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Back pain relief?

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I have just started seeing a chiropractor for pelvic torsion (caused by a posterior birth almost 9 years ago). I am 33 weeks pregnant.

Nights are the hardest, there seems to be no relief from the pain. I've tried skullcap, tiger balm, heating pad, cold packs, tylenol. I'm open to homeopathic remedies.


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have you tried resting on all fours? doing the *cat stretches* in this position really helped my back pressure (head up, back down/back arched, head down) & it can flip a posterior baby. Put your head down on a pillow with your butt stickin right up in the air and rock back and forth, sometimes some counter pressure on the hips helps... I also liked sitting on a giant rubber ball, no pressure on the tailbone!
This lessened my pain during the last weeks and especially helpful during labor (all the pictures are of my butt!) I even delivered on all fours!

Good luck!
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Great suggestions hahamommy! Also massage is great and check out a book on optimal fetal positioning~great stuff!

Good Luck~

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Make sure you are doing your pelvic rocks (the hands and knees position that someone else suggested, where you first arch your back toward the ceiling, and then toward the floor). Also, use good posture whenever you can. Sitting straight, crosslegged is best, or on a birth ball. When you are sleeping, make sure you sleep on your side and have a pillow between your knees to maintain good pelvic alignment.

Hope these suggestions help, I'm sure there are some other women out there who have even more suggestions!
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Search for the thread on "symphasis pubis dysfuction". It has a lot of relavent info.
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TENS unit

My TENS unit helped a lot during labor. It is a small device that emits short bursts of electricity (I think). If you research it and find that you want to purchase one, the prices vary widely, so do your homework. I found one at a chiropractic supplier in New Jersey for about $40 for a really nice model.
Good Luck.
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The homeopathic remedies I have listed for back pain/ and or back labor ar Belladonna, Causticum, Chamomilla, Coffea, or Kali Carb, with Kali Carb being the most often used with best results. I would try a 30c. I think I've also read about using Bryonia- but you'd have to look into that more. I don't have it listed in the book I was looking at.
I have the same back pain, from posterior babies. It's so painful. I find a lot of relief from wearing a heated back belt. It's full of herbs and smells great. I put it in the micro to warm up and them it velcros around so I can wear it while I do whatever I need to do.
Hope this helps!
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