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Our unassisted, at home, water birth . . .

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Heather Elizabeth was born on Friday, August 27th, 2004 - on her due date !!

I am still working on the details of her birth to write up her story properly, but felt I could post the short version here in the mean-time.

Friday morning started like any other lately - woke up and puttered around the apartment, playing with our 2-year old, having breakfast then off to do some errands. We got back around 11 am.

I put Owen down for his nap - nursed him to sleep while Brad cooked up some pasta for our lunch.

Between 11:30 and 12:00, I was sitting out in our living room,
chatting to a couple of friends when the first contraction came on. Really strong, it actually HURT. And the next was about 5 minutes later, and they were a minute or more long.

One of the people I'd been chatting with was my doula - she asked if she should come over, but since I'd had a number of "false" starts lately, I put her off for a bit - she went to have a shower. When she came back, I told her it was a good time to come over, then I went to shower myself. Washing my hair and all during some strong contractions was interesting, but the hot water felt good.

I got Brad to start inflating our pool, and took to leaning over our excersice ball during the contractions - with Brad pushing on my hips/tailbone as hard as he could. Then he was filling the pool up with water.

When Tammy arrived, my contractions were less than a minute apart, and she asked if we'd called the midwife - which we hadn't done yet !! So Brad paged her, and we found out that she was at another birth, but she got someone else to head our way - that was around 1:00 or so I think.

Owen woke up from his nap around this time and came out to the living room - he was a bit scared, and clingy to Brad. He gave me a hug and kiss, and tried to copy Tammy in pressing on my back.

Not long after that, the pool was filled enough for me to get in - so I waited for a bit of a break and stripped down and got into the pool, leaning on the couch on my hands and knees.

Somewhere around there - Tammy asked if she should call 911, but was told "NO" in no uncertain terms - there was a midwife on the way, and I was managing okay (contrary to the moaning and groaning and carrying on I was doing in the pool!). The phone rang then - the midwife who was on her way had been in a car accident !! But another midwife was on her way !

It wasn't long after that that what felt like multiple ctx on top of one another started - luckily that didn't last long, and I could feel the baby coming way down. Brad was standing in the pool behind me, pushing on my back and tailbone.

My water broke in a gush - clear as clear could be ! Brad didn't notice anything being as I was in the water, but there was NO missing it for me.

A couple of contractions later I was screaming - loud - NO NO NO. Tammy asked me "No what" - I told her the baby was coming now, coming out.

Tammy was telling Brad to look and see if he could see the baby's head, but because of our positions, he couldn't tell. I think it was 2 contractions later that I could feel her head coming out - somehow I flipped from my hands and knees to sitting - Brad could see the back of her head then. I told him to hold the baby's head, but then put my hands back onto her as the next contraction came on and her head came out. I had her head in my hands as her shoulders came out next, then somehow caught her under the shoulders as she flew out with the next contraction.

I brought her up out of the water, and took a look to see if our baby was a boy or a girl. I *think* I told Brad and Tammy that we had a baby girl, but I'm not sure. That was 1:50 pm. Not 2 full hours after the first contraction hit me !

Heather latched on and started to suckle almost immediately, so we stayed in the water for a little while - someone contacted our midwife and told her that the baby was here, breathing, nursing and starting to get some colour, and I called my mom too.

With some help, I got out of the pool and onto our couch - and was lounging there covered in lots of towels and a blanket when the midwife (not ours) arrived about 2:15 pm.

Heather's cord was cut around 3-ish, placenta delivered not too long after that. She has been nursing like a dream, had lots of wet diapers and is working on clearing out the mec. Her big brother has been kissing and loving on her, he's fascinated with her little nose.

I know I've left lots out, but it's all something of a blur to me. Somewhere in there Brad and Tammy got Owen into his high chair watching TV and eating bananas !
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Congratulations on such a simple, quick birth! I'm in awe.
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Congratulations....enjoy your babymoon, mama.
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Congratualtions mama!

What a beautiful, perfect birth!
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Congrats mama and papa
welcome to the world little one
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Such a great birth story! I hope one day I have one like that! How wonderful for you, congratulations!!!
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Congrats!!! What a wonderful birth!
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Congratulations! What a great birth story--Thank you for sharing!
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Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon!
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Ooooooooh, how ideal is THAT???? Great job, Mama!!! Thank you for sharing such an incredibly inspiring birth story. Hopefully I can have a nice simple home water birth next time...

What a sweet little boy your son sounds like.
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What a beautiful birth story.
I hope to have a birth like that for my next one.

Congratulations to you all.

ETA What a great day to be born my BF just said...it was his 34th birthday.
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Originally Posted by LizaBear
The phone rang then - the midwife who was on her way had been in a car accident !! But another midwife was on her way !
I can't believe that!! Oh well. You had an awesome birth and I'm glad it was quick for you. I hope your midwife is okay.

Congrats mama!
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Sounds like it happened just the way it was supposed to. My birth story is kind of similar (unassisted water birth). It's awesome, isn't it?
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Wow! What a great birth. Those quick births make it hard to remember the details!
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I get all choked up these days when I hear these stories and yours brought tears and a huge smile to my face. What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing Heather with us!
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Just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for reading our story - Heather's birth was a blessing to our family in so many uncountable ways.
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Wow....what a story mama!sounds like one i would like to tell myself next time!congratulations to all of you..enjoy!

holly :2bfbabe: and raya (04/04)
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Awesome story - it's very much like my unexpectedly unassisted waterbirth (geeze, almost a whole year ago now!). I love that it happened that way, as I'm guessing you are too!
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Thank you
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