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Sperm quality

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Do you think the quality of sperm would be affected by a 3 month abstinence?

I had a m/c at 5 weeks in June, and we didn't have the time (tired, stressed, recovery, etc.) to : until we went on vacation 2 weeks ago, and then I got yesterday! It it's real and not a false positive due to old hcg levels (see my other thread), how lucky and blessed are we!!

But, assuming DH did not ... ahem, shall we say, refresh his stocks of sperm manually during that time, is there a high chance of my having a pregnancy with sperm that's been degraded in terms of quality, since it's been sitting around for so long?
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HMMMM--good question. : Sorry I'm of no help, but I hope someone that is will respond to your question.
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Sperm that are not ejaculated are broken down and reabsorbed by the body. Old cells break down and new ones are 'born' continually from sperm mother cells (how fitting!). No worries there!

I hope it's not too soon to say congratulations!!
Best to you and your family!
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Right. A man continues to make new sperm every day. When they're not ejaculated, they are reabsorbed in a timely manner.
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Thanks, ladies! I'm praying hard too that my results are not false! Gonna wait a couple weeks before calling the doc. This time I REALLY don't want my hopes up.

Any links to where I can read up about this sperm stuff? I tried googling "sperm quality" but didn't get too much.

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