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Originally Posted by Lucysmama
And I am so sorry mamas for constantly whining to you guys. I swear I am not normally like this, this has just been a rough few months.
That's the best part of having a group of women like this. We can vent, bitch and moan to our hearts content and don't have to worry about having the people we see on a regular basis roll thier eyes at us because they've heard the story a hundred times.

Amie - I'm with Nancy. While my language has definately cleaned up the past year or so, when my darling son started saying sh*t everytime he dropped something (fortunately he's stoppped, and now uses the less offensive cr*p ), I still need work. Yup, potty mouth club member in good standing.
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You guys always seem to reflect my mood. I'm grumpy, tired, and huge, and my toddler is going through shrieking bouts as well. I'm so glad dh is home for 3 days. I got to take a nap today. I feel like sleeping all the time. I thought about taking a walk today but that's about it. I can't even motivate myself enough to do that. And there are dishes and laundry piled up, cause apparently I'm the only one in this house who knows how to do them.

Hugs to all of you who need them. Katie- if you can't vent here, where can you? We're all in this together, so to speak. I hope things with Lucy settle down soon. I've been thinking that maybe it's anxiety about the unknown for these kids, and after the babies get here they'll adjust and calm down a bit.

Amie- I woulda done the same thing, if not worse. I'm non-confrontational too in the worst way, but when someone messes w/ my kid, it lites a fire in me. I'm glad Ember had a good time though.

And Nancy - what the heck is going on? Puking and B/P problems!? I'm so sorry you're so sick! Hopefully it will pass soon. Is it flu season already?

Hope you enjoyed your pudding Mirthfulmum! That sounds so good.

p.s.- I'm a potty mouth too, but try really hard not to be around ds. When I do slip, he says, "mommy don't say that bad word!" Which is good, cause at least he's not repeating them anymore. That was a fun phase.
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I just realized that I didn't send any hugs to Nancy!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry you're feeling so sick. Maybe it's just a bug and it'll pass quickly :. In the mean time, take care of yourself.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday, she is also pregnant with her second and has a toddler at home, and we were thinking that intuitively our kids just know that the babies are comming soon. No matter how many books we read to Alias, or how many times he watches the birth video, I don't really believe he can fully grasp what is going to be happening to the family in the next few weeks. The concept of adding an entirely new person to our family is a pretty complex idea, and frankly one that sometimes I have a hard time fully understanding. But on some instinctual level, he senses the big change that is about to happen in his life. I guess I've been lucky in that he's not been tantruming much. He definately has been more aggressive towards me, hitting and bitting me, but mostly he's been more clingy lately. He wants me to carry him everywhere, he wants to be sitting on my lap, and most nights he's rolled into our bed and snuggled up close to me by 3 am (which woud've never happened a couple of months ago, my boy likes his sleeping space). I really believe that though our little toddlers may be too young to "get" the whole baby thing they still picking up on the major change to come, so they're acting out more than usual. I guess it's just a sign of the new adventures in parenting we're all about to embark on!
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Mirthfulmum- that makes so much sense. I bet that has a lot to do with how much trouble we all seem to be having with our toddlers lately. I'm sure Lu is picking up on my stress and panicky "get everything ready for the baby"-ness, so even though she doesn't get that the baby is coming so soon, she probably knows on some level that her life is going to change even more.
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To all who are feeling tired, big and sick. Court I too just want to sleep all the time, but it doesn't always happen. And the whole hermit, that is definitely me these days. It takes so much energy just to take the kids outside and it has been so warm this past week. My oldest has been fighting a fever, so I feel like I have a legitimate excuse not to go out.

So I was pretty close to waking up dh yesterday and telling him I needed to go to the hospital. For a whole hour I had contractions that ranged between 2-15 min. apart. Half of them I had to relax and breathe through them. I reached 33 weeks yesterday and just kept praying, "Please God, take these away. It is too early to have my little guy." And he did, but I was a bit scared there. It seems like any little extra energy I put out causes my belly to get hard with sometimes braxton hicks and sometimes the real ones. Some days I just don't know if I will make it to my due date or my "guess-date." Anyways just wanted to send sticky baby vibes to everyone, that all of our babes will "cook" a bit longer till it is safe for them to come out
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For all you mommas participating in the bead swap... I've sent out the PM with the names and addresses so if you didn't get the list PM me and let me know.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!
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((hugs)) to all of you needing them. Katie, hon, I so hope things mellow out for you soon ... you sure deserve it after all the chaos you've been through!!

I too have been pretty darn grumpy. Fortunately not so much in every day going ons w/ DH and DS, but my mom has been driving me crazy lately, I'm sick of people asking me when I'm due (I don't know why, but I'm feeling so much more private about this pregnancy), I'm sick of people telling me "you're huge!" (as if being pregnant means that *anyone* likes hearing that? WTHeck is that about?) Thing is that I don't feel abnormally huge, and then I get wondering if I totally have a wrong mental picture of my size *lol* Grump, grump, grump.

I also think DS is picking up on the imminance of this baby coming. He's not "acting out" ... but he is acting more needy, fortunately nothing too overwhelming yet. He slept with his arms around me the entire night last night. It was sweet, and I *love* cuddling with him, but I have to admit that in the morning all I could think was that it wouldn't work to sleep like that all night long once the new baby's here. I take extra breaks w/ him throughout the day, we're reading "Little House on the Prairie" together, so we snuggle up on the couch to read a chapter on and off throughout the day. I need to find another book to follow up with once we're through that one and the next book in the series. Anyway, my gut tells me that I need to respond openly to his needing more of me, but some intellectual part of me asks if I'm setting him up to expect too much once the baby's here. Oh god, I hope I can *someone* manage to meet everyone's needs and not be totally wiped out.
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It's 3:43 am. I have been awake since 1:30. How can I be so tired and yet so awake a the same time?
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Good Morning Mirthful, hope you got to sleep eventually! I hate insomnia - whose idea was that anyways!

Today is labor day - the holiday which means I have 1 week to go until term (37 weeks), how unreal! We are re-borrowing most of our baby equiptment and most of it is scheduled to be picked up or dropped off over the next two weeks. My house is gonna start looking like a newborn is coming soon!

I hope everyone is dealing ok with the grumpies and the hermitness. I'm definetly a grumpy mama and I'm on my way to hermit status too. This weekend we've stuck pretty close to home but I don't mind going places as long as DH comes too. I'm finding it very difficult to deal with DD in public places these days. She also seems to be picking up on all the vibes of change and has been acting differently lately (of course it could just be a sign of being 2 as well!).
Must go and feed my family. Have a great day everyone. Hugs to all - we're getting there mamas!
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b/c I was sitting up a few hours before eating dried papaya and falling asleep. Then I got up and got on the computer for a while. I was back a sleep by the time you got up.

btw, yall have some beautiful names maybe I should look and see what goes with Mikayla. :LOL
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