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Good to see you back Alexis!

on the family situation.

RE appointment this afternoon. DH declined to go. His position is, that all that matters is my health. I agree, in theroy. We'll see. I'm wondering if the RE will agree with me that my ovaries are just asleep. I'm not really willing to go any further with clomid or blood tests. I just want to ovulate.
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What do you mean your husband 'declined to go'.... doesn't he want to be supportive of you?
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he is supportive. He went to our my first pre-pregnancy consult with the NP. It didn't go well for a few reasons. Mainly, my records were not complete (Doc went out on her own and old practice didn't release records). I guess I'm ambivalent about the RE. I see it as a necessary evil. I want to know more, but, I'm apprehensive about the RE's attitude toward charting, etc. I should wait to meet him before I get anxious

I'm not expressing myself very well.

I'll fill you in tomorrow.
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Amy, admittedly it does sound a little confusing... but I hope that your appointment goes well and that the Dr understands you and meets all your needs!

And thanks again everyone, for the hugs... means a lot, especially since I can't really talk about this with many people....
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My last post a couple of days ago didn't take, and I now can't remember what I'd said to eveyone beyond giving Adina a hug.

I'm so sorry about the kitties. I love my dog, and I can't imagine life without him, but I try to believe that I will do the best thing for him when his time comes.

Alexis, I can only imagine how painful it is to love your neice and be powerless to help her.

Stone Fence, I am keep my fingers crossed that your RE is the rare wonderful doc.

As for me, I got/am getting my egg and we got okay coverage although I thought we'd GIO last night and we didn't. Basically I am having problems because DH makes me feel about as sexy as your average root vegetable. This predates TTC but is doubtless compounded by it. It's really hard to get in the mood when you feel that way.

I have started listening to my conception mediation tape, and at least it helps me feel positive.
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Amy--I have the same concerns about seeing an RE. Is he going to laugh in my face when I tell him I am (and will continue to be) charting? Is he going to tell me I'm a fool for using herbs and for continuing to see how I can incorporate alternative treatment into my care? (I had this happen with the last RE I went to--he even swore at me while he was telling me what an idiot I was.) Is he going to care about my apprehensions re: fertility drugs? I am willing to use fertility drugs if that is what I feel we need, but I want the freedom to explore my options and make that decision myself.

In our local newspaper a few weeks ago there was an article about this great "new" approach to helping infertile couples. It's called NaPro. It involved having the couples help monitor their fertility signs such as cm, etc. I couldn't believe it! This has been around for years, and now some doctor comes up with it, gives it a name, and voila! you have this hip new idea of how to help people get pg! The good thing is, the doctor quoted in the article is at our local university medical school though I don't think he is part of the RE group that practices there. So maybe I'll be in luck.

Alexis, what a difficult situation to be in with your niece! That would break my heart!
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Gonnabe -- I happen to find root vegetables VERY sexy...it's one of my favorite soups. Be that as it may, I hope your dh straightens up for some well-timed gio...

Amy, good luck at your appt.
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Lexie - Glad you are back!! Sorry about the family suckiness. I know how helpless you may feel, but your neice knows you love her. Even one positive person in her life will make a big difference!!

Gonnabe - Sexy as a root vegetable?? Not like the dancing vegetables we have here, I'm guessing ( )!! All humor aside, it is really difficult TTC if you don't feel sexy or desireable. It's a lot of just gio'ing without the GIO. Dh and I have had delicate (read, very delicate) conversations about this. I know the routine has something to do with taking the romance out of it all, but I really appreciate it when he makes an effort to tell me I'm beautiful, or rubs my feet, or just sends me loving vibes. Those conversations are very difficult, however, and it sometimes takes some carefully chosen words to not make dh feel like a lout or bumbling fool in bed (something all men seem to be worried about). Wish I could help you more but, sweetie, I know EXACTLY what you mean and how you are feeling!!

Stonefence - Hope your RE appointment goes well and you get some answers. You said you were not expressing yourself well about your dh and his support of you on these issues. He said that your health was the most important thing, but TTC issues are often about a woman's overall health. Would love to hear more about the situation if you are willing. That's what we are here for!

Nothing new with me - just face-to-face meeting with an oncologist for Boquito. The earliest opening was for the 16th, but we are on the waitlist for an earlier time. As for TTC, the robitussen thingy seems to be working like a charm!! Tons of ewm and several days early!!! Not much of a break in the gio'ing department.

to everyone else.
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Amy.. still confused, but I'll look forward to your post tomorrow. hope it goes well with the RE. It may be a necessary evil in order to get pregnant.

Just got my progesterone results! good range is from about 4-28 and I'm at 27.8! whoopie! So next month we may even cut it back a little, unless there is no next month. :
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Korin - great news on the progesterone levels!!! Way to go!!!

I'm thinking about having mine checked again this cycle to see if the progesterone supplements are working - just in case!!
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You definitely should get them re-checked. I feel so much better now. What were your levels before, and how much progesterone are you on?
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My progesterone level was a 10 without supplements - my doctor says she likes to see at least a 15 on an unmedicated cycle for someone TTC as long as I.

My supplements are 50mg/day after O. However, I'm not sure this is enough progesterone to make a difference.
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Korin - Woohoo on the progesterone levels! Hope you don't need a next cycle.

Gonnab- sorry your DH isn't making you feel sexy. We had obligatory gio last night and I hate those times when we are doing it for a reason and that reason isn't because we want each other. Hope your DH catches a clue sometime soon.

I'm in a funk today, so not much help for anyone, but for anyone who needs one.
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L'Naiym.... I took 50 mg/2xday last month, after getting a low result. I felt no effects from it. Now with 100mg 2x a day, I feel dizzy and weird. My doc said that she was glad I was feeling a result, because that means, I'm getting enough. Do you feel any effects?

Gonnabe... Yeah, it sucks when it's obvious that hubby doesn't want sex. I hate it when that happens. Sometimes I just tell him I'd rather not at all if he's not gonna try to enjoy it. At least I fake it when I'm not into it!
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Korin - No, I don't have any strange side affects (except for fuller boobs). However, I am taking 50mg/day rather than your 200mg/day. And your doctor says feeling dizzy and weird is good??? Hmmm, no side effects for me = no effect on my progesterone level??

I have to remember to e-mail my doctor in the next few days to order a test so I can schedule it at the right time. It would be pointless to do progesterone if the level is so low it's not making a difference.

Are you on oral or, ahem, vaginal?? Mine is the microgenized vaginal. Yucky, yucky!!
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I take it orally, however if I'm not pregnant, I'll switch to vaginal next month.
Definitley get a check this month!!

So.. weird maybe TMI. I have COPIOUS amounts of creamy watery CM. like... feels like i wet my pants. I never have this much. What is up with that?
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Korin, it could either be a good sign or it could be a result from the progesterone supplements : (You know how I feel about good signs -- ime, they don't mean much until you get two lines! That said, they don't mean anything negative either )

OK, I can't believe I didn't step in on the whole "sexy like a root vegetable" topic! : Seriously, you gotta have a talk with that man... tell him what's up, what you're feeling, that you're feeling unsexy... and then get to work on viewing yourself as a sexy mama! You don't need him to make you feel sexy (though it helps -- and imo, the best partners are those who make you feel sexy, even when you have bronchitus and OBVIOUSLY look like That's M -- he's a G-dsend!)

My "feel your inner sexiness" tips: spa night in your bathroom, with a good massage oil/ lotion, some lovely bath salts/ bubbles and whatever extra accutrements your heart desires (Make sure you drink a lot of cold water if you'll be in a steamy room for awhile...) Oh -- and have some favorite music playing!

Anyway, start off your spa night with a self-massage (not a euphemism! You can do the euphemism later...) To get the full effect, standing in front of a full length mirror is helpful. (Candlelight is good if you have body issues, but this massage is designed to deal with your body issues...) Basically, as you massage each part of yourself, you need to send loving/ self accepting messages to your brain about that body part.

For example, if you hate your thighs, while massaging them think, "my thighs are strong and beautiful." Even if you don't believe it yet, if you do this practice enough, you can come to understand that it is TRUE!

Anyway, finish your massage, take a long warm bath, and then put on something silky (body powder, in my case ) Hopefully, you'll be feelin' your inner diva!
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Yay - Korin, that is great news!! That is a nice number.

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Korin - Wet your pants??? Hmmm. That is a side affect I had noticed but had written it off to having vaginal suppositories. When I am on progesterone I take the suppositories before I go to bed. I also notice a LOT of creamy cm right after I wake up in the morning. It does feel very much like I've wet my pants!!

Alexis - very good advice on the body-love, self-massage, feeling sexy night!! I love a good soak in a luxurious bath with nice music and wine - like a date with myself!! And, the more luxury time I spend time on myself, the better I feel about my body.

BTW - I think that women are just too hard on themselves - in more ways than one but especially on body image. For instance, my dh's cousin, a lovely gal, was recently looking through our wedding photos and saw a few that had her in them. She had just had a baby at the time and I thought she looked volumptuous and awesome (she's now stick thin, waaaay too thin, and looks very unhealthy - even her hair seems to be thinning). She looked at these pictures and said "Boy, look at me as a fattie. And I thought I looked good!!" I felt like shaking her and hugging her at the same time!!! She DID look good, she just couldn't see it!! :

Yes, having dh tell me I'm sexy and making an effort for the gio helps quite a bit, but you are right that it makes even more of a difference if I feel good about myself.
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I don't know why my computer isn't telling me about the new conversations! I'm missing out on the whole root vegetable conversation

Yes, feeling sexy is hard sometimes. How about just changing the location? Move from the bedroom to the study, or just try someplace different in the house. Those of us TTC so long know exactly how you feel!!

Laurel, your RE SWORE at you?

I'm CD 19 I think, in the very beginning part of the 2ww~~ I hate this part!
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