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Twins are here!

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McKenna Rose, 6:33 a.m., 18 inches, 5 lbs. 12 ozs.
William Douglas, 7:04 a.m., 18 inches, 6 lbs. 3 ozs.

I need to write the expanded birth story... But I've been kindof busy!

The babies came Tuesday, August 24, 2004. It was amazing! In a nutshell, I woke up at 3:15 a.m. with a sharp contraction that broke my water, and pretty mild contractions regularly after that. I did stuff around the house, tried to rest, etc., but an hour later I’m on the toilet grunting and realized I had sailed through TRANSITION!!!! Mad rush to wake Matt, gather stuff that I still hadn’t packed, and zoom off to Southern Regional. I managed to stave off pushing until we arrived at the hospital (5:15) and doc arrived and was ready to catch (6:15). (Big delay because none of the hospital folks believed I was already completely dilated at first!) I got to stay in the L/D room, have my three birth support people in there, AND even push/deliver using the squatting bar, all as I had hoped. Eighteen peaceful yet exciting minutes later, McKenna was born. Then I waited for contractions again and 31 minutes later pushed out William in one long push (which included the membrane breaking on its own at the beginning). It was all so perfect that only God could have been involved in the orchestration!!! He is so good!

My diaper changing and laundry help (mom and sis) just left today, so now I get to dive into that cute stash of cloth I've been itching to put on them. Also, the meconium is gone, so I'm ready! =O)

Please see my baby & birth photos... http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWzCeg

I'll post diaper pictures soon! Here they are (one week old babies): http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWzClA
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Congratulations!! They are absolutely gorgeous!
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Congratulations and great job mama!!! They are so so so so precious!!!
Enjoy your babymoon.
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Those pictures are great! And wow!! Your birth sounds so amazingly fantastic. Its so nice to know that a twin birth can go off without a hitch

Love the picture of McKenna in her first diaper too


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Oh MY they are so cute!!!! Congratulations mama, I am amazed by your birth story. REALLY amazed, wow.

Congrats on your sweeties, I am glad all is going well!

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i love the pic of big bro and his twin siblings... they all look alike to me!

congratulations and great job, mama!

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Congratulations! You did an amazing job, delivering twins naturally! They are beautiful and I love the pics of them and their proud big brother!
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Congrats!! Can't wait to see more diaper pics. Have a happy babymoon
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amazing!!!! enjoy your newborns! they are so beautiful. wow. no words, just awe!
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Congratulations mama! They are absolutely beautiful! Perfect in every way
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Congrats! Their little faces are so precious! Enjoy your babymoon - it sounds like you couldn't have asked for a better birth.

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They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
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Wow! What a great story! It's wonderful to read about healthy full-term twins being born naturally. The pictures are gorgeous. It's funny that Matt looks more dazed and tired than you do! Are you actually smiling for the camera when you're getting ready to push? Super Woman!
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They are just beautiful! They look like they really each other in the pics.
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Your babies melt my heart, Savannah. I'm glad your labor and birth were nice and speedy and I love their cd's!! Congrats!
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Beautiful Savannah!! Congrats again, you are super! ohh and I just love those cuties and that proud big brother.
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