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I am waiting, waiting at 41 weeks with very few labor signs. This is my second (and second homebirth) so I am expecting some similiar scenario. This little one is waiting longer than my son did (only 5 days past). Does anybody have any words of wisdom of how to wait thru this? Or joyous birth stories that follow a post due babe? I could use a pep talk . . .
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3 out of 5 times I have gone to 42 weeks (once actually a bit beyond). I had fast easy labors with all of them. All I can say is as the days with a newborn rush by, you will wonder what all the fuss was about an extra week here or there. I will be 38 weeks on Tues. and I keep trying to tell myself the same thing!

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My best advice at 2am LOL is to not be so hung up on what your due date is. There is nothing magical in it really, every baby and pregnancy is different, even for the same mother. You just simply know when you are 40 weeks...the baby don't care. I don't believe in the whole "placenta wears out" bit either...but I am sure you know that.

One woman I knew from a list carried to 43 weeks last year...A lot of people know Leilah from www.birthlove.com had two pregnancies go all the way up to 46 weeks, and they were beautiful homebirths and healthy babies. (she was a bit surprised when her most recent baby arrived at 41 weeks!)

I know how it is to get anxious for those labor signs though....they will come.
Sending (((((((((vibes))))))))
and best wishes!

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I went to a full 42 weeks... we had the pressure of the back up doc who had done a non stress test and fluid levels were getting low... the night before we would have to go back for the next one (3 days later) and knowing they would want to induce, and knowing i wanted my baby at home without all that crap... i pulled out all stops which included taking Caulopyllum 200 C (which is the homeopathic version of blue cohosh) I had been taking it once a day for the last few months of preg anyway, to prepare things....
One of my books suggesed I take 4 doses (one every 15 minutes for an hour). That's all. That night, in the wee hours.. i went into labor fast and furious. we cancelled our back up appt and had a baby instead!! Things went pretty fast and intense, about 7 hours total. first baby.
As long as things are fine and fluid levels are good etc... you should be able to go as long as you need to. If you aren't taking it, you could try Caulopyllum once a day and see where you go
When my son was born, my midwife showed me the placenta which had been starting to calcify (whiteish spots) in places, so in fact, it was time...
good luck to you.
Wishing you a smooth, easy and graceful birth!!
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Do some laundry.
Wipe down your counters.
Organize the baby's dresser again.
Lie down.
Check the moon cycle.
Read the paper.
Love your life at this moment...because, lady, it ain't never gonna be the same
Here's to a peaceful birth and a well-rested recovery.
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Thanks for sharing...it reminded me that I had to go get clothes out of the dryer!

So I did that, and really, I like your response a lot. Simple and very much what I would want to thear at the end of my preg.
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