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Do YOU sing along to the music??

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Okay, FESS UP!!!

I am a TOTAL singer alonger!!! I can't HELP MYSELF!!! I try to remain silent, but it doesn't last long!!!

None of my friends sing along to the radio!! I feel bad, bc I'm sure it's pretty annoying when you are trying to listen to the REAL music, and some crappy old singer-want-to-be WON'T SHUT UP!!!

Sometimes even OWEN tells me to stop singing!!

How about you?

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I sing like crazy. So does DD and best friend! How do people not sing is my question? Doesn't the spirt just move you when you hear a oh-so-singable song?
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Absolutely, but only when I'm alone. I have been told that I can't "carry a tune across the street!"
AAHH! Every body's a critic!

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I sing LOUD and I get way into the music! I often wonder what other drivers think when they pass by
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Definitely!!! I used to commute 45 minutes to work and a lot of the time I would spend singing, learning songs, doing vocal exercises when I was taking voice lessons. Once I spent a week memorizing the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall". If I could only play guitar and drive at the same time...
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Absolutely! And I will freely admit that I have a terrible voice. I am tone deaf and cannot carry a tune.
When my dd was a baby I used to sing to her while I was feeding her. I thought it was so sweet, we would sit in the lazy boy and I would sing her to sleep. That is, until the night she reached up and clamped her chubby little hand over my mouth.
It was both funny and kind of embarrasing...

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Oh god yes!
I won't listen to songs I can't sing along to. What is the point?
I love to sing along while in the car with my sweet Shoshanna. She doesn't seem to mind my voice, and my husband says he likes it. I even sing along with those damn Gap commercials.
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Last night I just sang along with the entire Bridge Over Troubled Water cd. Some songs more than once.
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Oh Shoshannasmom- You're so funny! I love those Gap commercials and can't help but sing along, too!! (Then I sing that same song to my dd all day long.) Singing with the music is so fun!
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All the time, with dd in the car. She's the only one who appreciates my singing voice. I don't sing with dh in the car - he's got an excellent singing voice and people like that intimidate me
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Not just yeah, Hell Yeah!

I'm not just a sing a longer, I'm an enabler. My little is has been told not to sing by everyone. When she and I drive together we crank it up and SING! With her it is usually rock from the 60's and 70's. With my college girlfriends it is Broadway musicals. One of my best memories with 'Ed' is singing along to Les Miz while she and I drove around near her home in Vermont, enjoying the first snowfall of my life. We howled ourselves silly during 'On My Own' and then high fived, "Yeah! We nailed that high note!" Total BS, but we were so happy.

Remember the lesson from 'Everything I Need to Know...Kindergarten', If you ask a group of little kids "How many know how to sing? to dance? to draw?" they all raise their hands. You ask a group of adults and no one does. We all need to stop worrying that our efforts aren't adequate and simply celebrate our efforts.
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Just ask jasnjakesmama how much I sing...

she makes fun of me, she says that I know every song. (Although I don't claim to know every song - I do know a lot of songs). And, I sing to the music or without music. I sing all day long... And I am sure some people may find it annoying - but I literally cannot help it!!!!

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Kama'aina mama, I love what you said about the kindergarteners vs. adults...that's so true! We do all know how to sing, paint, draw, dance...yet somewhere along the line, someone (grrrr :mad: ) teaches us that if we don't do it like a pro, then we "can't" or worse, "shouldn't." Really something that makes you go hmmmm....
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We all sing, me, dh, ds's! I love to sing.

My girlfriend was dating this guy and she broke up with him. When asked why (he was pratically perfect) she said he sang with the radio!
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all the time

I sing all day, everyday...walking down the street..at work, with my daughter. Sometimes my daughter gets mad and tells me to stop but that usually because she wants to sing!
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I sing along to the radio all the time. Used to tease my mom when we'd me in the grocery store & she'd be singing along to old country tunes- NOW I DO IT!! ACK! Luckily our ds has inherited his daddy's musical ability, not mine. Can't carry a tune, but I don't care!
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Yes, I always sing along! Can't help it. DD#1 sings along too. She loves music. When we get in the car to go somewhere she often ask for me to put on her song (it's one by Sarah McLachlan I can't remember the name of it) or ask for an artist by name, like hey mommy put on some "Bob" on please. She also has lately been making up her own songs and singing them to me.
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