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Hey everybody!

So, my computer died (as in DEAD, dead) yesterday, so I am at the library, checking my email and such until this weekend (hopefully) when we buy a new computer. (M gave away that he'd been planning on buying me a new computer for my 30th birthday anyway, since our iMac is so so so old -- but since it died, I guess I get another early birthday present!)

Anyway, there's a chance I won't be able to get a new computer for a week or so (depends on pricing/ shipping/ time constraints etc...) but I love you all and am gonna be checking up on you, even if I can't write as much as normal!

Belly blessings!

PS -- was it DAni or Keri who recommended the Whole Person Fertility Program??? I've already had a major ephiphani from that book, and I only started reading it yesterday!!!! Anyway, my ephiphany was related to the fact that I've been pretty hardcore about my belief that I only want one child. But since I've already had an abortion, maybe I unconciously think I've used up that chance. (Especially since we also have Pinter, who counts as "baby-like".) Anyway, I feel a lot lighter about it all after I realized that last night!

Otherwise, that book is pretty much reinforcing my belief that I am damn cool, since I already have done alot of that emotional healing work on my own!
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I would love to talk more about that book. I read it a year or two ago and decided it didn't have much to offer me. I didn't think I had any "issues" with my desire to become a mother. For my whole life, I've wanted to grow up and have children (several). I've had my opportunities for education--I even have a master's degree. I have struggled a ton with career, though, mostly because I felt like career wasn't what I wanted. I think I sabatoged my own career efforts over the years because underneath I really wanted to just be a mom and be home with my children.

But I've been thinking more and more that maybe there is some underlying issue or fear that I need to come to terms with. I am a mother now, through adoption, and find it so fulfilling though much harder than I anticipated. But maybe there is still something in there somewhere that I need to address? I've decided to read it again and try to do the exercises that are in it. I would love to hear what others discovered/learned from it!

Physically, I'm just waiting to O. Last month I O'd on cd12, but now I'm on cd13 and nothing so far. Yesterday I had ewcm stretching about 6 inches! Yeah! But I still haven't gotten a + opk. Last month I actually O'd several days after the profuse ewcm (I still had it, but not as much), so maybe that's what will happen this time around. This is the first month I've used an OPK in years, so I have this little fear that I'll never get a + and that I will find out I am not actually O'ing despite all the other good signs.
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9 or 11 dpo but getting crazy

Not sure which I am since I had confusing cm issues. But despite the fact that I am trying to talk myself out of it, I feel kinda pregnant. Don't know. Trying to stay cool and level-headed.

Alexis, Glad that book helped you! I talked about it, but haven't read it yet. I had heard about it through Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Christiane Northrup. It sounded cool. Glad to hear it is!

Wondering how Korin is doing...
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I was wondering the same thing. I told her to call me if she had good news....but no phone call. So we will see. She gets back Sunday. Hopefully she isn't bear bait. :LOL
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I tested this morning and got a faint line. I am going to test again tomorrow (and probably for days after) just to be sure. I'm not the same giddy person I was when I was pg earlier this year. I am feeling very cautious, but strangely calm. One thing that spooks me a little is that this baby is due withint a day or two of when my last baby miscarried. I still need it to sink in. Please, if I may ask, could you please send some sticky vibes my way? Thank you!
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Oh Keri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the BEST news!! Peace to you girl, this one will stick!!! Congratulations!!!!!
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Too Cool, I get to celebrate in 2 threads!

:LOL :LOL : : :

Obviously I am very happy for you. I know pregnancy after m/c is a hard time to relax, but I'll encourage you to enjoy this because there is no way you loose by doing so.
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YAY! Keri!!

I'm sending major vibes your way!!

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Sending as many sticky vibes as I can manage. X a bazillion!
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And thanks again over here ladies!! gonnab, I need to remember to enjoy this for as long as it lasts (however amount of time that may be). Thnaks for those words. Could you remind me of that periodically? :LOL

As I put in the One Thread, I really believe that accupuncture has been my saving grace for what it's worth. Now I just need to work on keeping this one! :
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Keri!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Sending lots of sticky vibes your way. I know just how you feel about feeling cautious rather than giddy -- I felt that way for the first 14 weeks (heck I still feel like that). This baby WILL stick so send it all sorts of loving!

Congrats again!!!!
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Congrats Keri!
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Congratulations Keri! :

I am just curious about the time and financial commitment for acupuncture. I discussed it with my ND but she said it would be difficult for me because there would be so many appointments and I'd have to pay for them all out of pocket. She has recommended jin shin jytsu (I think that's how you spell it), which is a Japanese form of acupressure. I'm just wondering if it would be as effective.

I've been having ewcm for several days, but the opk is still -. Argh! I have used up my 7 opk sticks and now have to go spend $20 on a new test kit. The good news is that I have an RE appointment on Oct 4th! After being told I would likely have a 6-month wait to get in!
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Kerri, like Adina said, I'm sending you a bazillion, gazillion sticky vibes!!!!!!!! May you have a healthy, happy, uneventful (in bad ways) 9mw, and may your babe be born "at a good hour."

As for me, I had a sweet baby dream last night. Confusing, b/c the baby was clearly a monkey-child (which is 2004 in Chinese astrology) whereas any babe of mine will be a Rooster, most likely (or whatever comes next).

Still, he was such a sweetie. Very petite, with wild curly dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and a face that was slightly more of my influences than M's. SO CUTE! And so very sweet, hanging off my arm, and generally playing monkey. And then there was a scene of M taking care of him while he was sick (with a cold) they were ADORABLE together.

I'm taking it as a nice sign. If not for this month, then for later.

Oh yeah, and I'm 10 DPO today.

Laurel, I hope your + OPK comes soon!!!!!

Belly Blessings,

alexis, still without a home computer (ARGH!!!!!!!)
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I miss you lexie!!!

I have absolutely nothing to talk about....how weird.
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3dpo?? 5dpo?? Who Cares!!


Dani & Velvet & Gonnabe – Hmmm. A late temp rise is NOT something that I had thought about – that makes much more sense!!! FF finally gave me a coverline today, two days after my last “peak” day according to the monitor - so I'm either 3dpo or 5dpo. Is there a way to override FF? I’m hoping that in the next few cycles the monitor will really get my cycle pegged and good results will follow! And about the chance of a 2nd egg being released – eeeek!!! : My family has had fraternal twins for the last 4 generations – except for this one.

Alexis – Arrggh! No computer!! Arrgggh!!! Isn’t it strange how quickly we become addicted to technology??? Oh, your baby dream sounded so lovely! I would be so happy to have a wild curly haired little monkey boy! Maybe it just means your nick-name for your child will be monkey.

Johanna – I am glad you are here too!! 2 The One Thread is wonderful, but so many women pop in, get pregnant, and pop out – it can get very depressing to those who are waiting around for much longer. Plus, the women here are pretty groovy!!

Laurel – I hope you get your OPKs soon!

Gonnabe – I liked that aromatherapy site – having dh massage me with rose oil sounds very nice and if it increases fertility, so be it!!

Adina – Nothing to say??? Sweet be-geenie’s bums! :
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Congrats Keri!
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Everyone is so sweet. Thanks again!

Laurel, I have been to two different accupuncturists. I liked the one I used this time around. He recommended an accupuncture session a couple of days before o-ing and a few days after. He also gave me some herbs to balance me, but that was for my specific needs. The prices are going to vary, but my initial consult/accupuncture treatment was $195 and subsequent treatments were $90. Pricey, but when you compare to fertility treaments through RE's, not as bad. He also said that if I didn't get pg withint 3 cycles with, he would recommend that I try other methods, so I clearly knew what I was getting my self into financially.

If you are thinking of going in this direction, I would highly recommend reading The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis. It gives all the info on TCM and how it relates to fertility issues.
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CD 27, 13 dpo

Well, I'm starting to spot. I feel like I'm at this tunnel, or cross roads or whatever. I'll reluctantly try Clomid this cycle. If that doesn't work, I may have to admit that my fertility journey is looking very uncertain. At my age, it is unlikely that I will conceive on my own, although I still remain somewhat hopeful.
My husband is sad and so am I.
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I'm back, and sad/happy

First, sad because I just popped over to Korin's chart and saw that her period started And also sad because I too started bleeding today. Just spotting, for now, but I am fairly certain tomorrow will be CD 1.

I just don't know how much more of this I can take. M and I are really starting to talk about adoption ("keeping our options open" is M's way of putting it). This bums me out but also gives me a lot of hope. I will be a mama one way or another. I just wish that I could be a bio-mom. I'd love to give birth. (And I have the perfect tub right now!!!!! Don't you know that, baby of mine?)

Anyway, until bleeding begns in ernest, I'm going to try not to get too down about the whole thing.

And I have my new toy to make me happy: yes, I am now back online in my living room, with a laptop of my very own! Have now switched from mac to PC and from desktop to laptop -- so two major changes, but ones I hope I'll be happy with in the long run!

, though, I wish I Korin was knocked up! And I hope I am, too.

Keri, I'm still so happy for you
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