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Feeling like a worry wart: babbling

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Ok, I know that my little boy is probably just fine, but I'm still concerned about his babbling...or shall we say his lack thereof. The twins are almost 8 months old, born at 35w5d; they were a fairly good size at birth (6lbs12oz and 7lbs7oz) and both passed their hearing tests in the hospital.

William has been babbling away for about a month now. He's making b and d sounds, vowel sounds and sounds like he's mimicking conversations (voice lilts up, or goes down depending). John on the other hand is completely happy to just squeal with delight or blow raspberries. He makes "a" sounds and that's about all I hear. He's a very laid back little boy. I know he hears me because I can call him from different parts of the room and he'll turn to face me. I just don't understand why he hasn't started babbling yet. He'll even watch me intently when I make silly sounds to him or when I'm chewing my food, but doesn't seem to mimic the sounds or movements.

Can someone here reassure me? Is it a twin thing? Could he possibly have some hearing loss that we don't know about?
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I wouldn't worry at all Babies progress at totally different paces and it's just obvious to you that John's not babbling because William is doing so much of it. My girls are 1 day younger than your boys and Ella is babbling up a storm while Sadie is behaving more like John. They're at different places in their physical progress as well. i'm not worried and I don't think you should be either
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i agree with milkfacemama... it's nothing to worry about. my boys are identical and micah started babbling way before jonah... jonah's still not that vocal. but he did crawl first, walk first and micah lags behind him physically.

it's hard not to get worried especially when you have one who is doing something while the other isn't... it's really easy to compare. i usually have parents/grandparents scrutinizing their every milestone on top of it and i constantly have to field questions like, "why is jonah doing this and not micah?" or vice versa, which doesn't help. i just try to explain that each boy has his own speciality.
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Thanks for the reassurance, ladies. Wouldn't you know it? As soon as I post about worrying about John's babbling, what does he go and do tonight at the dinner table? BABBLE! My silly little boy was just taking his sweet time. His first babble was "nanananana!"

Silly mama needs to relax!
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