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Originally posted by kama'aina mama
Claiming that things come out even in some way because women can be mothers just doesn't work logically. The male equivilant to mother is father, not priest.
Sorry I just finished a huge post, but right here Kama has cut to the core of the whole issue. When LDS people look at our lives, they don't end at death! We believe that part of the highest degree of glory (heaven) is to be married. In fact, to be saved at this highest level (to attain "eternal life") the man cannot be saved without the woman, neither the woman without the man. Women and men who haven't had that opportunity will GET that opportunity in the afterlife if they live faithfully. We also believe that the CHURCH structure is simply an artifice that is in place for our mortal existence.

When Abraham was the leader of his "church", he was the patriarch of his family. At that time, his priesthood role was father. He was NOT a bishop, a Sunday school teacher, or whatever. He was ALL those things.
The male equivalent to mother IS father. That's all that is important. All this other stuff as leaders of the church or NOT leaders of the church is simply to keep the saints together here on the earth. There won't be stakes and wards in heaven. There will ONLY be families.

It has taken me a long time to put value on motherhood the way God values it. It has eternal glory attached to it! He's not going to care if I am a Relief Society president or "just" a Primary teacher. If dh is "only" a Primary teacher his whole life instead of a bishop or an apostle, the Lord doesn't put a value on that more or less. It's only that he filled his call with honor and integrity. One of our church presidents said that "No success can compensate for failure in the home." I.e., every man and woman has every responsibility to their family, and if a family is not for someone at this time or even in this earthly life, then he or she can become a better person spiritually in order to prepare for the family he/she will have in the next life!
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Originally posted by ldsapmom

Women will NEVER hold the priesthood -- just as men will NEVER enter motherhood; the two are weighed with an equal amount of blessings and responsibilties.

Your arguments are not new; I've heard them all of my life. In fact, I could have written your response to my statement at the same time I made my statement. Yes, motherhood is a wonderful blessing, but so is fatherhood. My husband has the same blessings and responsibilities as a parent that I do.

I've been going to the Unitarian Church and it's amazing--I happen to have a female minister. And I started thinking, "Wow, that's neat. Women can have babies AND be in a ministerial position!"

And, prior to 1978, people probably thought, "African Americans will never have the priesthood...." ( I know that was the thinking of my grandfather at the time.) Perhaps women will have the priesthood (priestesshood?) someday--perhaps it just hasn't been revealed to us yet.

I don't want to argue with you (or anyone else) though-- you're right: the Church is true for you, and for me it's not. That's ok.

(I'm actually not the "outsider" that I sound like. I am quite steeped in Church doctrine and I know all of the Church's answers to my questions. I just don't like those answers. And, as a child/young adult, I remember thinking that I didn't "want" the power of the priesthood--but now I realize that was ingrained in me through the Church teachings. I now look at my son and my daughter--they are equally capable. I hate the gender differences that will be placed upon them by society, religion, etc.)
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