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tell me about kefir..

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What is the difference between kefir and yogurt? Is it any better for you than yogurt? How does the taste compare?

I've been thinking about trying some, but thought I'd find out a little more about it first.

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oh man - we talk about kefir all the time in an ap group i belong to - and of course i can't remember everything.

kefir is made from grains. you get the grains - soak them in whatever (water, milk, raw milk) and they make kefir. depending on the concentration of grains to liquid you get a thinner or thicker consistancy. you can drink kefir, mix it with fruit and eat like yogurt, mix it in a shake...use it like yogurt. you take the grains out and resoak them (all this is done on your kitchen counter in a jar) or pass them along to a friend. in that respect it is like a sourdough starter (although it is not like that at all) - you can reuse the same grains forever! it is nutritionally much better than yogurt because it is all good bacteria. however, it is definitely an acquired taste.

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all that she said, and here is the 'King of Kefir' website


Probably more info than you ever wanted to know...but great site!
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Ok, so I've explored that website a little (thanks xenabyte!), but am still left wondering, why would you consume kefir instead of yogurt? It sounds like kefir is simply cultured milk, same as yogurt, only more complicated.

Help me out here, mamas, my sleep-deprived brain is having a major cramp!
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Actually, conversely, Kefir is in many ways much easier.

It ferments at room temp and with a variety of liquid substances and with no special prep.

Yogurt needs to be heated to a certain temp, then cooled, then add your starter and left to ferment at a specific temperature range.

I do love yogurt, don't get me wrong, but the Kefir really is easy to 'maintain' and deal with. I wanted to make some yogurt and STILL have not, but conversely have made Kefir daily...

Just a personal experience. I do buy yogurt for the toddler as it's 'milder' and he will eat it straight up.

Please, if anyone out there has made yogurt with it just sitting on the counter or in the oven with only the light on, LET ME KNOW. I have yet to make it for not wanting another substance to have to 'babysit' that closely...
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Dom also has a yahoo group about Kefir.

IMO Kefir tastes like buttermilk.
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