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I hate to cook!!

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Anyone else? So how do we eat healthily? Our mainstays are deli meat sandwiches, burritos, mac and cheese, the occasional stir fry type stuff, maybe a cassarole or two. I have been finding out alot about healthy eating and know that we want to stear more towards whole food, less processed, etc...but it seems like that involves a whole lot-o-cook'n!!
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hi youngnhappymamma.
I too have been strugglin with the good eats ...we are a vegetarian family with a 9 monyh old babe. I am in school to so time is little. I have found crock pot cookin to be great. I start a veggie chili or soup ya just wash, toss and cook .Really good, healthy and easy. If anyone knows a good veggie cookbook with easy home cookin style foods or a web site let us know.....good luck
peace and love...peacefulmom
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youngnhappymamma, i'm in the same boat. and feeling guilty. we do a lot of frozen stuff. i buy organic snacks for the baby, and shop at farmer's markets. we keep a container of fresh salad with really good greens & lots of different veggies, and then a container of fresh fruit salad made from whatever i pick up, and we pull those out with usually a frozen entree. i don't even know how to use my crock pot. but i do think we get a lot out of the fresh (not cooked) fruits & veggies - you know, the less you cook 'em, the better they are for you, which is an advantage for those of us who don't love cooking . i add good goat's cheese & raisins & seeds to the salad, and sometimes chicken.

anywhoo, my MIL taught me to use a rice cooker, which is like nothing. you rinse the rice, add water, press 'start' and come back when the bell rings. she also makes a good tofu (which i haven't gottent the hang of yet), and i buy some kim chee (spicy cabbage - korean - no cooking required, it's already made), and some dried salted seaweed to wrap the rice in while we eat it.

but yes, i'm looking for a BEGINNER cookbook with like 5 ingredients or less, of healthy, yummy recipies. if you find one, please let me know.

good luck.
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we actually just sold our crock pot at a garage sale because we never used it!! ACK!!!...I'm even too lazy to do the "easy" cooking with a crock pot!! Soup is a good suggestion...pretty easy...cut and let simmer.....and I love soup. But then my lazyness comes into play because teh kids make such a mess with it!! Okay, I'm a dweeb...I will make soup and not worry about the mess...if some of it at least gets into their tummies (rather than on their tummies) then good has been done!!
And fruit salad is a really good idea. How do you make that?? Just cut up fruit and put it in a bowl? Do you put a tad of lemon juice to keep it from getting brown and stuff? Do you add whip cream and marshmellows?
My dh and younger ds love salad...I don't. I guess that is my other problem...besides not liking to cook I am pretty finicky! Not a good combination!
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For the fruit salad, I literally just throw in whatever's in season. I don't do the lemon juice, although, that's a good idea.

When my 2 friend's 3 little girls come over to play with my ds, I make "pink" fruit salad, in honor of the girls. Just watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries. I do serve it with a dollup of fat free whipped cream. And I get out some plastic wine goblets, and serv some 'country raspberry juice' with it (frozen from consentrate) & add a spash of ginger ale, on ice.

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I also hate to cook. I force myself most of the time. But, what I find to be most helpful is that when I do cook, (about 3 times/week) I make lots of it. I then can either freeze the extras or use them for leftovers.

My favorites to freeze: meatloaf, lasagna, spagetti sauce and just about any kind of stew.

Hint: did you know you can freeze PB&J sandwiches!? It's so cool. I make a few on Sunday, then if I need them in a squeeze, like school lunches or a day at the beach, they are ready.
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I had no idea you could freeze pb&j's!!!! That's cool! And I am all for the freezing thing....we are so excited because we are going to buy a deep freeze (we have a very small fridge and freezer) in about a month!!!!! We are planning on having like one or two big cooking days where we make a bunch of different meals in large quantities and then freeze them. I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will work out perfectly because my dh does like to cook, so we can both just spend the day cooking stuff together (kids permitting) and get the chore done and not have to worry about it until the next cooking day!!!!!

I will definitly have to try the fruit salad thing. I tried it a few months ago, but it didn't taste very good.....the rasberries were VERY tart and the apples a bit mushy...didn't blend very well. Should I have added some sugar?
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One more idea....

I make homemade rolls, then freeze them.

Just follow your bread/roll recipe, bake the rolls about half way done, then freeze them.

I bake about 30 at a time, them put several into freezer zipper bags for use at a later time.

When I want to use them, I pop them into the oven, right from the freezer, and just finish cooking them. When they begin to brown, they're done.

I love especially when we have company. They think I spent all day baking fresh rolls for them.

I also love this for friends that have just had babies. I make these rolls with home made lasagna, freeze everything, then take it over for the new mama. It's good eats for at least 2 nights!
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I love fruit salads. If you don't have lemon juice to add to it, add a spash of orange juice instead. It really helps from letting the fuit get brownish. HTH
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Try cooking pasta and veggies together in one pot, about 3 parts veggies to 2 parts pasta at the start, because the pasta will expand (esp. macaroni!). Then put a sauce or topping on: marinara sauce, olive oil and spices, cheese, yogurt and curry powder, any kind of salad dressing....

In summer we eat a lot of variations on this basic idea: Cover plate w/lettuce or spinach. Plonk hot rice on top. Pile on various diced/shredded veggies and some kind of protein (tofu, tempeh, beans, cheese, hardboiled egg, etc.). Drizzle with some kind of dressing or sauce.

We make a peanut sauce that's really good on either of the above. Take an old glass jar with a lid, put a glob of peanut butter in it, and microwave uncovered 20 seconds to melt it. Add soy sauce, cider vinegar, lime juice (or orange juice), garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper or hot sauce, and honey. Put lid on and shake. It takes a little practice to get the seasonings just the way you like. It lasts several days without refrigerating; if you chill it, it separates, yuck.

For me, the thing that makes cooking more bearable is learning to season things without measuring. I feel a lot more laid-back about it and more like I'm making the food just right for us instead of being controlled by a recipe. Works well for everything but baking! I also like meals where everything is mixed together; not so many dishes to wash!
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Easy Ideas

I don't mind cooking it is the cleaning up I hate! For that reason I like the big cooking day and freeze extra meals for later use.

I make 4 big pizza at a time with lots of healthy stuff on them, eat one and freeze the other 3 for quick meals later. It is such a life saver sometimes!

Check out my Pizza Crust recipe if you like: Pizza Crust

mommy22 made the suggestion about rolls. I have found I can just make the dough up in muffin tins, put in the freezer. Put a little cooking spray on the plastic wrap so that when you take them out to rise it won't stick. You put them out a few hrs before the meal and they thaugh, rise and are ready to bake fresh!
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I also hate to cook! But my big problem is that I have no sense of smell and that makes it hard. If dh wasn't so hungry everyday after work, I would never cook a big meal! Imagine makes really good soups in an box (like soy milk). We have tried the tomato and corn. I steam a bunch of vegetables and rice and add it to the soup and it's done in like 10 minutes. No gross ingredients like Campells and a lot less sodium. I make quesadillas and burritos as much as possible. The simpler the better-you can fill them with beans/rice/veggies or refried beans/veggies. We have those new Quorn patties at Whole Foods (fake chicken) they are delicious! Veat is another frozen fake meat that is quick and easy to fix-Just saute with a little Bragg's and olive oil -it's really good-

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Have you tried Amy's brand frozen meals? We LOVE them at our house. They are all vegetarian and mostly organic and they taste great. We especially love the pizzas.
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What great suggestions!! I can't wait to get a freezer!!! And yeah, we LOVE Amy's stuff. Very, very yummy!
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