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Well, with DS I KNEW he was a boy. Just KNEW.

This time around, I haven't felt as "connected" to the baby, and hadn't really had any idea either way - until I read that Shannon was having a girl. Once I read that, I felt like I'm having a boy.

I don't know why Shannon's post made me feel like my babe's a boy, but I'll go with it for now.

I'm hoping for another boy - DH wants a girl, though. I'd rather have our boys all together, then a little girl last. Not like I get to put in my order, though, lol.

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Okay!! I'm gonna say it!! Up until now I haven't had a clue what I was having but... now I am thinking pink!! :girlpin I could be wrong and I may change my mind at anytime. Who knows, maybe more than once!! I KNEW with my boys that they were boys. I can't say I KNOW this is a girl but that's what I have been thinking for now!!
So, I guess we will see huh? It will be a lot of fun to see how we all come out with our predictions. So there ya have it... I say GIRL!!
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bumped for Nikki
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I thought I would add myself to this list. We had discussed finding out, and had 3 u/s (because I needed them for other reasons, not gender ones), but no clue on gender. So, we probably won't be finding out now (problem areas are all cleared up!).

My second u/s said 'probably a boy"
My third u/s said "probably a girl"


Anyway, I am predicting a girl. Here's why

1) not sick with this baby except maybe 4 times. My boys I was sick straight through for 4 months.

2) baby is sitting differently. I feel like I have been riding horses all day.

3) oldwives tale website and Chinese gender predictor website both say girl.

4) I read somewhere that during times of war, there are significantly more girl births than boy births.

5) I have 4 boys at home. If I ever was going to have a girl, this would be the time.
We'll see.
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Thanks Periwinkle!

I think I am having a BOY

This pregnancy is the same as it was with my son. I also have noticed the same horomonal changes that I had with my first. I have had thicker hair growth, more hair everywhere :LOL and I will cry at the drop of a hat. And according to my momma intuition I am having a boy, eh, who could argue with that? Plus, I was right the other two times, LOL.
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Anyone else want to make a prediction.

For those of us who already have made our guesses.... any changes of heart?! I know I have been waffling a bit recently, maybe because I'm carrying all in front and everyone keeps telling me that means it's a boy. But so far I'm sticking with girl.
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Part of me wishes I knew because I'm a planner and the other part of me is happy I don't know. It's very exciting for me to sit here and guess which gender is in my tummy right now. I'm very glad I'm not getting another U/S until the very end and even then I hope I don't see what the baby is. I'm really looking forward to having the doctor say "It's a ...... !"

Ok having said all that, I still believe with all my heart that I'm having a boy. My symptoms and my feelings are 100% the same as they were with my son Hunter just recently. I just have a strong gut feeling I'm having a son and that would make my husband and I so happy. A girl would be great too, but I really don't feel like I'm having a girl. We have an incredible girl name picked out but I'm not telling anyone because I'm not jinxing myself. hehehehehe
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I am still not feeling either boy or girl. I would really like to have a girl (most days!) but if I HAD to pick which it would be, I would say boy. Maybe 60% boy, 40% girl. As long as it's only one baby I'm happy!
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Still can't shake the feeling that this is a girl - this pregnancy just feels different then the others, different symptoms, different in the way I'm carrying, etc.

Sometimes I wish I knew for sure so I could start crochetting some girl dresses if need be but most of the time I'm VERY happy not to know. It's cool having this big surprise to wait for, like a kid at Christmas. Not being picky helps a great deal too though, I think if I was dying for one or the other I might not be so patient. I could do without all the "this better be a girl" comments from my MIL but then again her not knowing annoys her so I have THAT to keep me happy... hehehehe.

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TwinMom, can I put you down for a boy now?! Please please please??!! (sorry can't help myself... this is too fun)

This is so exciting. Maybe it's because the holidays are approaching, but I really do feel like I'm waiting for the greatest Christmas present of all. (hopefully more like a Valentine's present though )
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Peri, you can switch me to boy...
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Thanks Heve. Done!
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don't put me down for a girl! that's a guaranteed way to make sure it's a boy.
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i'm still thinking girl.... i've had more girl dreams...
and dreams where the baby turned into a puppy. but that was just weird.
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My m/w is convinced this is a girl... we'll see! I'm still flip flopping and even changing my mind on the names we've picked!! Ugh!

Joy, I dreamed I had a baby boy and then he turned into a really cute kitten. Strange.

Hope you're all well. susan
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Okay, I'll guess -- I think I'm having a BOY! My best friend and sil think a girl -- in fact most people have predicted girl, even the old wives tales symptoms and chinese gender chart. So I'm really going out on a limb thinking boy - but that's my prediction and I'm sticking to it!
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Hey mamas, want to throw in another fun twist to our predictions? Since we're all in or rapidly approaching our 3rd trimesters, how about guessing the DUE DATE too? Here are mamas who've posted with a guess for baby's sex so far:

Just respond with: 1.) your best guess for due date (month and date, or any sort of prediction like "I keep dreaming it's a Sunday" or "first week of Feb" etc.) along with 2.) your actual due date.

And I'll keep updating the first post.

I'll go first... I am due Feb 14th and think (hope?!) the baby will be born Feb 12th.

Alaskanteach (Gretchen)
AmBam (Amber)
Emmama (Emily)
HelloKitty (Kitty)
Lou (Carrie Lou)
Mainemom (Susan)
MehndiMama (Stell)
Peacefulvegan (Tracie)
Periwinkle (Karen)
TwinMom (Deb)
Wtchyhlr (Joy)
Newcomers who aren't on the list above - don't forget to predict baby's sex too!!

This is too fun.
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OK, I am thinking that it is a girl. Don't know why, just carrying the same I guess, really low and not really looking that pg yet.
My next door neighbour came up to me this morning as I was shoveling snow, and said, I didn't know you were pg, congrats etc, and mentioned that I am 6 months, and he was so shocked that I am that far along.
Anyway, I had the same responses when I was pg with dd, but I thought she was a boy the whole time, so my intuition is a little off!!!
The baby is probably a boy, but I am feeling girl, so that's what I am sticking with.
I also think last week of January, 1st week of Feb.
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I am so torn! I somehow can't tune into my instincts because so many thoughts are getting in the way. My strongest feeling is BOY. So I'll go with that. But sometimes I also think girl. My first instinct to my daughter was girl and then I got confused and a bit pessimistic and decided that she was probably a boy and I would be happy with two boys. But when she was born, I was pleasantly suprised to see a girl and realized I knew it all along.
We have a wonderful boy name picked out. It almost seems that my partner is psychic the way he dreamed a name and a description and gender of our baby. If all are correct, we will have a redheaded boy named Kapila.
But since we don't have a girl name picked out, I just get this feeling I'm having a girl. LOL
For the sake of this thread: Boy, Feb 10th.
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OK they keep changing my due date on me - but I think right now we are at 2/4 :LOL I'm hoping the baby will be born in January though because I have these angel statue things that were my grandmothers that have months on them - there are four of them - Jan, Jan, Feb and Nov.(and nobody is really sure why she only had those months because they don't match her children's birthdays or anything). My 3 boys were born in Jan, Feb and Nov so if I have another Jan baby it will just be so wild and like a sign from Heaven that my grandmother was involved in the planning or something That may sound stupid but I'm really hoping it will be January for that reason. So I'll predict a birth date of..... January 30th.

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