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after 3 days of kindergarten dd says she is bored...

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my other thread about dd and kinder got only one response so i hope this gets more responses.on friday after 3 days of kinder dd told me it was boring. she also got no work sheets to do at home because she finished them in class. it just doesn't seem that she wants to go in kinder it seems that she knows she has to go.........she i mention it to the teacher. she is also very quiet lately when i pick her up , not her usually bubbly self.. i am worried that it is too easy for her. it is also only a half day and then she goes to daycare.. the room is small and there doesn 't seem alot for them to do...
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I wonder if she has connected to any classmates? My feeling is that k-garten is not necessarily about the academics, but about the social aspect, as well as structured playtime, and theme based learning. Also, sometimes teachers are kind of disorganized at first and they don't start digging in to the real curriculum for a week or so. Maybe give it a little time. Or talk to the teacher about it. Or give her some extra "academics" to do at home with you (one of those kindergarten workbooks?) If it helps any, my dd, who just entered 1st grade, has been very quiet and subdued since starting. I think she's checking it out, trying to figure out what's up. She's not ready to talk too much about it, whereas my son, is talking amile a minute about the teacher he likes. Keep us posted!
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My DS says the same thing. He loved preschool, so I am trying not to worry. Hopefully this is just an adjustment period. It does take some time to get a class up and running, especially kindergarten, in which there are probably a few kids who have never been to school before. There also are a lot more kids in his class (25 total) than there were in preschool, and I think he misses the chance to frequently interact with the teacher.

My DS is also pretty advanced as far as academics go, so if they are doing simple things like letter recognition, he would be bored stiff. I don't actually know much about what he does in class, because when I ask, all he claims he can remember is what they had for snack! I am trying to relax about it until Curriculum Night in late September. If they are working well below his ability, and not adapting some material for him, then I will push it.

Hopefully your daughter will settle in and feel good about it in a few days. I think it's probably too early for any of us, kids or parents, to judge at this point.

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Yeah I have to agree & say that they spend the first couple weeks catching those kids who arent as far along up. I agree I would get her some work books for home,
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The first couple of weeks in K is really boring (trust me, I was the teacher lol). It is spent teaching the kiddos who didn't do preschool all the rules like how to walk in line etc and getting everyone used to the routine...then after all is running smoothly the fun will begin!

I agree that if she'd like worksheets, buy one of those workbooks and let her go at it. If she doesnt care, I wouldn't worry about it!

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Back in 1975, at 4 years old, I came home from kindergarten and told my mom that I didn't need to go to school anymore because I already knew more than the teacher. She was teaching the alphabet and I had been reading for a year. But the SOCIAL implications of kindergarten were much more interesting and important. That stumped me much more than any ABC's and 123's. To this day, I have a hard time connecting with people. Great reader, poor people-person.

Kindergarten isn't required in my home state and it's considered a year of acclimation. I wouldn't put too much on the schooling and make sure the kiddo is adjusting to a whole, long day (or half-day) away from Mama. That's just opinion, though, because my dd is not headed off to school for a while yet. No real experience, except my own personal experience.
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