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I guess that is what you would call it.

Do you pluck any leaves off of your plants?
Like tomatoes, I have heard that the bottom ones are sucker leaves and if you pluck them off it sends more energy to making fruit at the tops. Is this true?

What about squash?
Do you cut it back or cut off the small leaves underneath or ones that bugs have eaten?

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To be honest with you, I have no idea abou the squash, no clue at all.
About the tomato plants, I thought I vaguely remember reading that or something, but I have never done it and my plants seem to produce just fine.
Sorry I can't help you further.........
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On my tomatoes, I do pinch out the leaves that grow out from the junction where the stem & the branches that have blossoms meet. Does that make any sense without seeing what I'm talking about?
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OK, In the tomatoe department. There are 2 kinds of tomatoes - Determinant and Indeterminant. One branches and one doesn't.

Determinant usually have mostly one big crop, are usually shorter season and do not branch very much. Smaller bushes. Like Roma Tomatoes

Indetermant are longer season, usually like beef steak. They branch so if you want some early tomatoes you can pinch the branches so they put their energy into fruit instead of vine. If you live in a longer season climate or hot weather climate you leave these branches on for more shade for the plant and longer season tomatoe production.

I seem to remember reading about years ago that in cooler climates you can pinch branches off melons, squash and cucumber to do the same, encourage an early fruit production, but I am not sure.
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Ah ha!! I found a picture of what I was talking about earlier. Scroll down a little bit to the drawing. Where it says "sucker or side shoot" --this is the piece that I pluck off.
I grow indeterminates, by the way, and wind them up a trellis twine as pictured. Mine tend to get temperimental when it gets really hot here so I do a spring crop & another in early fall.

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Thank you.

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