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Amy, I am so sorry about your kitty. I lost one of my cats this year, so if you want to PM me, feel free.
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I think I finally found my eggie!! I've had a few false alarms this cycle, so I am hoping this is the real thing. My MIL is visiting soon and I would rather be done with this while she is here (she will be sleeping in our baby-making bed. if she only knew :LOL )
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Whooo Hoooo

Go Keri! :
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Amy - I worry more about my cat now. She is 13 years old. I have had her since I was 16 years old. I don't know what I would do without her.

Yay for an egg Keri!!!
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Cd 17, I think I'm 1 dpo

Sorry Amy about your sweet kitty..........I lost my cat when she was 14 years old, and it was just devastating. Hugs to you.

Like Amy said "Go Keri!"
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Amy, so sorry about your sweet kitty. Life sucks sometimes. many to youand your family

Keri! Yippie! I love eggs!
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Hey Korin!! When did you get that pretty red solid line?
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Amy - I pm'ed you, but again. Marie-C is right. Pets don't have the same fear of death, so your kitty just felt the love and attention from you all the way through his life.

I've had Boquito longer than dh too. Since my kitty was diagnosed with cancer, dh and I have both accepted that we have this awful but important duty to relieve his pain when it becomes unbearable. Until then, we feed him whenever and whatever he wants and give him lots of rubs and scratches!! He must wonder why he can lick our ice cream bowls now, but he definitely feels the love.

Yah for the eggs!!!
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Oh, Keri, thanks for noticing my pretty red line. FF gave it to me the other day.. and I must concur. FInally my temps are starting to look normal, but we shall see.
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Well, I'm back from my HSG. Apparently my cervix is narrow, so it was pretty painful for the tube to go through. My tube is open so that's good. Overall, it wasn't the worst pain I could imagine, but I wouldn't want to do it again. The vicodin and muscle relaxer probably didn't hurt, either.

to everyone going through sad times.

Congrats on finding the eggies...or on the eggies finding you!
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Dani, glad it wasn't horrific! Yeah, Vicodin might have helped me too... Could a narrow cerivx be a problem? glad your tube is open!! Yeah for a good tube!!!
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Hey everyone!!!

I'm back from Cali... am going to write about it all on my LJ later this afternoon, so I'll spare you the (majority) of the deets! However, the TTC-related ones follow, after a quick hug for some of my favorite women in this world (that's you guys, if you didn't know )

I am unsure whether or not I've ovulated yet... I suspect I did ovulate yesterday (a day after getting back, but still technically in August, so my step-MIL's predection could still come true, I suppose). We managed to GIO in unlikely places (the guest bathroom of my FIL and step-MIl, for example) but M drew the line at joining the mile-high club! :LOL Too cramped and crowded...

And while I was in Cali, my mom asked me if we would consider becoming legal guardians for my niece... this news is NOT going on my LJ, but it was extrememly upsetting, and due to family politics, I shouldn't talk about it much. Basically, when my neice was concieved, M made me promise that we would never have to have custody of her (my sister is - how to say this nicely? -- not someone you want to have as your mom. She has emotional problems, is very unstable, anger-management issues, etc... ) Anyway, my sister seems to be getting more overwhelmed (according to my mom) and potentially is physically absuing my niece, in addition to the emotional abuse. It's fucked up. It makes me very very very very sad. I love that little girl so much, but there isn't much I can do to save her.

My sister would most likely never consider giving up legal custody, despite what my mom thinks (my sis moved cross-country to escape our mom after the last time mom suggested this, I think). Not to mention my BIL would never give her up.... And for me to suggest it to my sis would probably take me out of her life for at least awhile... which would suck, because I can offer my neice some love, just being an auntie.

M says that IF my sister asks, he will reconsider his position. We'd have to go through a lot of legal hoops, but like I said, there's no way my sister will ask...

So my mom asking me that just broke my heart, b/c I know it would be the best interests of my neice to get her into a more stable environment but I don't see that happening...

Belly Blessings to us all, that we are able to concieve children and raise them in an environment of love....
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Oh lexie.. what a thing tohappen. I'm so sorry for your niece and for you having to be in this situation. we're all here foryou.
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Good to have you back Lex! I am so sorry to hear about your family situation. I will be thinking of all of you and hoping it turns out for the best for your niece.
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Waiting to know

I'm on CD 24, 11DPO, and waiting on the results of the progesterone test I took monday. ALso i'm just about dyeing to test, and am getting what are probably psychosomatic 'pregnancy symptoms' like exploding boob syndrome, nipple tenderness, and slight nausea. I'm thinking the nausea is probably just caffeine withdrawal tho.

Good luck to everyone!
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Lexie, Welcom back -- I missed your presence on MDC!
What a crappy situation with your niece -- I can't imagine how painful that must be...

Still stalking all my fav ladies on this thread...
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Welcome back Lex! What a tough situation to have to deal with. yikes.
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Thanks for the welcome back everyone

I am just gonna go update my LJ now, so go check it in a few minutes for the whole Cali story (minus the bit about my family).

love you all!
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Nice to have you back Alexis!
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Nice to have you back Alexis!! Sorry about the family stuff
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