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Say something nice about your diapering mommas

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So here is what you do. You say something nice about one of your fav. mommas on here.....
Luvmy2kidz- one of my dear friends and a very good phone buddy
Allformyboys- someone I know will cheer me up no matter what and our kids are freakishly the same
Averymybaby- a new friend and a very funny big hearted momma who makes me smile
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Nada- Super sweet and fun to talk to about knitting and ttc
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Butterflymom -- finally dragged me over here (and by that I just mean she mentioned that I should pop over here instead of just bbc).. and what a wonderful mama! I got a package from her just last week of dipes I bought from her and she wrapped them in a playsilk that my oldest loves!!

FrancesMcT -- known from over on the bbc boards our babes are just days apart.. she has the kindest heart and is so fun to chat with... since I'm new to cding we've shared our eperiences on what does and doesn't work for our babes!
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MissSugarKane-Makes me laugh
Muggins&Doody-Always remembers things about my DD
LifeTapestry-So brilliant
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kindmomma - she's super cool, funny as all get out, and afraid of the phone
Sheena - always has something nice to say
cj'smommy - Amy is super sweet and a riot :LOL
grace474 - awesome mama IRL, and super sweet all around (and her kids are so stinkin cute)
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Hoosierdiaperinmama- a baby buddy from almost 3 years ago and a very good friend. Super sweet, kind and generous

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afraid of the phone??? :LOL
thats funny......I give GREAT phone
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There are so many!

Lindsayloo2020 - I love reading your posts and you are one sweet mama.

Staseeliz - I enjoy chating with you about knitting and trading dipes

butterflymama - You are supersweet and I enjoy all your posts

Todzwife - You were so nice to help me out in my early cding days with some AIO's you made.

Jesse - Another mama who sent me free doublers when I was building my stash and had no nightime solution. (I still use your doublers at night )

I'm enjoying getting to know everyone here. You all are wonderful
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bobica- sweet mama who always makes me smile w/ her PM's

Spark- Cracks me up w/ her silly songs

kimberlylibby- also cracks me up (I will NEVER forget her sarcastic post about how "beautiful" her c-section birth was going to be!)

averymybaby- my new AIM buddy- she's sooo sweet and always makes me laugh

wannabmommie- kind and gentlehearted, a very genuine friend

hmm...I know there is more, but DH wants the puter.
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Oh, I LOVE this thread. I the diapering mamas!!

Kindmomma- Wants a sherpa thong. A hilarious mama that I miss chatting with (can't get into chat anymore )

jmunch (thanks for mentioning me, feeling the love )- has the most gorgeous kiddos and is not afraid to speak her mind

AugustLia23- always stalks for other people. A very generous mama who makes AWESOME diapers

radish- my IRL friend who is my crunchy hero. And she doesn't hate me even though my bully baby picks on her sweet Zoe She also had the best snacks :LOL

linnea-another IRL friend who is the craftiest person I've ever met. She can sew AND knit like you wouldn't believe.

Dreamingmama- My pregnancy buddy from when we were pg 2 years ago. A super sweet mama who cracks me up!

Lauira- This sweet mama PMed me when my ATM card # was stolen and offered to loan me money!! Can you believe that?? How nice is that! Plus she is an awesome knitter that I am to
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This is too hard. I don't know where to begin.

foster_sk and ustasmom - always so thoughtful and helpful!
DreamingMama and MissSugarKane - ALWAYS make me laugh!
Sheena - treats everybody like a friend!
Spark - cheers up everybody with a song!

I feel bad for not mentioning all the mamas who make my days better (but it would take all night). I especially appreciate ALL those who respond to every post and compliment all the excited moms on their new fluff and cute babes. It seems silly, but it is so wonderful to have someone tell you how adorable your kid is!
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lindsaylou2020 - always there to help
chloe - how could I NOT mention the diaper police
Lauira - how could I NOT mention the queen of "hey, look at this guys"
summiebee - b/c her tendency towards OCD is endearing

MAN! I have a gazillion more...

Max's mami - she's my El Bee partner in crime
averymybaby - she REALLY is the diaper temptress
miss sugarkane - b/c I love smarmy women
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Mama Virg.-I always love reading her posts. She is so sweet and kind. Makes me wish I knew her IRL

Ustasmom-She is always thinking of others and is so very generous and I love that she pm's me. Makes me feel special.

MissSugarKane-Always make me smile with her posts. Even when she disagrees with something. I love her honesty and how she "wears her feelings" in her posts.

Averymybaby-She always shares her popcorn with me...and it's the extra fattening cheesy kind. Yummy!
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how can I forget ChristyH?
or chrfath (she made my longies so she has a specail place in my heart )


Juliacat - b/c w/out her million and eight polls what would we have to talk abt :
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why did i forget todzwife? is it because i was just talking her ear off in IM? Shandelle is so super sweet. I just her.
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Originally Posted by Cutie Patootie

Ustasmom-She is always thinking of others and is so very generous and I love that she pm's me. Make me feel special.
:LOL me too!!
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Oh I can't pick just a few.I really love and have fun with everyone here.

Except on stocking days , then I hate you all :

Just kidding
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Originally Posted by MissSugarKane
Oh I can't pick just a few.I really love and have fun with everyone here.

Except on stocking days , then I hate you all :

Just kidding
: See what I mean?! :LOL Funny mama!
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I y'all!

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it is tough isnt it? I've already posted like 48.5 times on this thread and I keep thinking of ppl! LOL

Like Holli and cutie patootie and kimberlylibby and oceanbaby and....and.....and...
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