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To all the girls who shared my dipes
You bought 'em used, I bought your wipes
That made me cry, that is so damn funny. I may have even snorted.
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Spark, this is why we you! Where's Holli? She was asking for a song...
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Originally Posted by Spark
Edited: because I missed a verse, and it sounded like I wanted to get in your pants... which I do not.
A girl can dream, though . . . . .

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OMG Spark!!!! :

You're killin me!!!
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:LOL Spark

(I everyone, btw)
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Originally Posted by kindmomma
afraid of the phone??? :LOL
thats funny......I give GREAT phone
Funny, that's how I met my dh! He said I gave great phone too!

Kindmomma: sweetheart.
danaalex; wish you lived closer. I just love you!
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I still feel like a newbie around here - I love all of you though !!

I don't want to name names, I'm sure I'd forget someone and never forgive myself.
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Ok, back with my reply, I am sure I left some people out, so as I think, thou shall add....

Lauira~she is the bomb and we chat away all the time and I nearly pee my pants 99 percent of the time especially over LTL! If we lived close by we'd probably never be seperated.

Mr.Peabody's Mom~I have never knew anyone to show such great generosity as her. I enjoy our emails and look forward to them all 12 times a day! LOL

Ryan's Mom~ for when she contacted me and lifted me up. You know what Iam talking about.

Mthomas~ because she understands my need for buying in threes and overcleaning and counting things and has not yet suggested drugs. LOL

Stacey31~gotta love the GYmboree????? LOL

Ken'sJen~Former Ohioian, what else do you need to love someone? LOL! No kidding, we have a lot in common and I wish we could have met up!

Piffle~I admire her strength as a single Mamma raising a good strong man and her creative inventive mind and eye for luxurious things. I also enjoy our emails. You crack me up!

Max's Mami~I think we have a ton in common, you are hilairious an I enjoy our email chats!

MamatoKyla~my chatting buddy that makes me spit orange juice all over my keyboard. I swear, my stomach hurts from you.

Petaplin~Ahhh, mt sweet Maria. I enjoy our emails SOOO much! You have got to be the sweetest person I know. I want to come give you a BIG hug. You are a VERY big reason of why I cloth diaper and THE reason I am a wool hound! I wish we lived right beside one another. We'd be a pair! LOL

Dinade~What board's were we on together girl? Email me!

Pokey~She's sweet and let me bother her about things

Jachut~What you said means a ton to me, you just don't even know. LOL. I am always scared that posting something looks like I am bragging. Thank you!!!

Bluey~Girl, come over and get a tan! Thanks for not thinking it's just plain WEIRD to have one! LOL.

Bobica~ She actually thinks I am a Hyena????? I love her for giving me that highest honor!

Holli~ I have been flollowing your story with great concern and prayers and that has let you into my heart to be loved.

Liam(Holi's husband)~I love him for being a great support system to Holli and a wonder Father in training. Plus he knits. Duh? Like doesen't that mean love? LOL

You are not convincing enough but I always hear that little voice in the back of my head! LOLOLOLOL

Seepae~I admire you as a young single Mamma doing cloth that is best for your son and knowing that he is your top priority at such a young age yourself!

The various Mamma's who have offered me Elbees, FCB in their custom slots! Thank you!!!!!!

Lov to all
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There are so many diapering mama's that I

I don't think I could narrow it down to just a few :LOL
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ma_Donna. Super sweet, and willing to help out when needed! I think she would make a great godparent, too.
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There are tooooooooo many... I truly you all! But just a few that stand out in my mind (and I am forgetting so many... )

Kimberlylibby -- because she is my friend IRL
Averymybaby -- B/c she is so funny and I knew her from the April 2004 board on BBC
JessicaSAR -- So nice! AND... She gave me a great deal on a KP! And she listed my name... :
Danzarooni -- Such a supersweet mama! her!
Spark -- b/c I love her songs!

Oh, dang... Katie needs me so I must run! But will try to get back on in a bit and list more! :LOL Ack! gotta go
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Girl, come over and get a tan! Thanks for not thinking it's just plain WEIRD to have one! LOL.
I could lay in that dang thing and come out looking the same. I am the reflector of light.
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Kimberlylibby is at the top of my list. Her posts make me laugh, and she just sent us the fluffiest surprise package ever (we are talking fluffier than my bed pillow, here!!!)
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OMG, I can't believe I forgot so many great mamas!

Davina (twouglyducks) - Such a nice mama, so purty too.
Jess - I like to call her "Jill of all trades" - there's nothing she can't do. :LOL
Pam (Pamelamama) - She's too sweet, extremely generous and encouraging - my knitting mentor!
Cassdarrow - She's supportive and encouraging, has lifted my spirits on more than one occasion.
Danielle (Danzarooni) - Also incredibly nice and her Doodles Jewels jewellery will make my dd's 8th birthday an extra special one next week.

I'm sure I'll find more to add!

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