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Uterus falling out!?!

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I'm just about six weeks postpartum and I feel like my uterus is falling out. I've read that this could be a prolapsed uterus and what the web said about it scared me a lot. Anyone know anything about this condition? (My six week post partum check up with my mid wife is this Wednesday, and I'm sure she'll have answers for me, but I wanted to know if any of you knew anything for right now. )

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I have never heard of this in a younger woman. The only time I knew of was an older woman who had had seven children.

I hope you get good news at your appointment!!
Let us know!!

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my step mother just went through something similar...she thought it was a prolapsed uterus but it was her bladder falling.
they just did sugery to repair it...and she's never had a kid.
do you have pee problems? I have no idea if that's a symptom...but look that up as well.
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I worked in an OB/GYN's office and I never saw a young woman with a prolapsed uterus or bladder. All the patients with a prolapse were elderly, or at least middle aged, and most had had several children. Maybe things feel different to you because you've lost some muscle tone. What happens if you do some kegel exercises?

After I gave birth to my second child, I was absolutly convinced that a bowel movement came out of my vagina. Turns out I was fine. I don't know why I felt what I felt, but it was definitely weird.
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thanks for your input. i hope you're all correct and i'm just fine. (i am a young woman I'll let you know what my midwife says.

christina - what's a hippie conservative?
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i saw my midwife today. she assured me that nothing was falling out; just that i'd never given birth to two children before and my muscles are stretched. phew!

thanks again for your concern.
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Glad everything's OK!!!

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I am in search of info on prolapse myself - I'm seven months post-partum and still "torn up". There is a bulge at my vaginal opening, I can feel my cervix only about 1/2" in. I can't feel ANY constriction when doing Kegels. I read several articles on the net about Pelvic Floor Prolapse - not uterine prolapse, where the uterus turns inside-out like a sock. Pelvic floor prolapse is where the uterus, bladder or bowel intrudes into the vaginal cavity through a muscle tear. I'm pretty sure this is what I've got. I am very concerned that the bulging tissue is subject to infection and that the muscle tears show no sign of healing because my uterus is in the way. Needless to say I haven't even attempted sex. My baby was 11 lbs., 2 oz. at birth and I had a good deal of tearing, both laterally and to the rear. At 28 weeks of pregnancy I also had an inguinal hernia that strangulated, and had to have emergency surgery to repair it. However, I did then, and still do, have quite a bit of pain laterally across my groin and I think something else tore too! What a mess! My midwife referred me to a urocare clinic that helps women learn bladder control through physical therapy - but I haven't been able to go, or to see a GYN, because of extreme financial difficulties. My husband and I own a business that just about went under after 9/11. We can't even afford to declare bankrruptcy. We were forced to give up our health insurance and are struggling to keep the utilities on. Anyway, that's another story - just do a search for Pelvic Floor Prolapse and read the articles. It seems a good 20% of women who have given birth have some degree of this.
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I'm 23 and 9 mos after delivery my uterus is a lot lower than it was before. No problems with it though.

I had a forceps delivery with lots of internal tearing. (Intact perineum and no episiotomy though.) There are still scars; it's "not the same." I had trouble with peeing while laughing or sneezing for maybe the first 3 mos, but it's OK now. The pelvic floor has not changed.

I'm just wondering if it will be worse if I have another baby.
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