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Are you expecting to be early?

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I am wondering this a lot lately...almost all of the women around me that have been due, have been significantly early, and in the chat threads it seems everyone is expecting (or hoping?) to be early. I haven't actually thought about this, except for maybe a couple of days early at the most, until my sister had her baby three days ago and she was almost three weeks early. Now I'm kind of freaking out.

Anyone else notice a string of early births lately? Not that I mind if I am a little early, but it's throwing me off....

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I, too, have noticed a lot of mommies-to-be hoping or even planning on being early. I belong to another (more mainstream) board and it shocks me the number of mommies wanting to go early or even be induced (fear of big babies).

I'm due September 20th, but thinking more like 41 weeks or so will be likely. I don't have any real idea. Anytime is fine - although I'd rather it not be this week (for return time to work reasons).
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I have seen a LOT of early September babies. I also am part of another birth club board and there have been many, many babies born already, with quite a few being true preemies in the NICU, etc. I don't remember having nearly so many very early babes born on my son's birth board. I was actually mulling over possible explanations for such a coincidence, but can't come up with anything that sticks.

I think most women at some point or another hope to go early. It's just part of that "I'm ready to meet my baby and/or I'm ready to not be pg" thing. These days, though, it's a little scary because of the number of opportunities for that to actually happen with medical interventions.

Personally, I don't think I'll go very "early." I really expect to be right about "on-time" with this one, but my range is over a few days. With my first, I didn't have a really good idea of dates (LMP, conception, etc.), and ended up going 6 days past the EDD given to me by the docs. Unfortunately, I'd been expecting to go 2 days before their dates, so it seemed even longer to me than it was. (Assuming their dates were correct, I actually went a very average amount of time.) I'm trying very hard not to set myself up for the same thing this time! I need to start scheduling things to fill up the next two or three weeks so that I have things to look forward to, and won't be disappointed while I'm waiting.

The great thing to remember is that every day brings us closer to meeting these precious babes. They really WILL come out! "Late" doesn't mean "never" - it just means you're that much closer!

Here's hoping we can all be as patient as we need to be...
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Well, I happen to know that both previous times I conceived on day 17 of my cycle, and this time I conceived on day 14. My first was born the day before his calculated EDD (based on a typical cycle and DOC being at day 14) and my dd was 10 days late, 2nd baby or no!

But yeah, I had been rather convinced that this one would be a bit early, backed up by that 14th day conception. Plus, you know, it seemed fair! On time, late, early! ;D Plus I did feel movement early, got bigger early, etc.

Part of that was also wishful thinking, as this past week would have been the perfect time, and this coming week will not be, what with the kids going back to school and the in-laws back in the country.

If it's not gonna be today, though, I'd rather he wait until Friday, so we have at least the three day weekend with the whole family home. That would be on EDD.

Oh, I should also say that my mom always had her babies early, as did my sister.
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No, I'm expecting to go into labor late. My prediction is 8 days late.

My mom had my sister 1 week early, and me on my due date. Don't know if that matters for me at all.

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Personally I am hoping and praying that I only go about 10 days late with this babe because anymore than that and I will start to feel the PRESSURE to either induce or go for a repeat c-section.

My MWs know that I want to go the whole 3 weeks over (at which point I get transferred to an OB and get to fight with a WHOLE new person lucky me) but based on DS' birth weight I am just waiting for the "helpful suggestions" to come after I am about 1 week late....sigh

Oops...I just noticed that this was posted to the September EC...sorry guys LOL. I followed the link in from the main page

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I am due Sept. 22 and I HOPE I dont go early. I am hoping for October! However, judging from my past history, that probably isnt likely to happen - Ive never even been 40 weeks pregnant before. Riley was cesarean born at 39 weeks and Paityn was VBACed at 38.5 (spontaneous labor).

I have a list of things I should do, that I havent even started on. I think I am in denial.
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I'm feeling the same way, Lynsey. I'm not due till the end of September (25th), and I'm hoping I don't go early. I still have things to do and plus, I just love being pregnant
Though, I'm only 36 weeks now, so probably in a couple more, I'll be feeling ready for this baby to come out.

My mom was 2 weeks late with my bother and me--does that have anything to do with when I'll go???
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I don't think I'll go early or particularly late either. Of course we are still "estimating" when my due date is. I have only the vaguest memory of when my last period was (I'd only had a couple and none of them regular since Jack was born 10 months earlier). The u/s moved the date forward by about 10 days but then there's how 'accurate' that is. :LOL Tori was born on her due date and Jack was born the day after.

I haven't had hardly any B-H ctx. I had some for about 5 days about 6 weeks ago but I know it was caused by stress. DH decided to pick a fight and I decided to not back down.

On a side note, my mom went 20 days "past due" with my brother and 10 days with me.
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I was. Not so sure now. By now, my youngest 5 were here. Only my oldest was later-2 days after the "due date". My "due date" is in 5 days. I think the biggest thing keeping me from going into labour is the stress and anxiety I'm feeling about it.
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I'm due the 15th, but have always felt it could be early. I had early movment, have always measured ahead of my dates, and on u/s baby was bigger than date, and I am having so much pre-labor. I hope he comes this Friday - would be ideal! But, I'm waiting for him. I would never induce! Plus, I am UC'ing at home, so it's up to the babe...
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I am due on the 3rd and I was hoping I would go early since my Dad who offered to come down and help is leaving for a business trip on the 1st. I am now 4 days till my due date and pretty much it will just be Grant and I once the baby is here. No help from my family unfortunately. It will be interesting to see when this kid will show up.
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Heather!!! OMG! You just freaked me out with that 4 days til EDD, since I'm also due 9/3. I just hadn't thought of it in that way.
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