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Got Ds's evaluation...

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They want him to get:
PT assessment
OT assessment
Ed assessment
Psychological assessment
Home assessment

feeling ambivalent.... :
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Why? What are their reasons for so many interventions?
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Well he and his twin are former 29 weekers. He had early Intervention Services til he was about 2-1/2. The criteria to qualify for services is that a child be 6 months delayed and he was only 5 months delayed in some areas so we weren't entitled to services anymore.
Recently I began to notice his (lack of) skills, campared to his twin. I called and made an appt w/ the Special Ed Dept and asked for a screening. He went and that's what they suggested in the report. They said he has poor balance, distraced VERY easily, poor visual memory, can't walk in a straight line, and has too much rigidity/tension in his whole body (sensory integration).

I'm happy that he will recieve therapy thru the school system, but I'm kinda pissed that he had to get worse before being entitled to help and I kinds feel like I let him down. I let him progress at his own rate w/out finding him help and now he's delayed... Does that make any sense?
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my brother was that way, schools suggested all kinds of things. He was actually held back in kindergarten, received speech therapy, couldn't "walk a line' and then went on to be rank 6th in the state in football and lead his basketball team to a state championship. The holding back and labelling did more to hurt his self esteem! He has really had to work to oercome it all.
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Thanks zealsmom! Emmet's language is advanced along w/ his creativity. I have always felt that he has a very unique learning style. I picture I teeny tiny window to his brain. I have to find just the right path to get the info thru the window, but once I do he's got it!
It seems as if his biggest challenges are attention span, and physical. I'm hoping we can work really hard to overcome them and move on, KWIM?
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I'll be interested to hear how your son makes out. How old is he? My ds is 2 1/2 is speech delayed and will be aging out of Early Intervention soon. We now have to decide if we want to "identify" him to the special ed. program through the public school system. It sounds really good -- they have no more than 12 kids in the class with a teacher, aide and speech therapist on staff. It is located in the brand new school where my dd attends kindergarten. My main concern is the separation issue. He is very clingy.

Good luck to you.
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Calrei-that sounds liek the same program I'm trying to get Emmet into. They have kids who need services and role-models. I'm praying that they will take Gus as a role model. I have to return the consent form by tomorrow, but I just can't bring myself to sign it yet....
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I wonder how being in spec.ed. affects a twin? Even spaced siblings can have a rough go of it. But I am sure you have talked at length with the school on that one. Just wondering aloud. If I come across any articles on this I will let you know - I do a lot of reading about this and various other self-esteem related stuff.
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Well, I haven't talked to them yet. I'm first trying to see what they have to offer, then I'll decide if I think it's a good idea or not. I guess I'm not worried about it right now because they told ne that they wouldn't separate them. Emmet will go to the preschool (as a student who needs service) and Gus will go as a role-model. We are just calling it school (not making Emmet aware of the fact that it's a special program.)
Hopefully he won't be there very long. I have a brother who has been in Special Ed since age 3, and even went to a school esp designed for LD students and his self esteem is pretty close to zero. I guess that's one of the reasons that I'm so concerned. Emmet recognizes when he can't do something and becomes very upset very quickly. I think he might feel like a failure?:
For example, during the testing the teacher asked him to walk w/ one foot in front of the other. He took one step, and thru himself down saying "I CAN'T DO IT!!!!". That kind of behavior has me really concerned. I've tried to get them to talk to me, but they said they'll fill me in on a need to know basis :mad:
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It seems like a lot of parents are concerned about "classifying" their kids as special ed. I'm not sure I understand why. Maybe because my kids are so young I haven't seen the effects at older age levels. I figure, if the services are available (and free) and the child needs the services, then go for it.

My sister's son is a freshman now and has always struggled in school. She said she always resisted getting him into special ed. but now she wishes she had from the get go because he would have benefitted from it so much.
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Just found this forum

My 4 year old has been in "special" pre-school since she aged out of Early Intervention. It has been a wonderful self-esteem builder for her. She was not cognitvely delayed but like your son had sensory and motor devlopement delays/issues. I was worried about putting her in this program at first, but this is her second year and the change in her is amazing. We just had her IEP review, and her teachers expect her to fully intregrate into the "regular" kindergarten class, no special services necessary.
You could give this program a try and if doesn't work out you are under no obligation to continue it.

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peggy-HOW WONDERFUL for your dd! That's relly what I'm hoping for; that they will address his pysical problems for 1-2 years, then he will intergrate. Way to go-peggy's dd!
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