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Just thought I'd let you guys know that I posted a belly pic...not a very becoming pic (I was really tempted to airbrush the strech marks, hehe). Keeping it real :LOL
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:LOL I'll post in a few weeks. I'm getting pros...course my clothing will be closed. Me and my photographer are friends. I don't want to scare his thinning hair off his head..:LOL
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Well much as I predicted (maybe I jinxed my self by saing it out loud) it is almost 4:30 am here and I have been up for almost an hour and a half :yawning:. I hate just lying in bed trying to get to sleep. My mind always seems to wander into the worst and most stressful thoughts. It's usually at this time that I begin to remember all things I have to do, and all the things I haven't done and all the little nagging fears and anxieties I have. With my racing brain and achey sore back it's no wonder I'm here online instead of sleeping peacefully.

Nice belly pics Soogie and Amie . Funny, I haven't ben taking that many pictures of my belly this time around.

: Amy. I hope you and your family keep safe during the huricane. You really do sound so calm and together though, I'm sure you all will do just fine.

I was wondering why there have been fewer posts than usual here this week and then I realized that there are quite a few women moving this week. Hope all you moving mommas are doing well and that your trasition into your new homes goes smoothly!
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Hi Everyone. Well I'm on day three of the cold from h*ll. I still can't believe I managed to get a cold in the summer. It's bizarre - I never get sick! So I took Monday and Tuesday off and am sitting here in my PJs debating whether to go in to work or call in sick again....

Amy - there's another hurricane down there?! I don't know how you Floridians do it. The most exciting weather we ever get here is, um, rain. And if we evacuated every time it rained, we'd all be Californians. :LOL Oh wait, I guess we did have a big ice storm in January.... Which explains why there are pregnant women due in October everywhere I look. BTW, Courtney, thanks for the weather update. Didn't know it was gonna rain today - better get out there and pick my veggies.

Amie - This baby has been head-down for five weeks and I feel jabs down low all the time. Just last night I was almost asleep and it gave me a little punch that made me gasp and woke up DH. Poor guy, every little sound I make he pops up in bed thinking I'm in labor. :LOL

This baby also has the hardest little bottom I've ever felt. Sometimes it sticks right out on my left side and wiggles back and forth. Just like that! I don't know where he's got his feet to get that kind of leverage...

Back to the QOTW again: Last night in Birthing from Within class we talked about interventions. We're the only ones in our class planning a homebirth, so I usually just kinda sit through these discussions and think, "Ha. I don't have to worry about any of this!"

But last night the instructor had us draw pictures of 1)Ourselves being powerful in our ideal birth (piece of cake), 2)Being powerful with a small intervention (ARM or IV etc), 3)Being powerful with an epidural, and 4)Being powerful through a C-section. Yikes! My last three pictures were of me lying flat on my back looking grumpy and not at all powerful! So I guess I realized that I am really just not OK with any interventions, and if I end up in the hospital I'm going to be super disappointed and depressed.

So I guess that's my little project to deal with. How to be at peace if things don't go as planned, without it (intervention) becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy... any suggestions?

Hey is anyone doing a belly cast? It sounds like so much fun, but DH doesn't want to do one. His reasoning is that it will be so meaningful and we'll be so attached to it that we'll never be able to get rid of it. ie he doesn't want any more junk in the basement. I think it could come in handy. At parties we could put it face down on the table and use it to serve chips and dip! :LOL Or the kids could use it to sort Legos or something... hmm.. So has anyone done one before? Do you display it, or is it on a shelf in the basement?

Good luck to everyone moving this week! Yikes. I can barely move from sofa to fridge these days.
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Nancy, about your concerns about dissapointment if things don't go just how you want it ... well, for me, it's just been a matter of knowing that I've done everything in my power to set myself up for as positive of a birth experience as possible. After a certain point (for me, at least) I just have to surrender to the universe and what will be, will be ... and I just hope to be present (mindfully so, not just physically so) and hope to welcome our new baby as lovingly as possibly, given *any* circumstances. Don't know if that's helpful to you or not. A lot of this comes from my traumatic birth experience with DS1, and trying to come to terms with that while preparing for *this* birth, so I know my perspective is pretty skewed. Regardless, I wish you (and everyone else!) the birth of their dreams

About the belly cast, I too am throwing around the idea of making one, but also fear that it will become clutter. I think it would be really fun though
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Hey mamas,

Finally getting caught up after our vacation. We had a little problem with the computer the last few days but I think it's fine now!
Camping was great! Sleep was very uncomfortable though. I woke up a dozen times each night and everytime I opened my eyes I just wished that the next time I opened them that it would be light and I could get up. Oh, my aching hips! I managed several smaller hikes, just a couple of km's each and I even attempted to work my way down a rocky cliff, but once I was halfway down I realized I'd never be able to climb back up again if I went all the way. I pictured some sort of rescue team hauling me up with ropes and harnesses, lol. Don't worry, it wasn't a dangerous climb. There were elderly people making their way down and even a dad with a tiny infant in a snugli type carrier. I really wanted to see the caves at the bottom. Oh well, maybe another time. If you ever get a chance, I really recommend the Bruce Penninsula National Park in Ontario. Georgian Bay is very rugged and beautiful up there!
We made it back okay and it's just so nice being back in a normal bed, but I am waking up more frequently with aches and discomforts. On the second night back, a dog or coyote killed one of my sheep. It was so sad, poor thing. It had been getting out of some hole in the fence and so it was out of the saftey of the pasture (we have a guard llama, no kidding, and he keeps the coyotes and dogs away).
QOTW - I feel really confident that this birth is going to be straight forward and uncomplicated, but I do worry about scaring my kids. They just never see me in pain and I wonder what they will think about that? I've explained that I might make noises and not be able to talk to them for awhile and I've explained how it is a different pain then breaking a bone or getting a cut and that it is possible for me to be in pain AND still be excited and happy about the birth, but I still worry a little about them. They really want to be there though.
To the moving mamas, wow when I hear about your moving experiences, it makes me so glad that I moved in January. It would be so tough to settle into a new place at this late date!!! Good luck to you all!!!
LOL, I've been peeking in on September's due date club too. It's so exciting to think that we will be where they are in just a few more weeks. They have several babies born and it is only Sept 1st !!!!!!
Hope everyone has a great day.

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33 weeks, 2 days

Hi everyone! I miss you guys so much! Our Internet is supposed to get hooked up today so hopefully I'll be able to read/post more soon.

I'm totally exhausted. So is DH. He has pretty much single-handedly moved our stuff, taken at least a dozen trips back and forth between Mum's and our new place. We spent the night there last night and all of us were asleep by 7:30! It's frustrating to see so much to do (the place looks like a hurricane aftermath right now) and have SO little energy to do it. I feel totally useless.

Had my first appt with my family doc yesterday. She is awesome (thank you, Mirthfulmum for the referral!). Baby is doing well and my BP is surprisingly low given the stress of this last week.

My biggest fear is baby coming early. We are SO not ready for him yet. I need at least a couple of weeks or more to get everything unpacked, washed, and sorted. I am curious as to whether I will go into labour before my scheduled date (not set yet, but will be soon). I have never experienced labour and I'm curious/scared at the same time. Funny to hear all your fears of c-sections (which, of course, I understand). My deep dark fear is going into labour and having it happen so fast that I end up birthing vaginally. I'm so not prepared for that!

I hope to be back at work as "list keeper" of our due date club soon. I think a birth story thread is a great idea, and we can save the congrats for our weekly threads. I'd love a place to read all the birth stories as they happen.

Okay, once again I gotta run. Hugs to all of you, and I promise I'll catch up with y'all soon!!
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Gottaknit-sending you "get well vibes"! My dd caught a cold this week too-what's with the weather??

Piglet-glad things are getting settled and you like your new dr-that is so important!

Mirthful-I keep wishing I could get just a couple of wonderful nights of sleep since I know the next 6 mos at least will be sleepless! And I really dread the zombie like sleeplessness of the first 6 weeks when I nurse every 2-3 hrs around the clock-I better stop now or everyone will get depressed! Happy thoughts!

Kathy-so glad your trip went well, sounds like fun. We keep saying we're going to try to get a family hike in up in the Cascades in the next few weeks but I'm thinking I won't be getting too far. I can't imagine sleeping in a tent at this point-you brave woman!

I got a preg mama yoga tape this week-have I used it yet-NO-should I-oh YES! Somebody send me motivation!
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34 wks

I'm back from my funeral trip to Kansas, and trying to catch up w/ everyone.
I think my biggest fear, as has been mentioned before, is that I'll "loose it" and start begging for drugs. Or somehow I'll end up w/ a c-sect, or some other yucky intervention. Of course, a healthy babe (and healthy mama) are really my bottom line, but it would be great to also have the intervention-free birth I've been envisioning. I've been doing Hypnobabies, but am now several weeks behind schedule. Hope what I've done so far helps!
Things around here have been pretty stressful, w/ the travelling and the funeral and the family dynamics and the horomones and all that, and I've been feeling like the world's worst (most impatient and snappy) mother lately. : And Hannah has been living up to that horrible stereotype of the "terrible twos", so we've been quite the joyful pair. I feel so bad for DH, caught in the midst of all this emotional turmoil. I see from some of the other posts that many of you are right in the same place. Big hugs to everyone!
I posted a silly pic on the mamas yahoo group, and a couple of pics of the hats (strawberry and pumpkin) my mom has finished.
PM me for more info.
Oops, toddler invasion...must go....
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Gottaknit- get well soon! We're doing a belly cast. I was posting about this last week hoping others would do one as well! We'll be displaying it during the birth, and then hanging it on the bedroom wall after! Dh is real into it!

Kraftykathy- you go wilderness mama! Camping sounds so nice right now! Just to get out and away!

bluehalo- I loved your post about coping with birth pain. Very nice!

Piglet- I'm so glad you like your fp!

Been watching a ton of my mw's births! I love her more and more each time!
Not much to post on a personal level, insomniac, pee alot, baby jabs me in my pelvic floor, ya' know, the basics.

We start our "Happy School" tomorow. It's a co-op homeschool type pre-school on Thurs. for 2 hours. Every other thur. is a field trip. Should be fun. ONly 4 kids (and moms) and of course younger siblings!
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Nancy - I've read a lot of threads here about belly casts and what to do with them. People really do use them for chips and dip! I've seen them decorated so beautifully with paint or collages of flowers. They also hook ribbon to them and hang them on a wall. I haven't even considered making one really, but I may do it now, just for something to do. And you know, they said it might rain today or tonight, but it doesn't look like it. Also - I LOVE that store on Clinton, I've been avoiding it though cause I know I'll want to spend too much money. Piccolina across the street is great too. I've raided their maternity section many times and gotten some cool stuff really cheap - I also got a bassinet there. Oh - and I hope you feel better too! I just had a summer cold as well a couple weeks ago, and it just doesn't make sense.

Kathy- glad you survived camping! It sounded beautiful. You're such a trooper - all of you camping mamas are. I just don't think I could take it right now. If my big plush bed is uncomfortable, I can't imagine trying to sleep in a tent.

Karin- Hugs to you. Sorry you've had such a rough time lately, at least all the traveling is behind you. I've been having a rough time with my toddler too, on and off. We have good days and bad days. But he's totally been doing the cliche "terrible two's" crap, and it's almost amusing, but not quite. It's hard to be perfect patient mommy with hormones raging, etc.

I can't believe the September mommies are already having babies! I'm getting way too excited - which is a good way to make time stand still.

We're going out to look at a Lazy Boy rocker recliner tonight! I'm so excited. This is my one major thing that I want for this baby...and for me. I keep telling Logan that I'll have a chair big enough to rock both of my "babies" in. He's been saying he wants to be like a baby lately. He pulled out a gallon of milk last night and told me to put it in a bottle for him. Funny thing is he never really took a bottle as a baby. I just had a couple of those little ones that I pumped into in the beginning. He cuddled up in my arms and sucked down a whole bottle. He's so silly.

Good luck to all you moving and just moved mamas! I feel for you I know I'm totally nesting right now, so it must be hard for those of you living with all the boxes.
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Hi all!! Thought I'd pop in quick and give you an update in case I don't make it back on after I put DS to bed. Things have been CRAZY here and all my hormones haven't helped me stay sane or unstressed or even remotely nice and patient to DH and DS. Schools are closed here tomorrow and Friday so they can become shelters, they are evacuating everything east of US1 (we are about a mile west of it), and the category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 140 or so is set to hit, as of now, about 15 miles north of here, though it's still so far away that could mean here just as well. It's nuts. Talked to the landlord, our home is only rated for 100mph winds (it was built before the code changed to 140), so I'm really worried about having anything to come back to. I mean, seriously, we might be homeless in a few days. We've put as much stuff as we can that's important or meaningful into plastic bins in hopes of dodging at least some damage to items. We're hoping the landlord is going to come board up the windows like he should, bc if he doesn't then stuff is really going to get ruined. DH left. Mickade and I, as of now, will be driving a couple hours south to my parents' house since it should be safer there (though we will still have a good storm). My car is packed with sentimental items, my whole maternity wardrobe, and DS's whole wardrobe, and some toys. It started to become real when I took DS for his "nap ride" this afternoon and saw all the houses that already had their windows boarded up. Never seen that in my own neighborhood before!!! I know the important thing is we will all be safe, but it kind of stresses me out to think we might not have a place to come back to. I mean, where would I have the baby???? Ok trying to take this one step at a time now.

I've read everyone's posts just can't comment at the moment, gotta go be with DS and get him to bed. Talk to you all later!!!!
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Amy - That must be SO stressful for you!!! Make sure you take it nice and easy at your parent's house- the stress you are dealing with is enough!!!

We are totally moved into our shoebox apartment. My dd is having a really hard time with it. She keeps saying she wants to go home, and she wants Rowan - our doggy. I had to drop Rowan off at another home today, and it was soooooo hard. She wanted to come with me, and I had to hold her back and shut the door when I left. I felt like I totally betrayed her. I just hope she is taken care of well.

AUGH! I am totally nesting and I can't find a thing! Like, I can't even find silverware or laundry detergent. My house is a freakin wreck! You can barely walk in it. I just hope the baby stays in for at least 3 more weeks. Piglet, my dh moved everything himself, too. Poor guy is sooooo beat! And now he has to look forward to doing most of the unpacking in between work and helping me with dd.

The good news is, my contractions have really slowed down. I think it was largely stress-related. Now I am only having about 5-10/day, as opposed to 5-10 an hour. I wonder if all that contracting changed my cervix at all?

Well, I don't have internet access at my house yet, but I hope you are all doing well and your babies are happy and getting fat and healthy!!! Thanks to Ann and mirthfulmum for organizing the October Mamas stuff! I wanna particpate in both, for sure!
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Amy - I can't eben imagine being in that situation. Here's hoping that you have a house to come home to when the hurricane passes.

Today has been a big day for Alias. His first day of day care was a smash hit. He had a fantastic time and the teachers there are wonderful. It's a very small program with only 9 children and 2 teachers, and all the kids are between two and three. So, having the outgoing and social boy that I have this program is just what he needs. He just took to it right away and spent the whole time plaing and reading and exploring. Everyone there was so surprised that today was his first daycare experience. He was relaxed and at ease. It is such a relief to know that we have done right by him.

But not only that, after seeing a couple of kids use the toilet at daycare today Alias announced that he didn't want to wear his diaper anymore either and has been diaper-less, well completely naked actually, since 3 this afternoon. And he hasn't had a single accident! A couple of false alarms but I have not had to clean up poop or pee once off the floor this entire afternoon/evening. Could toilet training really be this easy?
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: Amy! I will definately be keeping you and your home in my thoughts, hopefully all will be there when you return...I am just happy to hear that you are somewhere safe! Hopefully your parents will spoil you for the time being...you truly deserve it right now!

Katie- s I wish that there was a way to make it all better for you right now...you know the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" well you are gonna be one strong mama after all this! I hope that your apt. situation will be very temperary, but I also hope that you can find happiness while you are in it, maybe when you are surronded by your things instead of boxes. Make sure your diaper stash is one of the first boxes opened, you can't look at your cute little NB diapes without smiling, right And s for Lucy...it must be hard to explain all this change to her and especially the dog.

Thanks everyone who has been telling me that it is possible to feel jabs when baby is head down....I don't know for sure but I am really starting to feel that Oakley is...the movements I am feeling are different than before and I do feel like something is down, whereas before there was definately nothing engaged at all, I just hope it's the right part, :LOL.
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Just wanted to say I'm thinking about you Amy and hoping you guys stay safe! I really really hope the hurricane misses your house. Man, of all the things to happen right now... Have a safe trip!
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31 1/2 weeks

s to Amy. I can't believe all the stress you must be under. One of my qualifications for picking a place to live is that is can't be in a part of the country where natural disasters are a common occurance (hurricanes, tornodos or earthquakes). I can't imagine that.

s to Katie, I am sorry you don't like your apartment. I am sure it will be better once you get things settled and unpacked.

Pig - glad you are setting in okay.

mirthfulmom: that is great on Alias being potty training. I am thinking that maybe I should do something like that with dd just to get her thinking about it (not really daycare, but take her around other kids more and have them watch). She seems to be really observant of what other kids do and is a huge copycat LOL (like at the park, when she sees other kids climb up the slide she wants to etc.) A little peer pressure might help in her case.

Well, I met with a new OB yesterday. He was alright. Probably about as good as most OB's go. Not terribly interventive but not terribly natural either. They only induce for a medical reason, they only do episiotomy's if really necessary, that type of thing. He was cool with all of my birth plan, we can have dd present for the birth if we want, it is just up to us and how she handles it.

Although he did tell me that Greta is defintiely breech. I am only 31 1/2 weeks so he said don't worry about it until 36-37 weeks, still lots of time to turn, but of course I am still worried. LOL. She definitely isn't engaged or anything, I think she is still pretty high up, so I don't think it will be hard for her to turn. I just hope she doens't decided that the breech position is the more comfortable and stay in it (she was breech at my ultrasound at 20 weeks as well). I think she did turn around a few times in between and it is probably just chance she was breech yesterday, but I can't really tell.

Is anyone else having a doula? I think I am. There are a couple in our area who are still in training and will work for free or very reduced prices, so I think will meet with them and see how that goes. I don't want to pay the $500 for a doula, but if I can get one for free (even if they aren't all that experienced), I think it will help a lot.
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Good morning everyone!
To everyone that is having moving/hurricane/yucky apartment problems, I am thinking about you and trust that everything will work out how it's suppose to... and I totally respect all of you for dealing with such stress right now.

Was anyone aware of when their baby turned head down? While I was sleeping last night dh was holding a flashlight against my skin 'way down there' and asking baby to please turn head down (After initially waking up grumpy and confused about having a flashlight being shown at my crotch, it was the cutest thing he's ever done!) Anyway, I went back to sleep lol and dh kept at it. In my sleep I remember this crazy tickling in my tummy and telling dh to quit it . He said it wasn't him, it was the baby moving unlike anything he's seen yet, and is convinced baby turned! This morning I can't really tell a difference (no kicks yet). Just keeping my fingers crossed and wondering about all of your experiences.
Ok, off to work. (only 3 days left! woohoo!)
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Hey, don't those of you in Oregon still have earthquakes to worry about? I seem to remember them up there when I lived in CA....I'll take a hurricane over that anyday, at least we have advanced warning!

Gotta run....I'm heading out...to KEY WEST so it might not be so bad...probably won't be able to check back in til Sun or Mon. Have a good moving, baby-turning, no-insomnia, no contractions weekend!!!!
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Amy- Have a great time in Key West, man that's gotta suck (j/k of course) I'm with Courtney, hehe....but then being so far removed from all types of natural disasters I can't even imagine living in an area prone to them!

I wonder how our twin mommas are doing? I think that Gmvh is now 34 weeks and in twin pregnancy that must be almost considered term, isn't it?!! Oh so exciting!! I am sure we'd all love to hear an update if you are lurking

Oh and Ashlee, that's so cool! It certainly sounds like your baby could have turned. I don't seem to be able to identify movements in that way, maybe Oakley does it while sleeping...but then again, Ember must have too in that case :LOL Just call me clueless when it comes to figuring out baby's position too!

So another nesting urge seems to be kicking in...it always seems to come in the form of reorganization (of closets or the fridge :LOL)
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