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I have more...
Momtosix....a very good listener, genuine and kind

Girlfactory....there are no words that come to mind to describe the kindness this momma has shown me (I ya!)

MsEdwards...honest, funny (twisted like myself) and a smile that could melt any sad feeling away

Dreamingmomma...though it all.strength is her stronghold that is admirable in so many ways (and her diapers ROCK):LOL

Stacey0402....I believe she is my sister heheheh

I will have more later.....need to nak
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I love Judy & Frances, my newbie MDC mamas from over at BBC, whom I enjoyed posting with when they were still pregnant!

I love Jenn, who just moved to my hometown and countless other scary coincidences about each other! I keep thinking I'll get pregnant soon for sure just cus she is. :LOL

I adore Spark (my date for diaper prom) and her wit!!

Lifetapestry--Karla's well thought out musings/reviews always ring true and sensible to me...and I really enjoy them!

cj'smommy gave me my wonderful woolies spot and is an all-around sweetheart!

ChristinaB is an awesome mama and friend and I love that she's coming to Europe when Hunter is well and I get to meet her!

Petitlapin is someone whom I can easily spend hours on the phone with, and is a great email correspondent, too, and I'd give my right arm if she could live in my neighborhood--we are soooooo likeminded about life!

Kathleen cracks me up, becky is a good wagonmate, AugustLia's sweet and her new diapers look amazing, and averymybaby's shopping inspires me.

Oh and todzwife is about the sweetest woman ever and made such a special swap package for us this summer! Oh and mum2tori (samantha) dyed us the most gorgeous prefolds EVER and sent us an amazing swap package this summer, too, and.... well I guess I need to stop but I'll feel terrible after I post this about all the mamas I forgot to mention so I'm sure I'll be back........
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Well there are so many --

Some I have actually been able to meet IRL:
Mrs. Dimples (who has seen me during BAD times )

We all had so much fun together.

mama2kyla -- the SWEETEST most generous mama of all! And so hospitable to just let me come right on over without much notice!

Summiebee is my chatting buddy
Averymybaby and I are swappin' pals
MThomas and I share the extraordinary love of the bee

There are so many....
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I just love this place in general... Dreamingmama makes me laugh b/c who else do you know that uses the phrase "bites the intergalactic weiner", butterflymom well b/c :, kimberlibby, miss sugarkane, spark all make me , avermybaby because she really is the diaper temptress and summiebee well she has a tanning bed so that makes her cool in my books Nada rocks my world right now because she made me my first soaker (which I )and Aherne just because. The list will get too long if I try to name everyone.

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I'm still getting to know everyone since I'm still somewhat of a newbie, but this place is the best! Everyone is so nice, and the humor is such a relief!

I can't wait to make new friends here. This is such a wonderful community!
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I you all because I've learned so much from you, and this board brightens my days! I live too far from my IRL friends to see them most of the week, so i get a lot of "mommy talk" here instead!
especially right now! when everyone is afraid to phone me because I *might* be in labour. (yeah, right).
to you all!
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OMG, I'm going to go request everyone's Fairy address and fairy EVERYONE!!!

OK, dh would kill me.

As I was reading this I was agreeing with everything everyone said.

I love everyone here too. I have never before been on a board where I didn't dislike a single person. I don't want to make a list because it will be really long and I know I will leave someone out.

to everyone for always being so funny, so willing to either stop me from buying something or get right behind me and encourage me to spend spend spend whether I need to or not. Where else can you get such unconditional support?

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I all the mamas.
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OMG, I so totally love you all! There is NO way I would be diapering without the support of you gals and the faboo WAHM's I have been blessed with having in my lives! I must compile a list of people and the reasons, but there are SOOOO many!!!!! It will take me a day or two!!!! LOL!!! I have formed so many email and IM friendships with people JUST like me. I feel so happy in the presence of each one of you here!!! The bond between us is diapers, but we re all so diverse and I LOVE that! I love that some of you are crunchy and some of you are mainstream, but love that baby so much you put cloth on that bum!!!!!

Ok, going to compile my list!!!!

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I really do all the mamas on this board (even though DH says you get me in trouble for wanting to try new dipes and ,my new obsession) But you guys are so helpful to newbies like me
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Frogmorest (Tammy) is one of my very dear online friends. She's so great at listening and on top of that, she's freakin' hilarious!!!!

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I haven't been on here for awhile as I've been on a spending hiatus so you probably have all forgotten me *sniff sniff* but I have learned sooooooooo much from everyone on here - I love you all!!!

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OK this belongs here as well as on the "who are your fave MDC mommas" thread, but at the moment:

Holli (who I'm so sad for and probably isn't hanging about here much anymore)

...they both did something really really sweet for me.
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Ackray- Stephanie is a very dear friend. Thank you for putting up with me all these years.
LifeTapestry-Very well spoken and always seems to know just what to say and when.
Todzwife-Makes me laugh. Thank you for that!
Holli-I have been following her adoption story and always just want to hug her.
Michray-Awsome WAHMama!
Max's Mami-Super sweet and a very fas shipper

But really I love you all. This is such a wonderful place for support and encouragement (into the poor house VIA dipe purchases.)
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My best friend in the world, and a wonderful and very hard working single mom to Colton. Love her like a sister, respect her as a peer, admire her for her hard work at her own business and love her product as a loyal customer( the fact that her stuff is soooo in demand is well earned) No one deserves the success more than she does she has realy had to pay her dues and has had a hard couple of years.
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:LOL I was just coming to say Shandelle (todzwife) a kind, thoughtful and talented mama.

Joaida my IRL, although I'm SE and she's SW diapering buddy

Jesse (Jessemomme) my late night preggo buddy

Barb (sewingbarbi) my new WAHM

there's more I'm sure but all for now.
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Oh, you're all so awesome- i've learned sooo much here!!! I finally feel like not-such-a-newbie

todzwife (Shandelle) is amazing! She's so helpful & funny & i always enjoy our pm's!

kimberlylibby is so freaking funny! i feel like i MUST know her IRL!

butterflymom & summibee make me drool over their stashes & make me understand just why people become hyenas!!! :LOL

really, truly, all of you mamas for sharing your families, your babies, your diapers and all of the funny, poopy, sudsy, silly, expensive stories!
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I all of you ladies! No one else understands my obsession with diapers. Who else would understand the pride of pinning a prefold?
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To all The Girls I've Loved the Most
By Willie Nelson

To all the girls I've loved the most
Who travelled in and out my posts
I'm glad they came to say
Nice things to bright'n up the day
To all the girls I've loved most
To all the girls who made me laugh
And I may have chatted with half
Helping me with night time
And when the poo turned lime
To all the girls I've loved most
The winds of change are always blowing
Some days it's wool some days it PUL
The winds of change continue blowing
The hyenas are never dull
To all the girls who shared my dipes
You bought 'em used, I bought your wipes
I'm glad you came along
I dedicate this song
To all the girls I've loved the most
To all the girls who cared for me
Who filled my frontloader with suds
They live within my heart
I'll always be a part
Of all the girls I've loved before
The winds of change are always blowing
And every time I try to stay
The winds of change continue blowing
And they just carry me away
To all the girls we've loved the most
Now who's diapers number the most
We're glad they came along
We dedicate this song
To all the girls we've loved the most
To all the girls we've loved the most
Who travelled in and out our posts
We're glad you came along
We dedicate this song
To all the girls we've loved the most

__________________________________________________ _______
I love you gals! I've never met so many awesome mamas in one place!

Edited: because I missed a verse, and it sounded like I wanted to get in your pants... which I do not.
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Everyone here is really sweet and supportive...

the ones that stand out to me:

Kindmomma: The kindest momma of all. I chat on the phone with (so she can't possibly be too scared! LOL) frequently.

MiaPia~one sweet mama that can come through for someone in a pinch.

Spiralwoman~always willing to help a friend (like me) LOL Great mama and diaper lover!!

Averymybaby~just stands out!

Summiebee~seen her on other boards (I believe) and is a sweet mama.

Hugs to all the sweet mamas on the board. s
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