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Why wait til Sept to have a baby? Chat thread 8/28 - 9/3 - Page 3

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Wow! Go Anna! What great timing, just having finished up at work.
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Yay Anna! Can't wait to hear about your beautiful birth and baby!
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Ok, now that I've happily cheered Anna on:

No fair no fair no fair!!! She's not due until the 12th! Waaah, and boohoohoo! I wanna have my baby now, too!
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Yes, I suck, and am all kinds of bad sport.

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Originally Posted by plantmommy
Yes, I suck, and am all kinds of bad sport.


Oh, I think it is more than understandable!!! It will be over soon, and you will have your baby....but it never seems like it will get here soon enough! You don't suck, and you are not a bad sport!! You are pregnant. That excuses all!!

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Woo hoo, can't wait to hear from Anna!!!!!

Ouch, Meredith, what a scare. I'm sure all is well.

I'm not a hyper LLL type, so excuse me if I ruffle feathers here... I would definitely rent and use a big electric breast pump to get regular feedings into that boy before I'd use formula!!! That is, if you have any concerns whatsoever that he's not getting enough from your breast directly. With Nicolas, I was afraid of nipple confusion and tried to be adamant about not giving bottles. But we couldn't get the latch right, I wasn't ever letting down, and by 2 weeks old he looked like a thin, frail alien baby. That's when we got the pump and things turned around; by 6 weeks I turned the pump back in and was able to just use the breast.

I'm having a similar latch problem this time with McKenna... But my mom had bought me a nice pump, so I've been pumping for her mainly, and letting William drain the breast directly. She practices latching on nearly every feeding, and gets it after awhile, but then frustratingly enough, will drop off after 2 or 3 sucks. Her mouth is tiny and my nipples and breasts are HUMONGOUS, so I don't worry. I know our bf relationship will smooth out soon enough, just like it did with Big Brother. Meanwhile, my family (who were scared watching it all last time) and docs can happily watch how many ounces go into her tummy, and jaundice has not been a problem this time. Glad to hear the 2 hour schedule is working for you! I think that is my main problem; I just want to let the babies sleep... but in the beginning that can backfire in breastfeeding, since they are panicky hungry after a long sleep, and your breasts are huge and hard as rocks and there is no way to get a little mouth latched on right in those conditions.
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Please check out my updated twins album...


Also, my brother went hog wild on my findgift.com registry today... Better look at it again if you think you might want to be my gift giver...

I need to change my signature!
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Yay Anna! I can't believe so many babies so soon!

I just got a phone call that my husband's aunt had her baby this morning -- which is hilarious because she was just at our house for dinner last night, no signs of anything, and not ten hours later and she has a baby! Very unexpected, because she's a first-timer and was due at the same time as me, and I was fully expecting to go first!
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Thread Starter 
This is incredible! I didn't really *mean* it when I gave this thread the title I did! :LOL

go Anna go!

plantmommy, I don't think you're a bad sport at all. I was feeling the same way - "hey! that's not fair!" - but I guess our kids know best when they want to arrive, eh? I think mine is waiting for me to scrub the kitchen floor.

xo, j

ps: Savannah - William and McKenna are so cute! Especially the plaid pictures!!
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Plantmommy I will join you in saying "No fair!" I am due in 4 days. I think David is too comfortable. Yeah Anna!
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Savannah - those pics are AMAZING! Especially the plaid cuties. I even made dh come in to look at them.
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I am missing you guys!

These last three days have been hell.
At 3 days postpartum (Friday) I developed a nasty mastitis infection and have been in bed ever since. This is the first time I have managed to be up and around since then. I have had a fever of about 102.9 for three days that wouldn't go down, extreme body aches and headache, and the worst chills ever. We're talking delirious shaking out of my skin for an hour and a half at a time. That happened twice and it was scary!
My Dr. prescribed antibiotics, but sent me to the ER today since my fever did not go down and I was still not well, so that they could rule out any other type of infection, such as uterine, which it wasn't.

Sadly I have already stopped breastfeeding.
Saturday morning I was quite alarmed when I looked down at my bra and saw that it was covered in blood.
My nipples are a mess.
I just can't get past the excrutiating pain of it, once again.
I was really confident that things were going to be different this time, and I wouldn't have to go through this again.
I know I could continue to nurse, and see a lactation consultant and try to get past this......and I hate to even type these words out.....but I just don't want to. I can't stand the stress of it.
If my other kids came near me when I was trying to nurse I was biting their heads off.

I don't even really know how to end this "explanation", so I'll just say goodbye for now and I'll post as soon as I start feeling better. I'm feeling a little less than Mother of the Year at this point.
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Oh, Danielle, that sounds just awful. I'm so sorry. Don't beat yourself up, OK? You're doing just great, Mama, and your family knows it. Take care of you now, and the rest will shape up quickly.

Is there a birth story anywhere? Stats and pictures? I really miss hearing from you. We had our babies on the same day!
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P.S. to Danielle... For What It's Worth, I found both times that my sore, bleeding nipples were not bothered (and in fact began to quickly heal) when I pumped milk with a nice electric double pump. It may be an option for you, if you'd still like to be able to breastfeed, without the pain and hassle of hard core, non-bottle "working through it".

I rented Nicolas' pump at a nearby pharmacy; this time my mom bought one ahead of time. The hospital rents them, too.
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Danielle, the fastest and best way to get rid of mastitis is to keep the breasts emptied. I hope you're pumping, since not nursing?

Also, I know you said you don't want to see an LC, but it's so early that once you did get the baby latching on correctly, you would notice an immediate difference (i.e., it wouldn't hurt except at latch for a few seconds, and that only for a few days, because the traumatized part of your nipple is past the area of receiving any pressure when the baby is correctly latched) and with help and persistance the problem could be rectified within 24 hours.

I've BTDT, and know how horrible it is.

Jen and Heather, thanks for the support! And, just to keep things interesting, for the first time ever I am experiencing "bloody show" before labor has begun. I guess those BH cntrx. and the intermittant real ones are actually doing something. Goes to show how right they are when they say it's different every time. With my first, I lost it all at the hospital, at 3cm, and with dd, I never saw anything but a tiny bit of pink, and that in early labor the day she way born.

hmmm. Guess that time with dh was good for something other than his ego.
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I never saw my mucous plug when pregnant w/Christopher. They induced me with Cytotec (never again) and then ruptured my waters. For the last couple of weeks I have been having what I would considered the consistency of egg whites flowing out but that's about it. Every now and then a bloody piece the same diameter of a pencil eraser will come out.
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Yeah for Anna! I'm jealous too.

Big hugs for Danielle You know what's best for you and your children. It sounds very painful and I hope it goes away quickly so you can enjoy Finn and give your other children lots of love.

Hope all is well with Caroline and Sheryl!

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Oh, Danielle. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope your fever goes down and you're feeling better soon!

Savannah, your babes are so cute!!

Didn't get too much sleep last night. I kept rolling over and over and thinking about Sheryl and Anna-wondering if they had a boy or girl. Hopefully, I can get a nap in after school.

Yesterday, I talked with my dad and grandma who live in another state. I sent them some pictures of dh, me and my belly that were quite beautiful, I thought. Well, my grandma said I look really "big" and then asked how much weight I gained. She then went on how I'll probably have a 9lb baby, to which I said, "as long as he's healthy it doesn't matter." Well, then my dad, said to me I "looked rather large" I said, "What do you mean?" He said it looks like I gained a lot of weight. I told him I'm perfectly on target for having a healthy baby.
By this time in the conversation I was on the verge of tears!
I got off the phone and proceeded to cry. Maybe it's my hormones, but they totally hurt my feelings!

My belly is big, but I feel beautiful! And so what if my baby is big. Why do people think babies should only be in the 7# range??? Ugh!

vent over.

I hope everyone has a relaxing day!

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36 weeks 5 days

I wanted to hop online and share this link: http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAMWbli4bM2zno with everyone. It has 5 pics of me and the kids that were taken this weekend.

Be back later to post and read.
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Ugh, Meredith, how terrible of them!

fwiw, our parents (and grandparents) are from a generation when they thought gaining 20lbs, which is the minimum considered healthy nowadays, was way too much during pregnancy.

I went through the same thing with my first, having my mother-in-law tell me that I had to be careful, I was gaining too much and I wouldn't be able to get it off after the baby was born. Well, I'd had horrible morning sickness with him, and only gained 18lbs total! Luckily, I had my OB pressuring me to gain more at the time, so I just ignored her.

I gained a LOT more with both subesquent pregnancies, and every time she brought it up, I'd just tell her blankly that the weight expectations nowadays are much higher, and I'd worry about losing any extra AFTER my healthy baby was born.

Right now I weigh more than I ever have in my life, and I don't care a bit. I'm healthy, my baby is healthy, and that it what's important.
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