions again and 31 minutes later pushed out William in one long push (which included the membrane breaking on its own at the beginning). It was all so perfect that only God could have been involved in the orchestration!!! He is so good!

My diaper changing and laundry help (mom and sis) just left today, so now I get to dive into that cute stash of cloth I've been itching to put on them. Also, the meconium is gone, so I'm ready! =O)

Please see my baby & birth photos... http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWzCeg
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LOVELY! How nice for you and your family. Congratulations. What a story!

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Hip hip hooray! Reading your story and seeing your lovely pictures made me remember the joy of having newborn twins. Such an amazing sight they are!

Congratulations to your family!

(now dont forget to nap, mama!)
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Oh, wow! Congratulations!! Those are some beautiful babies and you look great

Your birth story is amazingly similar to mine including the times of birth and weights!
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It's funny how on "BigBrotherOfTwins" picture William doesn't look like a newborn and looks like his big brother.

Good luck with these cuties!!!
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Thanks everyone!

Now I'd like to share my pics of our cloth diapering adventures... Just some cute shots of different dipes and covers on the tiny twins... They are now 2 weeks old, but in these pics William and McKenna are 7 and 8 days old.
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Congratulations on your beautiful babies. Love the pictures of the changing area - it all looks sooo organised. My boys are 10 months and we are still in a total mess! Love the different CD pics too. I am fed up of my boring old mother-ease plain wraps now!
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Wow Savannah! Love all the pics! You do look so calm in the birth pics! Man what an enjoyable birth! And they are just as cute as a button! The carseat pic with all 3 kiddos in backseat reminds me of my 3 babes. I have a pic just like that and have my son in the same spot as your son with the babies in the same spot too. People just laugh when they see 3 carseats in our backseat!

Love your diapers too! And big brother looks proud as can be! Do the babies look Nicholas did as a baby?

Take care and enjoy those cuties supermama! 2
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